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      Hello. If you are a new member, and feel a bit apprehensive about posting in the "open" forums, or, just wish to get your "sea legs" prior to posting in the open forums, feel free to post anything you wish to talk about, in the Newbies Forum. No one will bother you, or give you any sort of grief. Everyone there is happy to help you get answers to your questions.


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  1. Svein Frydenlund, a Norwegian retired gentleman, had a severe accident when we was about to burn some trash in his garden. Using gasoline, a pocket of gas exploded and he is now in Cebu Doctors Hospital with severe burns. He needs urgently 0- blood which is rare among Filipinos but more common among foreigners. If you wish to donate blood (I belive his health insurance is good, so no financial support is needed), please go to the hospital and refer to him. I don't have the wife's contact number but you can reach her on FB: https://www.facebook.com/lynfrydenlund. I have met Svein a few times, he lives a quiet life in San Carlos, Negros, and until this, his health was great for a man of his age. He has been involved in charity work and might also be a member of this forum although I am not 100 % sure. Thanks, Lars
  2. Yes, traveling around is a good idea. Check out Cebu City, Moalboal, Boracay ( expensive), Dumaguete (cheaper option than Cebu) and maybe Siargao, although I am not sure about the present internet speed at Moalboal and Siargao and other remote areas. Don't expect the nightlife to be anyway near Koh Samui, Phuket or other places in Thailand. Cebu City might be good enough. IMO Thailand is a better option for you regarding beaches and internet connection, The only problem is you are not allowed to even do online work in Thailand. Visa is also easier in PH, you can stay up to three years on a tourist visa. If you do work online in Thailand, keep it to yourself. In the Philippines, they don't mind if you work online for a non-Filipino company.
  3. It is possible to find a 2BR for 12000-15000 a month, but most landlords want a 12 month contract and two months deposit. Quite often one month could be negotiated. Best way is word of mouth and driving around looking for "for rent"-signs. Forget AirBnB looking for a cheap place. Look around Mabolo/Talamban area. Look for other young foreigners, Cebu does have a few of those, and ask them for advice. Stay a week or so in a cheap guesthouse while looking for a place to stay. Use the jeepneys instead of taxi, find out who delivers water in the area and get it delivered to your apartment, instead of buying in the stores. Drink local liquor and not imported. Skip aircon and use fans. It should be doable for 50K a month per person if you stay healthy, but the budget won't make room for any savings and you can't party hard that often. Make sure you have health insurance and savings for a return flight back home.
  4. I never felt landlocked. Cebu Island takes maybe 15 hours to drive around without any stop. Ferries run all the time to islands like Bohol or Negros. There are direct flights to Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore and other places. Don't know your budget and how you like to travel, but if you have a car or motorbike it's easy to get around if you can manage the traffic. Things to do really depends on your budget. I never felt I ran out of places to go, although many of us tends to repeat our daily routines which is a shame. If you easily get bored, you might easily get bored also in PH.
  5. 201 USD one way, departure 9:25 from Cebu, arriving Bangkok 00:10. If you're heading for Pattaya you will be there around 2:30AM. Bangkok to Cebu is even worse, departure 01:30AM, arrive Cebu 06:15. Although I've always requested a direct route, I doubt I will drag my sleeping kids out of bed, to and through the airport at these hours. Cebu Pacific used to fly Cebu-Bangkok before, but stopped. Thai Smile Airways was supposed to start this route last year, but after several delays they canceled the plan. Reason: "They were not familiar with the Philippine authorities procedures, resulting in more time to complete the process".
  6. Hi, is it OK for an auntie to bring her niece on a domestic airplane (return ticket Cebu-Manila), without a written statement from the mother? They have the same family name.
  7. I lived both in Cebu City and Toledo before, in Norway now. When I retire one day, I think Thailand and the Jomtien area close to Pattaya would be my choice. I enjoy the Thai cuisine much better, and you also have a huge range of other international food. It's cheaper to rent and the quality of condos is much better. Pretty sure I would do a lot of traveling (also to the Philippines) and getting from Bangkok to anywhere is easy. If i should choose Philippines, I would consider Dumaguete or Moalboal. Dumaguete is a much smaller city than Cebu, but still you have a fair selection of food and nightlife, and there's an airport. Moalboal is much smaller of course, but there's a Gaisano mall and the only one on the west coast of the island where you can find things like cheese and other western food. Popular in the weekend and quiet weekdays.
  8. If you had to do it over again

    The idea of staying outside the city is not to go there too often, except when you need to stock up on western groceries, and that could be done avoiding the worst hours. Local trips would probably be on a motorbike. And quite frankly, I don't think I would consider Cebu city at all. I forgot to mention though, one option could be up the hills in Busay. Not exactly beach location, but close to the city and the air is better. I lived in Cebu City before in Mabolo and Talamban and enjoyed it, but traffic is just getting worse. I've been around the southern coastline many times, and I like the area - problem is it's too quiet. Moalboal could be an option. Time will show in the next 20 years. All places changed a lot from 1997 to 2017 and maybe Alcoy or Badian will turn into Dumaguete sized cities by 2037! Good for some, bad for others.
  9. If you had to do it over again

    I lived both in Cebu City and Toledo a few years ago, and have spent lots of time in Jomtien close to Pattaya (my father lives there) as well as traveling around Thailand. Been back in Norway with my familiy now for a while. Before, I used to say it's easier to be a tourist in Thailand and easier to live in the Philippines, but now I am not so sure. Coming back to Cebu/Toledo this summer for a holiday was a little disappointing. Traffic is much worse, prices are higher, the supermarkets in Cebu and Toledo are no good anymore, compared to Norway but also Thailand. Selection of imported items are much worse in Toledo and Balamban now, compared to two years ago. You cannot buy things like cheese or mustard on the west coast of Cebu, apart from Moalboal. Road construction they started in Toledo two years ago haven't seen any progression. Should I choose to live near Cebu City now, I would probably go for Liloan or Talisay. More quiet and still not so far from SM. If party and/or access to a wide restaurant scene is important, I would probably rent a condo in Winland. But if I should choose Philippines, on which I am not so sure, I would probably head down to Dumaguete, or perhaps Moalboal. Dumaguete has the city size I like. The Gaisano mall in Moalboal has a far better selection of western items than most other Gaisanos in the province. There is a cluster of bars and restaurants, lively in the weekends and quiet in the weekdays. Downside is the internet connection, although that also is improving. However, after spending time in Jomtien, Thailand - both me and my PH wife would not mind retiring there. A nice 50 sqm condo w/balcony on the beach, with a big and clean swimming pool can be rented for 15000 THB a month, maybe a little less. Electricity is cheaper and there is often a nice breeze. There are plenty of restaurants and bars around, markets where you can find excellent and cheap Thai street food. The condo buildings usually have a minimart where you can buy groceries, beer/wine and snacks, a laundry and a nice cafe. Guards will fix a taxi for you in an instant, or you can walk up the mai road and grab a bath bus (jeepney style) for 10 THB and be in Pattaya in 15 minutes. Very easy living. Visa requirements in Thailand are a little tougher for some. You need to be 50+ years old, have a bank account showing 800.000 THB, OR a monthly income of at least 65.000 THB, and you need to report every 90 days. Fee is 1900 annualy. But to me, I would never consider retiring in the PH or TH with less than this anyways.
  10. Days hotel hasn't got the best reviews from guests, but very central. The Ranch is nice, but expensive for a 30 nights stay and a bit out in the province, 8 km south of Toledo. https://www.facebook.com/galls.pensionhouse is in the same street as the mall Metro with some minor cooking facilities. They have one two BR and two one BR apartments and the price for one month wasn't too high last time I checked. I found this contact info in FB: # 322-6175 or 09158959916,09479247083. Lemmor Zachary is another pension house just down the street. Around the corner Aleu's Lodge which has been known as a nice guest house. My info about these places is a bit dated now. Dumdum Residences https://www.facebook.com/dumdumresidences/. My friend stayed here a couple of years ago, brand new and clean. Central location. Not all rooms have cooking facilities. You might contact them and ask for a price for one month. Not sure about wifi for these guest houses but pretty sure they all have. Anyway you can buy or bring a Globe Tattoo stick and have your own.
  11. Bato to Moalboal , Toledo and Negros ...road trip

    I will be in Toledo this summer with the family, but won't join the trip. Feel free to stop by our house on the native beach in Matab-Ang, about 7 km north of Toledo, if you like. Moalboal is a much better choice than Toledo to spend the night. Toledo is an industrial city, Moalboal is a tourist spot. Having a few beers at Chili bar overlooking the sea and sunset, you won't regret
  12. Bato to Moalboal , Toledo and Negros ...road trip

    In Moalboal, I really like Quo Vadis. Swimming pool, on a small cliff with great air, views and stairs to the beach (not sandy) for snorkling. Peaceful, only 6-8 minutes walk to the bars. About 2000/night. There are lots of places to stay closer to the bars, they are all good for a night. For Toledo, Aleus Lodge used to be the best choice but you also may want to check out DumDum Residences near the pier. The Norwegian owned restaurant at the corner recently closed down. Go to Caesar's Chicken to meet the aussie owner Tony and other expats for good food and accommodation advice. These hotels are never fully booked. There are also lots of family owned resorts along the road south of Toledo, but the quality might change from week to week depending on the owner's presence. Moalboal to Toledo will take at least two hours. On the return from Toledo to Cebu City, I recommend the Transcentral Highway from Balamban. No buses or heavy traffic, air is cooler and the view is great.
  13. A Norwegian friend of mine has two kids with his wife. They are still married, but have been living separately the last years. The kids have been living with their father and the parents have agreed he can bring them to Norway. The kids have dual citizenships, but never traveled abroad using ther Norwegian passports. What kind of documents are required for him regarding BI, when leaving the country? I assume he must have some kind of notarized affidavit.
  14. Hi, we are set for Norway this summer. Visa and CFO is taken care of. We have two kids, 4 and 5, both have valid Norwegian and Filipino passports. They have both been abroad(Thailand), but traveling with their Filipino passports, never the Norwegian. My fiancee checked at BI today and they said the kids didn't need an exit clearance. I like to double check things, so if anyone can confirm, it would be nice.