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  1. They will? I hope i can get one before that then
  2. If your saying innova have apretty decent ride Then i must probably really hate that hi ace van lol My friend have an innova and hated the ride Its a diesel standard stick shift That darn thing is loud and ride is not so smooth lol
  3. Too bad they dont have the toyota sienna I like my new van
  4. I have a driver two of them I dont go anywhere without em Are you saying not all gasoline stations carry unleaded gasoline lol
  5. Wow thanx bud Yeah i was looking at the alphard also What i didnt like about it Shorter less room for luggages And the front grill its annoying lol Doesnt look like a van looks more like an suv But ill take your advice tho take a ride and see Do they even let you do a test drive tho Its even better lol Over taking with a diesel is insane hahaha Floor the gas and only the engine sounds goes faster hahah
  6. An expat married to pinay On his death bed Expat: darling promise me one thing Pinay: anything honey Expat: when i die i want all of my money to be burried with me in my casket Pinay: yes honey i promise When the expat died The pinay friends asked her did you really put all of his money On the casket Her reply Yes ofcourse thats what he wanted I write him a check
  7. Thinking of getting one of them hi ace van For long distance road trips Manila to ilocos this van would be perfect. My question is Would it be posible to pay it here cash in hawaii And just pick em up at the toyota car dealer in manila Will i save more if i pay it here?
  8. My new bike honda xr not bad for riding around
  9. These guys are nuts I made them repainted one of our old house And they put up those bamboos and just started climbing on them no safety harness hahahah Sand paper the whole thing with hand Preassure wash primer sand paper wash and 3 coats of paints Whole months job for 250k php
  10. Wahahahha more fun my ass I have more fun on the country side Cant wait to get there and play rc all day long and play something else alnight long hahah
  11. Smoke smohonking like mad Siren its sickening for me i need a place to be quiet On top of that rockwell is not like how it used to be buildings are growing everywhere Im disapointed now with this place not like before Much much quieter Traffic is nuts Im going to sell this place And moved on somwhere else
  12. Manila is making sick Going to ilocos road trip early in the morning