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  1. I have no idea i didnt like how it looks I didnt biother with it Im beginning to regret getting this place renovated Lots of work things go up to the second floor im gwtting riitated
  2. I dont know man All i know i kind a like her shes nice pretty and all But at times i hate being bothered by anyone or anything
  3. Hahahahha Its a nice little house I have plans for this thing Maybe you guys can help me out with what i need I want to run solar power on this tiny house To power lights at night And enough to power a water pump I want to build aquaphonics right next to it Running water is very soothing to hear
  4. Lol too late she knows i live in rockwell Thats where i met her I bump in to her while walking around the powerplant mall
  5. Theyved been gtting 20k 10k for her 10k for him She takes care inside of the house He takes care the outside Yeah i think thats the best way of doing it And just let them live there for as long as they want I will need a replacement for them
  6. My mother? Sad to say theyre all gone to the other side bud Im on my own no bros. Or sis just an only child
  7. Iam thinking of just continuing there monthy income Even tho they no longer work for me I think thats the best way to do this Since they willl still be living on the maids house
  8. Shes 27 single parent with a lil girl
  9. Yeah she will not be renting And how old is she
  10. Hahahah no rc for now my house is a mess at the moment And my rc house is not finished yet
  11. 4k pesos and thats it? Shes giving me hints of around 15 to 20 k a month
  12. Yes correct They were like a second parents to me So i plan on doing that
  13. Lmao Im not asking the gf to stop working Im talking about the old maids Theyre getting old and want them to stop working as a maid
  14. That i have no idea All i know my late parents hired them a long time ago and i just send them their monthly Gf makes in a month zero Shes not working at the moment Her sister is helping her out