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  1. I confess I do not know or understand all the rules/regs related to this, however, I do have a couple of comments. I recently was in the JCenter Mall BI Office to get my first 6 month extension and had no problems whatsoever. It was even cheaper than expected. I think this was before the ELF was discontinued. They had become much more efficient of late. Do they now retain your passport until you return or do they give it back to you and ask you to return another day(s)? I don't think they can legally retain it unless they have some valid reason. Slow procedures are not valid. Additionally the Government of the issuing passport is the legal owner of said passport and therefore must/should be in the hands of the citizen at all times. No one has the right to seize/retain that passport. (Except a BI Official and only under certain circumstances.) Still, even then, one would have to return for the official stamp! The whole thing stinks of "pushing back against Duterte". It may very well backfire. Complaining is ok, if done for the right reason and to the right group. We all know how much they listen to us don't we?
  2. I am looking for a recommendation for a Lawyer/Attorney specializing in Real Estate located in the Butuan City area of Mindanao. My fiance is interested in purchasing some property there and we have located one of interest. Do any of the members know of or had dealings with anyone in that area? We have to move on this fairly quickly, so any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. I have always used the same form for the last couple of years "2014-00-004 Rev 0.pdf" It is a two page (2nd on reverse) form and includes picture, residence abroad, and sponsor/reference names (which I have never filled in). Never had a problem with it, not even a question. I get my pic taken every 2 applications and that actually conforms to their requirements. The updated version of that form is missing references and is only 1 page. The latest form (VE-2016) is even easier to fill out and does not require a pic. I still used the oldest form and pre-print the form on my computer and printer, fill it out and glue on my pic at home then take it to BI at J-Center Mall. 2 months ago I was surprised that I was in and out in about 30 minutes... That was an improvement from the usual 45 or so. Granted, there were fewer people around as well. The last time I went in, a week or so ago I was even more pleasantly surprised. In and out in less than 20 minutes. It took about 10 min for the first step then you pay and the last affixing of the stamp etc on passport used to take 30 minutes or so, was down to only 5. Impressive! Why the change/improvement? Maybe less/fewer people in there at the time.... maybe fewer foreigners around.... maybe efficiency increases... maybe more staff.... (I doubt that one) Maybe instructions to speed up the process from above... hmmm Have you had similar experiences?
  4. This one works for me! http://123movies.to/movie/search/NCIS
  5. I had to look this one up on Google... For those like me who had never heard of it, it is a cell phone APP like mini Google Maps or traffic navigation maps plus a bit more... It can be found here .. ( https://www.waze.com/) (If I am not permitted to post this address, moderator please remove. Thanks) I don't do cell phone apps... so I don't use this..
  6. Seems to me that all the hens will be layers and the breeders will be any of the hens that the rooster is exposed to! Those birds get around! How do you determine breeders and layers? Separate coops? (I may have missed that!)
  7. I had heard that certain breeds were more disease resistant, especially the Kabril. Touch wood, I have not had any problems like that so far with mine.
  8. Some hints tips... hope they are relevant. I used 2" x 2" Coco (Coconut) lumber 8 ft. long as a basic framing lumber for my coop. It is locally available (at least here in Talisay) and approx 45 P / piece. I purchased some 4" spikes also to nail the stuff together, but found that coco when new is very wet and heavy and almost impossible to hammer spikes into properly without a lot of effort. So I bought 4" x 1/4" bolts with washers and lock nuts. I drilled the wood and used the bolts to connect it together. I should have bought 5" bolts though, the 2x2 tends to be a very inaccurate measurement. lol When coco gets dry it gets very light and splits readily, so nailing it then is just as difficult, so when I had to nail, I pre-drilled a smaller bore hole, then nailed through that. I also used a green plastic fencing material with 1" square or rectangular holes for the basic 'walls' of my coop. The plastic fencing is very strong and durable and should last a long time. (It will not rust or corrode) You will need tin snips to cut it, the same as wire mesh etc. The plastic fencing should be available at most hardware stores (Atlantic Hardware in Talisay usually has lots) (I also got some at the Giasano hardware in Tabunok. I think it was about 75 P / meter. Not cheap. It comes in various mesh sizes and roll widths. I have tried two types of chickens, Kabril and Vantress. Both are readily available at a small feed supply store in the Tabunok Market area in Talisay for about 35 P for 7 day old chicks. There are probably many more outlets, that is just one that usually has stock. The Vantress grow fast, maturing in 45 days and will eat like pigs so much that they cannot walk or fly. You have to be very careful not to overfeed them. They are good eating but not so good as egglayers. The Kabril are a very hardy type that grow well, and mature in 60 days. They look a lot like Rhode Island Reds. Good eating and good light brown medium eggs. I feed mainly commercial feeds. A friend recommended Warhawk Starter Crumble feed up to about 4 weeks old, then switch to Warhawk Developer Crumble/Pellet to maturity. For egglayers, almost anything in chickenfeed will work. Mine have about 200 sq. m. to free range around in so get plenty of other things to eat during the day. Oh, make sure your coops and free range areas are well protected from dogs. They will go after chickens. The chicks have to be protected from cats, but here at least, the cats pretty much ignore the chickens once they get to be a half kilo or so.. Your coop design is influenced by your location. I am blessed by some large shade trees, and a high wall around most of the property, so I could place my coop near a wall, under a tree and still allow lots of ventilation. The chicks have to be protected from getting wet in rain, but the adults are pretty weatherproof. I lost a few chicks because of surprise showers with my first coop design. Pauls suggestion re roofing is a good one. I did go with metal roofing because of the availability. It has plenty of ventilation, so is only needed to keep direct sun off the interior and rain out as well. So far, so good. Good luck in your endeavor!
  9. Good point ... but do you know how difficult it is to find good chocolate cigars in Cebu?
  10. My first upload attempt on this forum... ;-) Well... that is my chicken coop, complete with nesting boxes for eggs and a separate area for young chicks... (you know.... chickens)
  11. Heh heh ..... been there... done that! Raising chickens and building coops are one thing I have accomplished here in Talisay! I currently have 22 - 2 month old chickens, 2 - 10 month old ones and 9 - 2 week old ones in my current coop. I have different areas for the young ones, and the older ones are free range during the day and return to the coop in the evening. My coop is approximately 8 feet square with 2 additional areas for young chicks and nesting boxes. I am currently modifying the design to accommodate more chickens and will be selling chickens, eggs and have been eating fresh eggs and some of the chickens myself. The basic coop can be built for about 2,000P from locally available materials and should last a few years. It can also be built in a couple of days. If anyone wants, I can try to post pictures, plans and costs or anything else you may be interested in.
  12. Another thought, maybe the Govt. could pay them 10K to turn in the weapon, disallow their original pledge and move out of the area... Reduces the numbers, and recovers weapons... hmmm.....
  13. Congratulations! May you have a wonderful journey together.
  14. Thanks Smokey ... I sent you a PM. Thanks and I agree!
  15. So, are you suggesting a full service visit from professionals to determine real problem and fix it? I am all for that. I am familiar with the Monday and Friday issues re assembly line workers. (Automotive plants used to be famous for that... never buy a car produced on a Monday or Friday.... That was quite a while ago though when I was in the business.)