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  1. Almost all of them involving the NPA. Did Duterte not give them the green-light by telling people to pay their revolutionary taxes and by praising them on several occasions?
  2. Would it not be better to keep them alive (or give them an option to avoid a death penalty) and force them to participate in scientific studies to find out what the cause of pedophilia is? If we can identify what causes this horrible behavior we might have a better chance of putting a stop to it. This is obviously a medical/psychological issue that some people are born with or acquire through environmental factors. You can't kill your way out of this, or most other, problems
  3. One city is having problems....Quick! Let's put an entire region under martial law! Surigao is over 400km away. That makes about as much sense as New York City being under attack and then the government decided to put everything from NYC to Bangor, Maine under martial law. They are already talking about putting the Visayas under martial law because it is just "walking distance" from Mindanao. http://www.sunstar.com.ph/manila/local-news/2017/05/24/duterte-may-expand-martial-law-visayas-luzon-543650 With that kind of logic the entire Philippines will be under martial law in no time. Either the government/military is admitting that the Islamic extremists are more than they can handle or this is possibly the start of something bigger. Since this (martial law) has been promised/threatened long before any elections I suspect the latter. We'll see what happens after 60 days. If someone wishes to extend martial law then the old oligarchy (still in Congress and holding many local positions) will have to make a hard, and potentially dangerous, decision.
  4. I only tip in places I plan on visiting again.
  5. I don't believe it is a generation thing. I've personally had several 50-70 year old men borrow money and never pay back (and I have been warned of many many more guys in the same age group should never be loaned money). Complete scum IMO. I've had much better luck with getting the younger guys to pay back the borrowed P1k here or there (at least most of them can suck up their pride long enough to give a legitimate excuse on why repayment is delayed). Side note: Filipinos have an even better record of paying back loans than any of the expat age groups. I simply will not loan a single peso to an expat these days. One of the biggest self-entitled POS con-man I've ever met in my life was in his 50's. I also know just as many older people back in the states that are on the government dole and feel they are just entitled to it as the younger generation. Every generation has their losers, moochers and trash. What I think is a bigger problem with the US: (Note: These statistics do not include Medicaid.) I don't think I should (or really need to) point out the number that really sticks out to me. There is a problem there, I don't know what the root cause is or have any solutions...but there is obviously something going on there.
  6. This is a reality TV show. They pick the most dysfunctional rejects they can for ratings. (They also guarantee a payout to both parties win or lose. The trailer trash get their 15 minutes of fame at no cost to them and the show gets their ratings to make their advertisers happy.) The vast majority of Americans are not like the people on these shows.
  7. You just don't know fashion when you see it.
  8. It seems she knows what she has and knows how to use it. More power to her for that. I wish her all the luck in her business of separating fools from their money.
  9. Sure, the nursing home is obviously incompetent for not being able to deal with ornery old man with Alzheimer's, something they are paid a whole lot of money to specifically deal with, but the two police officers are two of the biggest cowards I have ever seen. There are two of them and one 91 year old man. There is absolutely no excuse for pulling out a taser in this situation when there are two grown *ss men that could have easily physically restrain him. If they are scared of dealing with a fragile old man and getting a few scratches, bruises or bite marks then these two cowards should not have volunteered to be on the police force. They are barely qualified to serve as meter maids IMO. The blame goes just as much on the police as it does the nursing home. I know police are given training on how to physically restrain people with just the use of their bodies (much like we were in the military). These two cops were too fat, lazy, poorly trained and/or incompetent to handle the situation as it should have been handled. They are in desperate need of some wall-to-wall counseling to fix their cowardice and attitude problems. (Also, whoever was videotaping that should lose their job. That tubby nurse in the lobby that didn't even look over to see what all that screaming and commotion was about should probably have her performance reviewed as well; that type of "care" is probably what caused the police to be called in the first place.)
  10. A kid grows up surviving on rice....every meal is rice because it is what's sold on every corner and every sari2x store and it is what their parents buy (because it is a staple food).....miss a few of those meals and you are dead. They know they can survive on rice, they don't know if they can survive on corn or mungos and they don't have the luxury of being able to find out if they can. For many it is quite literally, "No rice = death". (If they didn't grow up living like that there is a good chance someone in the last generation or two of their family did and pushed these ideas down.) Growing up in that kind of poverty (or being told about that kind of poverty every day by their parents or grandparents) is going to leave a few psychological "scars" when it comes to food, among many other things.
  11. Many don't have enough money to buy anything but rice. A varied diet is usually a luxury of wealth. If you didn't grow up in extreme and grinding poverty it is a hard concept to grasp for some.
  12. LastPass makes it easy to have unique passwords for every website you have an account with. Unless of course your LastPass account gets hacked...then a hacker has all your eggs in a nice little basket. Just make sure you have a really REALLY strong password for that app.
  13. Agree, almost everyone for having kids has said "it completed me"/"it gave my life meaning"/"it been the greatest joy of my life". Sounds pretty self serving to me. [emoji12] *Tongue in cheek comment for those not picking up on it.* Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  14. Speaking of narcissism.... If someone doesn't live life the way you feel is appropriate they should be erased from the gene pool? OK. I might not like kids but I can respect and understand those who wish to have them. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  15. 33, no kids and my next vacations to Thailand will be for a vasectomy to make sure that I never have any on accident. I have zero tolerance/patience for kids and I want absolutely nothing to do with them. I don't need kids to complete me or give my life meaning. I would have gotten a vasectomy a couple years ago in the Philippines but the doctor refused because of my age and because "god might have plans for you to have kids later" (had to walked out of her office before I smacked the b***h for being unprofessional and pushing her religious beliefs on her customers). It is really only something you can decide for yourself though. We all have different life goals. To each their own. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk