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  1. thanks man looks like a nice place as long as its as clean as it looks like on pictures here is link to book it http://www.hostelworld.com/hosteldetails.php/Green-Mango-Inn/Manila/23547?dateFrom=2014-06-16&dateTo=2014-06-19
  2. lol so she dont own the land couse she didnt pay for it he dont own it couse hes not pinoy even if the land was transferred to a third party they will also not own it couse they didnt pay for it so who owns the land than ??? nice set up for the future confiscation of lands all over lol the government will get it all at the end
  3. i still dont get it if any of this is illegal than why is it that the once doing it are called victims ???? but i do get why the raid on this place owner was chinese
  4. when i asked about it few months back i was told up to 24 only
  5. i always love this part and rescued 13 individuals im sure they did while chasing them down the street couse they was so happy to be free and poor again
  6. what justice ??????????????????????????
  7. any news on ferries in cebu today ??? im to take light shipping from larena to plaridel but it originated from cebu around 1 pm today so im not sure if they cancel it or not
  8. we had a problem like this first time when they was little 6 of them kick the bucket and about a month a go while we wosnt there the rest 14 about 1 year old slowly few by few and few days later out dog follow not sure why i was told its a immunization they give there fighting cocks that can spread and kill chicks and they have them all around our house i dont think the dog had the same problem but with in 2 weeks all chicks and dog gone our chicks didnt have a contact with others and dog was on a leash so who knows we are moving out of there now
  9. siquijor pier is already shut down will go back in 1 hour to see if thy are going have any ships going out or not need to go to dumagete and tomorrow to mindanao but it dont look to good weather is still good here so there is hope
  10. hsbc is the worst bank i ever been with cant wait for them to go down they still owe me money lol they close my acc long time a go and i never got the money that there was when they close it it wasn't much so no big deal but it did cost me few 100 euro when they close it and didnt even tell me
  11. its from a third party and its only for 10 years at the moment but looking to make it longer if i can
  12. im the one to lease a land with some buildings on it what would be a good contract for me so i dont get f******* also there will be a 1 year deposit that i can use as a rent at the end of contract never done this before and so far i was told and legal help will cost a ton so i dont know what to do but i need to get this done im sure some one here has done it before thank for all your help
  13. to any one who asked i was not asked any question at all i was just told to that is all and i didnt like what i was told to at all i didi my part and that is to pay pay and than pay some more after that i got harassed like a little kid stealing a candy by the way Paul i really find it funny you dont know what PC is lol what do you call it now days ??? and im not even that old but i dont know the proper name for it seems like it