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  1. Maybe somebody knows a place in Moalboal which shows Premier league soccer, thank you
  2. they have 2 wooden one and one aluminum. Beside where they sell the badminton equipment near snorkel stuff. .
  3. Metro Ayala 4th floor, just saw them yesterday.
  4. It may also have his name on the tax declaration but since foreigners cannot own land in the first place, it's all hers, was and is.
  5. Since foreigners can't own land, it is obviously still in his wife's name.
  6. Then I'd say he should better stay away. Sounds like cover up/ scapegoat .
  7. Didn't they have him on CCTV at the waterfront when the girl was kidnapped? I am confused
  8. Could have been easily avoided. I bought and sold lots of real estate here. Just recently I just spend 50,000 just to have all corners covered. Many people just do shortcuts and here you see how it can end.
  9. Of course the cops know that the girl is lying. But he is not telling the truth either. What he doesn't realize is that the cops give a flying feck about the truth and only want to get paid off.
  10. almost too old at 27, hmm, just saying, lol
  11. Usually the hotel would/should know whom she visited before since they wouldn't let her in if she wasn't a guest.
  12. You can still open an account without SRRV. Even on a tourist Visa. But only a savings account, both in pesos and other currencies if the bank offers it. The main problem you will encounter is that as a tourist, the source of the funds have to come from abroad, i.e. wire transferred. All banks I have encountered recently will not accept large sums of money deposited cash into the account, the limit for some banks seems to be 500,000 pesos. HSBC will not accept anything if you can't show the source. PRA will help you open a bank account but you don't really need them since as a resident you are treated like a PR citizen when opening an account. I recommend either BDO or Unionbank.
  13. Maybe, but I don't think so. I bribe so nobody else sees it, maybe you should be smoother. .
  14. Yes, they do it the right way. Collateral or bone braking, they actually come with 2 guys, one guy ready to act. I lend money and say that there is a gift and there is a loan. I have been here long enough that people know what I mean. One payment late, I demand the full amount to be paid back right away. Filipinos understand that. Us foreigners are just weaklings most of the time. .