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  3. The new model Innova with automatic are very smooth. Older standard are rough.
  4. Toyota Hawaii and Toyota Philippines are different companies. You have to go to a dealer and pay them directly where you will take delivery. There are individually owned. I had a Toyota Innova and one time we rented a Hi-Ace. Everybody complained about how rough the ride is compared to the Innova. There is a reason why the Innova is one of the most sold vehicles in the Philippines. The new model just came out last year. They come with a diesel engine as well and various model variants. Much better for parking also than those vans.
  5. Of course, money is an issue but if the girl is poor, how can you expect her to pay for anything. Some don't even have food for everyday needs. Even the educated ones (I say high school and maybe a few years college) could be in that situation. Hence, some/many are looking for a foreigner for a better life, not to scam him. Of course there are scammers, many probably/ Paul is right with the 500 peso test. My wife fails it almost every day. Is divorce an option? Before when I met her, she passed the test. Hmm, what did I do wrong?
  6. I don't even apply for Health Care anymore because according to my Doc I should be dead already
  7. Entrance fee is still fairly low, I don't mind paying 40 pesos. They are trying to get you in the parking lot, I think it was 100 pesos last time and they offer guidance, plus the life jackets. It is still fairly reasonable, just too many people.
  8. The key word is pre-existing conditions which makes all other health plans other than government health plans a gamble.
  9. You are correct. I took the drivers test here a few months ago because my license was expired more than 2 years. I studied at home, made 35 out of 40 points and then drove a small standard up and down the road. I am pretty sure that I am the only one who passed the written exam that day since I also didn't see anybody driving that small car other than me. Most took advantage of the option to pay 2,800 pesos instead of 800 which I did. They just had to sign a piece of paper, the rest was filled out by an employee at LTO.
  10. Does anybody has the link for the current exchange rate from Euro to pesos at HSBC?
  11. Looks like foreigner have to register alone starting Mid 2017. Rate is 17 k per year.
  12. I am just getting 3 to 5 MB/s out of my 8 MB/s DSL plan with PLDT right now, a mere 2,700 pesos/month - fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun (ck)
  13. Can you do a run on and post the result, please?
  14. hmm, that's what the lady said on the phone, lol.