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  1. Can't trust the packaging on any meat. I'be noticed that S-R; gut the loin part out of a steak and calls it a T-bone, leave the loin part in and it's a Porterhouse. The steaks are usually so thin that it's hard to cook them anyway but well done. I buy several packages, run them through my grinder and Voila hamburger.
  2. Don't care for reality shows. Always wonder where all the support people are, the lunch counter for when they take a break. they rank about the same as sitcoms and the canned laughter. Did you ever watch a sitcom and wonder what the audience is laughing at? Of course there is not a real audience.
  3. Where can I find a the Philippine traffic laws on the internet. Looked for them for 1/2 hour. I bet 99% of the drivers couldn't pass a test. I'm sure they couldn't pass a Florida State Exam and practical test.
  4. I've traveled several times with a uke as carry on. No one paid any attention to it either coming are going.
  5. I never saw a green dog I hope I never see one but this I tell you true enough I'd rather see than be one
  6. Price is negotiable. Make an offer.
  7. You might look up the word "purportedly". It was a serious question and got two smart ass replies. It's easy to get e-mail addresses because ass holes don't know BCC
  8. Received e-mail purportedly from SM management that SM has been threatened by terrorists and to stay away. It looked like a prank or someone trying to get even with SM. Did any others get this message?
  9. We buy rotisserie chicken Chooks to Go and they are always good but tiny PHP180. Other street vendors occasionally too. Always have them taken off the rack and put in bag. Never use one of their cutting boards . Bought Cornish hens at s-r several times. They seem to be the same as the ones in U.S.but expensive. The chicken at S-R aren't much bigger than the Cornish Hens. Also I don't buy pre packaged chicken because I want to smell of it first. No, I don't have some kind of chicken smelling fetish.
  10. Really nice house in nice neighborhood. It's been on here since June and the response is overwhelming. Had a few of those buy/sell people who offer 1/3 of the value.
  11. Well can't you take the top off the distributor and pullout the rotor, put the cap back on.? A brick makes a good keyless entry but then all you can do is sit there.
  12. well I'm too old to have many faults. i don't smoke or drink, too old to chase women...I miss that... I read Science fiction. Oh yes, I eat to much Crispy Pata.
  13. I renewed my permanent registration 2 days ago. I go to a travel agency across the street from the mall where BI is located. Ipay the fee plus Ph 500. they copy my passport and card give me a receipt and that's it. No lines to stand in. I've used that agency for 4 years.
  14. I recently checked with NFCU and they will finance here in the Ph. Re mutual funds with USAA: they refused me a mutual fund when they found out I live in the Ph. So did GROW which used to be McDill Fed.C.U. I'Ve been a member of USAA for 40 years.
  15. I haven't seen a difference because of Duterte. I try not to have any dealing with city, province or federal government but that can't be avoided completely. Here's an example of their bureaucracy. My wife owns a 12 ga. shotgun. Time for renewable of permit.She had to make 5 trips to Cebu City to various agencies. This could have been done with one trip and 20 min. It's crap like that that drives you nuts.I haven't heard of anyone being treated differently because of Duterte or his programs. He's too busy making a name for himself internationally.