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  1. You're joking right....
  2. Done. I Split 24 posts into another thread.
  3. It's amazing how many clothes they took with them for a three hour tour...
  4. This is good information to know, because I know more than a few who are now US citizens (not dual citizens) with US Passport who probably no longer carry their old Philippines Passports.
  5. It does work like a tax in a way. Remember many people in the Philippines don't pay taxes, even if required to. By the way. In the USA, people who make more pay more for their Medicare and it can go up each year.
  6. Joker and Harley Quinn love nothing more than creating havoc for Batman. But when their alone… they turn into a couple… just like everyone else. Yeah, Joker and Harley might act all tough but they bicker. Oh they bicker.
  7. Oh please. The tiered fees I was refering to, has nothing to do with being an expat. It's if you make more, you pay more. Now the fact that many expats were not paying what they were supposed to pay, may be why they now want to charge all expats more... Sent from my SM-T817V using Tapatalk
  8. Here in Florida I generally get 110% (80Mbps+) from my 75Mbps Comcast internet. I use their modem but I don't pay because it comes with my communities free package. You can always Google to find out what modem they currently provide, and then go buy your own. Sent from my SM-T817V using Tapatalk
  9. You poor guys. P1400 a month is too much! Phil Healthcare had a tiered fee. The more you make, the more you pay. How many of you were pulling in P50k - P100k a month, but still paying the minimum fee, the same as your maid you pay several thousand a month. It's subsidized by the government. Why should you as an expat be complaining because you have to pay your fair share. You claim to care about the poor Filipinos while you literally take money out of their pocket because you are too cheap to pay your fair share.... Sent from my SM-T817V using Tapatalk
  10. An Irish man won £6 million in the lottery. He rang Camelot and they informed him that they were having problems at the minute and could only pay him £500,000 this week £500,000 next week, £500,000 the week after until it was all paid off. The Irish man replies "listen if you're going to fúck me about, I want my £1 back"
  11. Damn. That makes buying my nice 150 sqm house here in the USA at P40k/sqm a real bargin... Sent from my SM-T817V using Tapatalk