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  1. Not all terrorists are bad. I bought a kebab off one the other day and he gave me a free bottle of Coke...
  2. That's what saved my ass when my Hospital Bill came to 1.3 million pesos. I paid it all with a credit card. Most of it was reimbursed by TRICARE Overseas within a few months.
  3. I lived pretty good in Cebu on about $2,000 a month. Condo was P30,000 a month Utilities, internet and TV cable about P10,000 We ate out often and spent a good P15,000 - P20,000 a month on groceries and household supplies. Tourist Visa average about P1,700 a month. Transportation P2,500 - P3,000 a month. Still leaves about $700 a month for everything else.
  4. Your not kidding and these were taken 3 years ago in Cebu.
  5. All of the whole house emergency generators in my development here in central Florida run off of natural gas. Not sure of the size, I think between 20kW - 30kW. They can run the whole house with a 150-200 amp service. My neighbor has one and it even automatically starts once a week and runs for about 10-15 minutes. Of course natural gas is piped to the houses, so it's a no brainier using it here.
  6. It paid nearly P30,000 on my wife's two visits to the hospital. One was to have her appendix removed and the other was for a day surgery. Philhealth’s coverage for appendectomy is currently: 24,000 pesos — Total Coverage 14,400 pesos — for hospital expenses 9,600 pesos — for professional fees (PF) She had it about 5 years ago so it was less then. She was in the hospital for 5-6 days and I think the total was around P100,000. She had a private room at Silliman Medical Center in Dumaguete. The room though was only P2,500 a day. The biggest expense was the surgery. The prick surgeon made me pay the full amount in cash P34,000 and then took the PhilHealth payment on top of that. There was also the anesthesiologist which was another P10,000, but he was paid through the hospital bill. Finally there was her primary care doctor who also got her cut in cash of around P10,000. I was surprised when she had the day surgery that cost about P9,000 and PhilHealth paid P6,000 of it.
  7. How is Medicare free, unless you're talking about Part A. What about Medicare Part B though? Don't you have to pay for that? I know people who are 100% disabled, but they still have to pay for Medicare Part B. Yes, I know you don't have to have Part B. If a person declined Part B, they would have been fined under Obama Care, unless they are under the VA or Medicade. Sent From Tab S2 Using Tapatalk
  8. It's the PC version for Radical Muslim Terrorist...[emoji2] Sent From Tab S2 Using Tapatalk