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  1. Davaoeno knows all this and is just pointing out the mistake that was made in a post. Read what he wrote and he is correct. They are the same via definition is all he is saying. Which is 100% correct in reality they may be applied or used differently. Which he is not disagreeing with in his post.
  2. I am talking if you pay the amount in full and made current on your visa fees. Not if you can not pay and leave. Would you still be blacklisted if you are married or have dependents.
  3. I thought the new order was if one was married or has dependent children they would no Blacklist them. Is that correct?
  4. The bare min is still 10% from what I know however most people have moved that number up over recent years to 15-20%. I am very generous tipper so hard for me to gauge the lower end of tipping.
  5. By definition tip and gratuity are one in the same. However reality is they never put mandatory 15% tip on a reciept but gratuity. The same you do not say I am going to leave a gratuity but say I am leaving a tip. In the US, in most states, the ethical norm is to leave a tip for waiters the amount is 10% of the bill. This is to make up the $2.13 an hour they are paid. In states where this is the norm if you fail to tip you have used that person without paying for services. Most here have expressed they protest it but are not out to screw anyone over.
  6. There is a balance. You could just figure the average plate at restaurant is X. Then no matter what you order you will give 10% of that. Applebee's per person is 13.50 so just go from there and say they will get a $1.35 per person. Not exactly how it works but it is logical. There are apps that tell you the average meal at resturants.
  7. In Texas all traffic violations must be sighted by Texas Peace Officer. Red light cams have been challenged and currently there is a bill in Texas to remove them. They are civil violations not criminal and there is the rub. So I can not see these coming reality.
  8. Your logic does not mean leave them zero for a tip when the min wage for waiters has not risen since 1991. If you somehow feel that is your reason to leave no tip. You are cheap and are stealing services from the person who waited on your table. Because the ethical norm is to leave 10% and do not try and justify it by saying the employer makes up the diffrence. It is a false truth because they have to work 40 hours in a given week. You expect them to protest wages and you leaving no tip gives them reason. That is an excuse to just be cheap and steal services. Ethical norms is 10% for moderately good service and it rises and falls from there.
  9. I also suffer from this however I eat out alot and get many meals comp'd. So when I do eat out with the family I tend to pay that forward. 20-30% is not very uncommon for me.
  10. I do not believe anyone has said tip for bad service. Moderately good service should get 10% min. That is what ethics tell us. Now depending on the state. The restaurant owner does not make up the diffrence unless they work 40 hours and make less than min wage. Thus if you do not leave at least 10% you have actually not paid for service you were provided.
  11. If you ask if they work full time. They have to work 40 hours in that given week for the employer to balance it. However thanks to ACA most are not full time so yes services are not paid by not tipping. I will do what is expected if the law is changed I will change also. Some states in the US have wages that are in line where tipping may be optional. Not in my state. No tipping in the Philippines is not required or expected. People should refrain in countries it is not expected. Unless the service is above and beyond what is expected.
  12. Deadbeat owners gave them a job that they could earn a living wage. They followed the norms however those that do not tip are not following the norms and are preventing the possibility. Yes it is the responsibility of the patron to tip. If you dine out where tipping is part of their salary and you fail to give 10% for moderately good service you stole those services. Because that is what it is what is expected.
  13. Yes he could be. No they are not out looking for him. But he could be reported. Sounds odd to me. Why all the James Bond cloak and dagger.
  14. Funny people are trying to wrap this gesture of not tipping into something it is not. The reason most that know wait staff are paid less then min wage are cheap. They would rather screw over a 18 year old waiter then give them a tip. You can try and make your reason seem all noble with excuses of why not. Reality, is in the US tipping is a cultural norm. If you go out and do not tip then you have stolen from that person ywho waited on your table. It is not mandatory and at your discretion but know if they gave you reasonable service and you failed to give 10% you stole from them. Because the culture dictates you give at least that. There is no excuses that would justify not doing it. Fight for wages at state and federal government level instead of screwing over a waiter or waitress in protest. Because you probably got good service.
  15. Funny to even think this since it has been around in the US since post civil war era, to even suggest it would mean you experinced this unexpected gesture. Basically you screw over the wait staff unless you 150 years old. Then you could consider a rule that existed before your life time.