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  1. Being a coastie you know better than I.
  2. That is apples and bananas. Here you have to have him (supposedly) say my machine is the reason I failed. When you 6 crew you lead that are the fail safe. Those 6 crew members just saw career light extinguished. So no a Navy Captain is not going to blame a machine for the collision when his leadership of 6 people were the critical link. Additional to those 6 crewmembers the Excutive Officer or Operations Officers should have been on the Bridge in command.
  3. Not sure if you can set that as default.
  4. https://superuser.com/questions/902758/remove-or-prevent-sidebar-from-opening-by-default-on-adobe-reader
  5. where the heck is a red square?
  7. No it was still at the crap place with no parking. Knowing every term to include what the local call can only be helpful and add something to your tool box. People are debating what to call a place and it has many names.
  8. Probably ok till you get in a Taxi and they have no clue. So knowing what the locals call it is very important.
  9. So the white guy gets a bullet to the head and his family is just told to lay still on the floor. http://dzrhnews.com/foreigner-found-dead-inside-home-cavite/
  10. There are specific guidelines to how a ship is suppose to maneuver in and out of ports and shipping lanes. It is suppose to be a predictable event with ships coming and going. Now if you divert from this predictable path you are on a collision course and could cause an accident. (hence what happen) With the abilities of the Destroyer she should have been able to avoid a collision. What happen is complacency because it is so predictable by the Radar operators and watch crew. Your conclusion are drawn for open water not shipping lanes or port operations
  11. What you can try and do is unplug the router/modem (connected to your ISP) and reconnect. Sometimes it will reassign a new IP.
  12. It is obvious you have never served in the Military. There is zero chance the US Navy Captain would blame it on a machine. A machine that is suppose to be a support item not your sole source of information. He would never have reached that rank by blaming failure or shortcoming on such items. As for not seeing the ship. There were two radar operators on duty that night and 4 look outs. Those operators had a duty to let the Captain know they were in proximity to other ships. They failed and my bet they will be charged with dereliction of duty and there career lights put out. The Captain will be relieved and forced retirement and never command nothing ever again because of being relieved for Loss of Confidence. In my opinion is the Navy is not at fault for the accident but are at fault for avoiding it.
  13. everything depends on the relation to towers and number of users if you go wireless. It can be hit or miss.
  14. There is no way a American ships Captain could use an excuse like that. He may say he relied to heavy on it. But he knows better and would fall on his sword.
  15. You achieved that opinion from where in the post. He is looking for advice on where to buy.