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  1. I have the US ATT version not a bad phone just no internal storage. So you need to add that.
  2. You stated a fact which was false. IRA is a terrorist group you stated they were not labeled by the press as such. Do not state fact if you do not want to be questioned. Your opinion compared to things that are not comparable (nationalism vs religion) yet offended when called out on such a ridiculous idea. So if you feel the need to engage in such conversations then be prepared to defend them. People still died and you are worried if we should call them terrorist because you can not remember if we called the IRA terrorist.
  3. Defend a ridiculous statement with I do agree with your politics. Mature. IRA is and was a Terrorist organization just like those that bombed the streets of London this week. Innocent people were in fear of life by cowards who pushed an ideology one of Nationalism the other Religion. However both are are Terrorist. Trying to defend the Heinous nature of one by saying we did not do it for X is asinine. It takes away from the families that are grieving the loss of a loved one to push a political agenda. Sad someone would even consider to ridicule people who call them for what they are. Terrorist.
  4. I just wondered if you had a point since the IRA was classified a terrorist organization. Hence there attacks were terrorist attacks at the time. There is no spin to my comment you are trying to spin that these people that claimed responsibility (ISIS) are similar to the IRA. Then the news papers should be absent the word Terrorist. The only similar bond between the two is the fact they are both terrorists no matter what a news paper says.
  5. Your point? Because to date I do know of ongoing internal conflict with ISIS. Did ISIS create a settlement in the UK that they were removed from and a government they did not want to be a part of?
  6. yes it is streaming just need the internet speed to handle hd.
  7. Gears/reboot tv the only way to fly via kodi.
  8. Shadow I had the same issue with my wife on a Saturday night. She had gone into premature labor and had eclampsia seizures. This was 5 years ago but we needed a large sum 30k so they would admit her. She would have died along with my son with out being admitted. I left her in the emergency room while I collected funds.
  9. Make sure they have the Phil Health Sign when you go in or you may be in for sticker shock. Most Filipinos know which ones accept it and do not.
  10. More foolish talk you will die if you can not pay. They will let you die. How it works in the Philippines is very simple. The Emergency room will treat to the point of saying you must be admitted. They do no more then that. If you can not pay to be admitted they will send you to find funds or you can chose to sit in the emergency room. There have been numerous times people leave the hospital to die on the way home. My Cousin in law was stabbed numerous times and they stitched him up he walked out of the emergency room to die at home from blood loss. He had no money to pay the bill for admission. Phil Health will pay for only Public Hospitals at admission. Not your private hospitals. Yes the I am sure your Public Hospital will admit you. Your best bet no matter the situation is have cash period. Your US insurance may pay you later and it may help. There was a guy that had a stroke recently and it took an act of God almost to secure his funds for continued treatment. JD was his name I believe and he also had insurance. It was not good for him and placed many under stress to care for him.
  11. All that because I gave 5 words saying it was a brand name not type of unit. I just thought people should know there are other brands out there. If they go ask for a taser they will get that not another brand.
  12. I have banned one poster from an informative topic for off topic, argumentive posts . Let's keep this on topic.
  13. Most self defense experts would not recommend a taser or pepper spray alonr in close quarter type situtations. You are very correct in that assuption. A good self defense course in combination with the above will give you the time and distances needed to escape.
  14. Topic is about Phil Health. Keep topic on course. If you wish to discuss legal recourse please start a new topic. Thank you
  15. Taser is a brand name. Make sure you know the state laws as they may carry the same penalties as having a fire arm.