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  1. Make fun of the Phil military all you want, but they are killing and dying.
  2. My wife fills the house with the smell of fried fresh dried squid which is far worse than the local stinky fish. One of the disadvantages of living amongst a fishing coop of about 20 squid fishermen. The smell drives me, the 2 dogs and the cat out of the house. Even the CAT. :--):-)
  3. That's not all.....every state gov't gets a list of recently retired officers which they review looking for 'new' folks to invite to a state and retire/work officially or un-officially for the state. :-):-)
  4. In the provinces the Jeepney will survive for a long time because it works. Full of passengers with the top maxed out with two boys up top holding overloaded stuff and two more boys hanging on back collecting the fares and going max speed of 40kph. Tours around town and picking up folks and merchandise then departing on a trip of four hours or more with many stops in between. And with names like 'Tweety Bird' Gotta love it.
  5. I read it but did not save a link. It might be possible that this is deliberate, the T-bone of the Destroyer. However the Destroyer has the capability of seeing this coming anyway, so the someone below the command is still liable, and besides the Commander, will end their career at best. The Master of the Destroyer has ended his or her career due lack of whatever. But several others who were playing solitaire on their laptops will be history.
  6. Eradicate who? Every Muslim? Can't do that. After all this is WAR against about a population that might be as large as a two digit percentage of the entire worldwide Muslim population. And those bad guys are attempting to create a new ISIS Caliphate here. And with the failed attempts by the good guys I don't really believe anyone here is capable to do it. Preventing and influx of bad guys from outside the country is a good start and having a local population willing to turn in the imports as they arrive. Finding out the bad guys are involved in the drug is not surprise but where do they get all of the arms? Questions, questions. Glad we live further north and that our local Muslim population are peaceful (we hope). I will tell you this about that.....they really don't like 'Kanos'.
  7. They could do what the USA does and make it simple not like the PI does and makes it harder. It damn near took an act of congress here to get a PO Box here in Maasin. It took about 3 1/2 weeks to renew my US passport total and with a 120USD plus shipping AIR21.
  8. Someone will be held responsible for allowing a ship that size to T-bone the destroyer. Happened to us in Manila Bay decades ago as the helmsman was reading a newspaper until he hit the only buoy in the Bay at that time.
  9. We have this real nice leather (not 'hyde') sofa in our sala. We humans cannot use it. :-(:-(
  10. I use Globe 3G pocket wifi. My geographical area is no good for either 3G or4G but down close to the sea at about 30ft above sea level 3G works sometimes, especially early AM and late PM workdays. Weekends it's a crap shoot. :-(:-(
  11. After traveling the world for 30 plus years I couldn't get out of the US fast enough. IMO the US is FUBAR and will only get worse with all the Libturds increasing. I'm here to die, and be buried right down the road. Don't keep in touch with US, Canadian and German relatives who completely disowned me for marrying my brown wife. :-):-):-) From a farm in the Province.
  12. I only watch TV when baby sitting the boys (2 dogs and 1 cat).
  13. Ditto!!!
  14. In a sense they have already won. It's now the 'new normal' almost world wide. Sad.
  15. No. Thick coat. Tried that with small black bears. Dogs however with thin coat, especially those dogs that pissed om the wire. As an aside was driving to work one morning and saw a small man standing on the side of the road watching the cars go by. It was a small black bear waiting for a break in traffic to cross.