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  1. We Get Hungarian Sausage regularly here in Maasin City. Dill pickles rarely but we do get them. I use the sausage as a substitute with red beans, rices and sausage from NOLA. Home sweet home (almost).
  2. We brought a 40' container and lived to regret it. Customs in US impounded it for inspection, cost $3k. Customs in Phil did the same, P50k. Container owner would not let container leave Cebu without "refundable" deposit of cost of new container, cost 1/2 of deposit, about P100 back. Advise you to come over with clothes on your back and a hefty amount of saved cash.
  3. On our beach the locals have about 20 bancas from the sitio. About 20 hrs a day someone always babysitting. Still somebody is always missing something from the extreme of the whole boat to just the engine. :-(:-(
  4. Family here got about 50%. Varies slightly per individual situation. Children's Hospital in Maasin City. We (I) pay the rest.
  5. My wife immigrated in 1998. That winter we has the last Christmas Party allowed, no more due to security issues. There were at least 20 men married to Fils there with their wives. Several from where we are now. Culture Shock over.
  6. Bad habits over here. Power goes out simply plug in the generator to the MDP then when a lineman attempts to work on the distribution lines he gets electrocuted. Happens here too frequently.
  7. My opine would be 1500 or so depending on the size of your refrigerator. Oh BTW I am a survivor of Camille and Katrina, and everything else in between if I wasn't on travel.
  8. Nope!!! Dat's ME!!!!!!
  9. My wife learned to drive in the States. She quickly gained her confidence and at her peak promptly had two accidents, both her fault.
  10. Many bugs have more than two eyes..........?????????????????
  11. I'm alive and above ground. When I'm dead and below ground I promise NOT to stand in those lines. :-)
  12. Just yesterday we got the bank draft from BDO for my passport renewal. No acct necessary just 5USD extra. Took an hour and a half of questions and forms and they already had the rules this posted on the wall. When I remarked "all of this for five dollars?" me being a joker, they laughed. When we got PO Box several years ago at PhilPost it was the same. Took all morning even needed my SSA card. It's more fun in the Philippines. In our bank in the states it took about ten minutes to get a bank draft of several thousand and at the USPO for a new box it took even less. :-):-):-)
  13. If available I use them. I'm 75, half deaf and blind with a walker. However when local seniors in better shape than I indicate that they will allow me in front of them I decline as I don't want to give that BAD impression of an ugly kano. We live here.
  14. Update: US Emb, upon receiving a telcon, issues a form made to US Citizen, to Air21 in NCR. Air21 sends form, for us by way of Tacloban then Maasin. Upon receiving form in Maasin Air21 agents arrive at door to pick up package costing P440 and it's on it's way to US Emb. More later.
  15. Man what a CF. Had to coordinate with US Emb. for this. Could not do it on our own w/Air21. They schedule w/Air21 for the pickup. Needs not what entirely what stated on website. Need extra photo. Local Air/21 had no idea WTF was going when we inquired. Draft w/BDO does not need an account but can only do it btwn 0900 and 1000 hrs on wkdays. Conversation w/ACS USemb as disaster. Filipina who cannot enunciate and me 75yo hard of hearing. 20 minutes w/Asaya banging on the phone booth. Glad it’s only every 10yrs. JJ