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  1. There is a network of Toyota dealerships / service centers in Cebu. The one near Park Mall is nice and professional. I guess the others are also fine.
  2. Sorry I can't answer the original question, but I'd like to point out that bancas don't last very long. Salt water is bad for wood in the best of circumstances, and bancas are not built or maintained for longevity in the first place. Just something to keep in mind.
  3. My solution is to carry a credit card plus the details of my international health insurance. The latter is reimbursement only, of course.
  4. Programmers tend to make exceptionally poor relationship advisors ... and yet they are often tasked with making the types of systems that you describe.
  5. If it was meant as a feel-good article, perhaps it should not have focused on abuse and violence towards the beginning...
  6. The ACR card for tourists is a bit of a joke anyway... You pay for it but it's not ready until months later. And you have to go and collect it in person. Assuming you travel a bit back and forth, like many of us do, and always get the first extension in the airport on arrival, you'll not be in the same office again for a while. Hence the card might well be expired before you actually get it. There is no point to having a short validity period like 1 year. The card validity is anyway not related to the visa waiver period.
  7. On a serious note, as we know, it is illegal for foreigners in the Philippines to get involved in politics. Mr Conan may not be in country at the moment, but probably has plans to visit again, as he says he has family and interests here etc. So I wonder, what will be his legal situation once he arrives next...? I'm no lawyer but would guess he needs to erase all of his pinoy-political online activities before arrival, in order not to be rather obviously in breach of the law.
  8. In Cebuano, the word meaning "too much" is the same as the word meaning "very much". The locals hence struggle with that difference in English. I've heard all sorts of odd small mistakes due to that, e.g. that you are "too tall", "too white" etc.
  9. Probably the article got some of the details wrong... I doubt if it is true that skimming involves stealing the PIN. With magnetic cards, the PIN is not stored on the card. With chip cards, the PIN can be stored on the card, but encrypted and in practice not obtainable from the card.
  10. I would suggest the graphic in post #3 is misleading ... It seems they have coloured entire provinces red, if there was one or more episodes within it. That just does not make sense. It means the sizes of provinces become central to the graphic, while the extent of violence is unclear.
  11. Price differences could be due to brand differences. There are the original Nespresso capsules, then there are cheaper brands and, this being Asia, perhaps even the latter masquerading as the former ...
  12. Yes, the road between Pacific Mall and the new bridge is named UN Avenue, and it was absolutely fine until about a year ago. It was the 2nd best road in all of Cebu... virtually always clear. Then the powers that be changed something. I don't know how they did it, but that road is now almost always jammed... both ways.
  13. Every Sherlock in this thread so far is assuming the guy was paying the girl for "services" and that the problem was one of price. But there is also another possibility : He saw their encounter as a date, perhaps took her for a meal, and expected they'd be intimate later.... But for whatever reason, the girl wasn't ready for that. Hence the mood soured. Yeah I know, I'm a hopeless romantic.
  14. In a country where one can get killed for looking at a local the wrong way ... That was maybe pushing it. R.I.P.
  15. I was spending most of 2015 hunting for those... Could not find any - not even in Singapore. I ended up bringing a pile of them from Europe, where cheap not-branded ones can be found in the supermarkets.