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  1. “It is very hard to construct building here in the Philippines but I am hoping we can open more soon,” Kuroda said. LOLZ.
  2. It's reliable. Does it always maintain 500 Mbps? Not to sure. But you if you have Philippines internet, I have a feeling that it will be able to keep up with yer needs.
  3. We got a TP Link a year back for a bit over 50 buckeroos. Works fine. I was worried about our house having no ground, but it doesn't affect the performance. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B010Q29OW6/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  4. Any last gen I5 with 8 GB RAM. As you noted, high end boards and processors are only needed for gaming, video, photo and cooking code. Or seeding wannacry linkbots while listening to North Korean techno.
  5. That's what she said.
  6. Yep. And when a Tagalog utters "bisaya," it's more of a pejorative than a language/geolocale descriptor.
  7. Best thing about Red Planet is the girly bar next door. The dwarven doorman even escorts you back to the hotel when you've had a few too many. Tell Merilyn I said hi and that I am demanding a paternity test!
  8. Our neighborhood dogs also only bark at strangers. Sometimes they will bark at me if I am wearing a hat or sunglasses but I usually stop for a second to halt and be recognized. Dogs are smart and loyal. Please don't throw rocks at them.
  9. Filipinos might be some of the most racist folks on the planet.... ...or the most honest. Self report studies such as these are often very inaccurate as they rely on the honesty of the individual being questioned. The study group is above reproach though - they have some really cool studies that have going on for decades. I particularly enjoy their work on traditional/survival groups (conservatives) and secular-rational/self expression groups (progressives). Helps make sense of a sometimes senseless world. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Values_Survey
  10. I think the only requirement is that the layover is longer than 10 hours or so.
  11. I just flew Asiana back to the states a few weeks back. Korean Airlines and Asiana are my two go-to airlines for yearly trips home. I even time the Incheon layovers so I can either crash in their free hotel service or go on one of the free area tours. Good food and solid service. No more "Murican carriers for me, thanks.
  12. IMHO, there is no comparison between Samsung and local units. The cameras alone on the Samsungs are simply spectacular. I have an S6 and am picking up a blacklisted/bad imei S7 when I go back to the states this month. You can get a bad IMEI S7 (verizon or at&t) for about 260 USD. As for the bloatware, yeah - and you can't root US Sammies.
  13. I just posted that one on my Facebook page earlier today. Easily one of the finest guitar solos in history. I usually listen to all the digital restores from that show while I am working.
  14. Given the opportunity, I would skipped country as well. What blows my mind is that BI had their passports (and the court documents) and gave them back to the Koreans. Bizarre.
  15. A bunch of us arrive at Coco Amigos for New Year's dinner and drinks. Waitress gives us the menus and hovers about with her ordering pad at the ready. We look things over and start to order. Waitress says, "Sorry, sir. The kitchen is closed." Waitress takes up the menus and walks off. We sit there stunned and then start to giggle uncontrollably.