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  1. Should add in an option of "either", I've used a local clinic here not sure if that counts as local hospital but I found it fine, if I get sick again I'll go back to that doctor. If I got seriously ill or injured I may go to him first and then to a hospital if he can't treat it or says I need too.
  2. Passing the bar is hard, passing the doctors licensing board is hard, passing a drug test is easy. Don't do drugs.
  3. http://vitals.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/06/06/18805140-second-child-files-suit-for-lung-transplant-gets-on-list?lite And it begins. Too bad for the families who can't afford lawyers or find one to work pro bono or don't follow the news and know about these cases... Impartial system is still better then slugging it out in courts. But even on the list no guarantee they'll get an organ, at least it gives their families some hope. Ok, so now is someone from one region going to sue saying he should be at the top of the list in other regions because he's sicker or more deserving or just has good lawyers on retainer?
  4. Well i was but he's not so bright in life either
  5. If you know a foreigner here who has a dollar account couldn't you send them the cash through paypal and then have them buy the peso equivilent? May be too much hassle for 50-75ish pesos though
  6. If they have internet connection at home get them a MagicJack or MagicJack Plus, you plug it into the pc (plus doesn't need a pc just a connection) and plug a phone into it (normal land line phone) and you can make calls over the internet to any US or Canadian number for free, think the yearly fee is 9.95? maybe 19.95 I forget but they have discounts for doing a 5 year deal.
  7. She dumped him! He didn't know what cheating on her would cause obviously
  8. Maybe he only killed other criminals and was doing society a service the politicians and law enforcement couldn't stomach! Its on the same ethical conundrum of "if you could go back and kill hitler as a child would you", not knowing the consequences of the single action, it could turn out that Russia, Italy or Japan ended up starting the ww's and did so more successfully or maybe we lived in peace and harmony for all time, never know what one action will cause, just ask Ashton Kutcher
  9. I think that falls under the same social norms that makes the guy get the check in the US, I had an ex gf who was gung ho about paying the bill and she laid into a waiter for handing me the check once, it was my birthday and all but I didn't consider it that big of a deal, not hard for me to pick it up and hand it to her... When I was a manager at a Pizza Hut I always told the waitresses to lay the check in the middle of the table so whoever wanted it could pick it up without putting any one person on the spot. Never had any complaints about it but I'm sure some guys get offended they can't look like a big shot over a $20 check
  10. In HS most of my friends all had jobs except one, his family was rich and the kid had everything he could ever want and was always blowing money on stupid shit, but never seemed to have money when we went out. One day we were all hanging out so we went to a... not fancy but decent restaurant, about 20 of us, we all ordered what we wanted then at the end the check comes and he went to the bathroom but left his jacket at the table, so we all snuck out and told the greeter he'd be paying the bill. Not a very nice thing to do but we had a good laugh about it.... his parents weren't so amused when they had to come give him money though. We didn't plan it that way but we took advantage of the situation... was the last time he went to the bathroom when we ate out though
  11. I can't imagine being in a situation like that, even if its a neighborhood delinquent you never know what he'll grow up to be, and if I saved my wife over the child (which Is the decision I'd probably make) I'd have the guilt of letting the child die for the rest of my life.
  12. That raises an interesting question. If a woman has the right to choose then shouldn't we have the right to sell our body parts? (that we could live iwthout). I may be willing to donate a piece of my liver for the right price... Not really fair to those who can't afford it but life has never been fair to the less fortunate anyway. Really hope this girl makes it because I don't like seeing children die but I have to wonder if they found a lung and determined one of the other kids in the hospital needed it more then their daughter if they'd be so ok with it going to them instead. I think their desire is motivated out of selfishness not altruism.
  13. And if the woman was pregnant with twins? Or if the child was terminally ill and wouldn't live another year anyway? No policy will fit every situation perfectly.
  14. Oh i just liked the way he worded it, didn't sleep much last night so kind of punch drunk. Nothing wrong with being frugal when you're on a budget or just out of general principle