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  1. If you're looking for a really laid-back little beach town, check out Port Barton. It's a few hours north-west of Puerto Princesa. It has a dirt road access which can be a real mess in the wet season, and no airport, but as a result it is uncrowded and has minimal pollution. Waters around the nearby islands are crystal clear, some good corals, turtles, etc, and you don't get hassled by vendors. It has a few reasonable little restaurants and bars, mostly connected to the resorts along the beach. Expats I met there seem to like living there, some have been there many years. The downside is that you need to go to PP for major purchases, and you need a generator if you want 24-hour electricity. Nice place though, well worth checking out if a laid-back seaside town appeals.
  2. I had no problem renewing my tourist visa at J Mall last December, a month before it expired . The renewal ran from the date the then-current visa expired.
  3. Luckily enough, for some. There are people who have been insulting Filipinos for years, inadvertently or not, still walking this earth. Some aren't so fortunate. But face it. We are usually given a lot of leeway .
  4. Exodus? Exactly. If it's not the promised land, why stay in a country where you feel oppressed?
  5. Don't think they go there particularly for that purpose, but, once there, with the girl friend, well...
  6. Sad thing is, this law in Dubai has been around for years, but people who could be affected by it still visit. Why? It's well publicised on official websites, this quote is from the UK Government's travel advisory website:
  7. Maybe years ago. With soft lenses now, and with divers who don't flood their masks with their eyes open, and keep the pressure in the mask reasonably constant, it doesn't seem to be a problem. I have one contact lens for long vision, one for short. Lets me read small gauges and camera screens underwater, and also see long distance. My optometrist didn't seem to think diving would be a problem. But check with your own optometrist.
  8. A lot depends on whether you need lenses with an exact prescription. TUSA has a range of corrective lenses for their masks which are often held in stock by the shops. Scuba World in Makati used to have them, possibly a lot of other stores too. They come close to your prescription, but are not exact. I've used them for years, good for general diving, but no use for me when trying to see the screen on a small underwater camera. Your optometrist can give a prescription for these. I guess sphere, cylinder, axis and prism would only apply to prescription lenses ground to your exact prescription. Expensive, but you can get graduated lenses for both long and short sightedness . Another option is to consider contact lenses, and just use a standard mask.
  9. Same in Iloilo, where smoking is banned in public places. There are large banners as you come into town declaring that Iloilo is a smoke-free town. Seems to be enforced.
  10. He's got a big blue cooler on board, as well as stubbie holders for the beers
  11. Some good spots on Cuyo Island, particularly for wind surfers and kite boarders in the right seasons. Here's a guy who lives the life. Made his own craft out of two sail boards and a small motor, heads offshore with his lovely lady late afternoons. Calls into the main beach to collect a pizza from a German guy on Cuyo who makes an excellent pizza, then heads out for the sunset.
  12. Long Beach, San Vicente, Palawan. Nice beach, and some surf at times. Sandflies a bit ferocious though.
  13. Well picked, that man from Korea .
  14. On a contested estate worth over $1M, that's not a bad result, believe it or not.