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  1. So Duterte seeks alliance with Russia and China, at the same time he is in Russia sucking up....all hell breaks loose. Kind of obvious no? http://www.globalresearch.ca/america-created-al-qaeda-and-the-isis-terror-group/5402881 Another, Iraq, Egypt, Gadafi, Syria bullshit...thanks a bunch Soros aka the string puller over USA and NATO.
  2. Happened to me on Mactan on a scooter at night with my wife and daughter on the back. Fortunately it was just in front of us and we went directly over it and it snapped up on both sides and slapped my girls in the leg. It was about the same size too. We pulled over and checked for bites, the snake was gone. Near shat me trousers!
  3. I wonder how many will show up with least favourite inlaw or neighbour 😬
  4. Heavens to mergatroid stay on topic! Thats a big last call for alcohol for an even bigger guy, that picture of Andres the Giant taking up two seats puts it in perspective.
  5. Utter mindless selfish scum, will do anything to support his habits.
  6. He had every right to refuse...united should have gone back to the computer and pull the lever to randomly select someone else until someone with more flexible circumstances could take the buy out and another flight. Yanking that Dr. was beyond a dick move.
  7. Usually a disappointment when eating out randomly picking places...have my go to spots where I can count on consistent good food and service. Even back in Canada I usually feel let down after spending truckload of money to eat out....i think it's because we just make dam good home cooked meals lol😎👍
  8. Buggers going and buggering up a Peaceful island with peaceful people!
  9. Dam....saw it on my alerts and thinking of you all there.
  10. Cult mentally becomes almost religious...justification for the crusades ordered by the powers that are engineering our slavery...making one man hate and kill another.
  11. I'm so glad I live far away from that retardedness...
  12. It's a big world out there guys....look beyond boarders please.
  13. I think I like the spray and run method as last resort lol