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  1. If anyone's interested, here is the Raffy Tulfo video.
  2. Does anyone know of a website that has a list of the condo projects around Cebu that are in the pre-selling phase or just about to become available? There are online sources that have a bit of info here and there, but a lot of the info is outdated, or include inflated real estate agent prices. I know, I know, it's more fun...
  3. Really, MNL-SFO is a longer route? Interesting math. MNL-SFO 6978FM MNL-LAX 7296FM Please provide your link for the A359 CEB-SFO route announcement?
  4. PAL currently has 8 B777-300ER (B773), with two more scheduled to be delivered late Q4 2017, and they operate a mixture of Airbus and Boeing product throughout the fleet. The Dreamliner (B787) is a smaller aircraft vs the B773 with less payload capacity and lower passenger density and a higher price tag, so PAL would have to pay more for lower revenue. In the future if PAL decided to expand into certain European destinations, the B787 would be an ideal choice to offer a twice weekly schedule to markets with not enough demand to fill the standard service of three times a week B777, but that would well into the future (if ever). PAL will be receiving 6 brand-spanking new A350-900 (A359) in 2018, with options for 6 more. All will be the High Gross Weight (HGW) variant which will enable PAL to fly non-stop MNL-JFK (polar route) with a full passenger load and take on increased cargo capacity. That will help drive revenue on the route and will be a game changer for PAL as they look to offer a more upscale passenger experience with a three-class layout on the A359 that will (hopefully) offer a much improved premium economy section that might actually be worth paying more for vs economy. There's also talk that PAL might introduce a first-class cabin on the A359 as they try to improve their standard within the aviation community. PAL has had no luck breaking into alliances such as One World, Sky Team, and Star Alliance. To stay OT and connect the dots, once the 6 A359 are delivered, PAL has expressed interest to use them on the MNL-JFK, MNL-LHR and MNL-LAX routes which will push the B777 that were on those routes to be switched to routes that were using the much older A340's. Hopefully next year PAL will re-start the CEB-LAX route to see if the route issue was the older aircraft or lack of demand for Visayas passengers vs stronger demand for Luzon. With the new Cebu Mactan International terminal slated to be completed mid-2018, the increasing congestion in NAIA and with a better PAL aircraft offering CEB-LAX (if they restart the route), would create the ideal conditions for other airlines to take a closer look at CEB as a viable alternative to NAIA. Only time will tell.
  5. CEB (5J) will not be stepping in (for now). They operate A330-300 with dual class (econo & premium econo) which jam in 436 passengers and does not have the range at MTOW fully loaded with extra reserve fuel restrictions. IMO there is not much difference between the two classes (both are 3-3-3) as they jam everyone in a-la sardine can. Currently 5J flies to only one US destination (three times weekly MNL-Guam) in spite of the fact they expressed interest to operate a MNL-HNL service sometime in 2016, but we're still waiting for final confirmation on dates and aircraft type. There had been rumors that 5J was going to secure 8 B77W and expand into North America (MNL-YVR & MNL-LAX), but it's been a couple of months since those rumors surfaced and there hasn't been anything official to date. IMO I can't wait for the day 5J starts non-stop flights MNL-North America. The competition would force PAL to lower fares and keep up with 5J promos to some extent. Currently PAL offers promo fares a couple of times a year on the more popular North American routes but generally the savings are minimal at best with only a limited number of reduced fare seats on each flight. In other RP-North American flight news, in recent months the Clark airport authority has started talks with airlines to develop non-stop flights to North America. There has been no leaks on exactly which airlines were contacted but from what I have heard, there's zero interest from non-RP airlines to fly into Clark from North America at this time.
  6. The North American routes are the only real money maker PAL has, and was one of the main reasons they turned a modest profit last year. The main issue on this route (also LHR and some MNL-Australia routes) with lower pax load factors, PAL is using the older A343 aircraft with no AVOD. Some passengers were enticed with lower fares and avoiding MNL was a big plus for those travelling to the Visayas, however the low fares coupled with the increased fuel consumption on the A343 vs B773 meant the route was operating at a net loss. BTW PAL released a statement informing passengers the route was suspended, but industry insiders are saying the route is cancelled. IMO PAL might re-visit the route when they take delivery of two additional B773 in late Q4 2017, or possibly by mid 2018 when they take delivery of what will be their flag-ship long-haul aircraft, the A359. The LAX-CEB route had fares as low as $350USD per segment in the shoulder season and last year PAL was offering a promo, double mabuhay miles, but it wasn't enough to overcome the route limitations. I think this also puts to bed any talk about a possible PAL SFO-CEB route.
  7. A recent update reported the woman boarded the aircraft with her stroller and placed it in the over-head bin, and when the male cabin crew (bald AA flight attendant on the video ) noticed, proceeded to remove the stroller out of the bin to gate check it. In the process of removing the stroller from the bin the stroller almost hit one of her kids, this is where the problem begins. I assume the woman was arguing with the male flight attendant at the same time the he was removing the stroller and was emotionally refusing to gate check it. The fact the stroller almost hit one of her kids is moot, she can cry all she wants the stroller did not touch her kid. I have no idea how she actually boarded the aircraft with the stroller. Usually there's a cabin crew member located at the door to greet and assist passengers, but if that cabin crew member was distracted for a second that would explain how it got in the over-head bin in the first place. This should have been a non story. The male flight attendant could have handled things better and the woman was crying over spilled milk. Gate checking a stroller is SOP. If she drives it's exactly like putting it in the trunk of her car, but judging from the look of her over-stuffed backpack she wanted her stroller in the cabin along with all her backpack so she wouldn't have to wait on the ramp in Dallas for it to be brought to her. There are conflicting reports online, some state the woman was hit with the stroller and others say the kid was almost hit. Need more facts from other passengers who had a clear view of what happened to come forward and clear things up some.
  8. Yes and no. When an aircraft is still at the gate with the doors open, the captain has the power to remove a passenger but usually law enforcement has a higher authority. Once the doors are closed and the plane pushes back from the gate the captain has complete control over all the passengers and the aircraft.
  9. Standard operating procedure is to allow passengers with strollers the use of the stroller through security and into the secure part of the terminal up to the ramp, where it will be gate checked 100% of the time. Did she really think she was going to bring it into the cabin? Usually there are no fees to gate check a stroller (providing the parent paid for the correct number of seats for her kids-only one allowed on lap), however, if she was using the bottom shelf of the stroller to store items (many do) she might have been asked to pay a fee for any items in the stroller that would have to be bagged and gate checked as luggage. There needs to be a clear set of rules for air travel that spells out the airlines responsibilities, limitations and liability in certain instances, and rules for passenger conduct. Yes, the ticket fare rules are a good place to start but usually they only deal with the passenger end of the contract (rebooking fee, name change, no-show fee). Airline messes up, pay this set amount. A passenger goes crazy at 30000ft, this will happen. Air travel is a privilege, not a right. Far too many cry-babies are using airlines and expecting to be treated like royalty when they pay a cattle-class fare. 95% of the time most flights go off without a hitch, but having clear rules about the other 5% of the time when weather or mechanical delays, staffing shortages, security delays or just general idiot behavior by a passenger, would go a long way to stopping these incidents. I also think lifetime no-fly bans for passengers are a really good idea. So you act a fool with one airline, no problem that person can book with another airline next trip. But if a passenger knows there is no next time due to an IATA industry wide bad passenger no-fly ban, they might think twice about starting shit up in the air.
  10. Doing so prevents the light from her CP waking you up in the middle of the night when she texts ate/kuya/local BF/other long nose BF to reassure them she is still alive.
  11. I wish Kap would be traded to an Australian Rules football team... where they would elbow and pound the living crap outta him... legally of course
  12. If you're having issues with ants, I would start the seeds away from the ants and transplant them once they get large enough. I re-use old egg cartons. Cut the egg carton up so it gives you roughly 6 separate planting pots and poke some holes in the bottom of the egg cartons. Add some seedling soil mix to the cartons and if the soil is too dense add a little bit of sand for drainage and don't forget to label the seeds. If you have the room, I would make a table/bench in a corner of your yard so that you can elevate the seeds away from the ants and spray the table legs with baygon or any other insecticide, Add shade cloth over the bench if you notice the sun wilting the seedlings. I just started some tomato and bell pepper seeds the other day.
  13. I saw this the other day and it made me lol... Apologies to any Vikings fans out there
  14. Word on the street is... Mark Davis plans to keep the Raider name, but he has a few lame-duck years left in Oakland to make up his mind one way or the other.