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  1. If that was my gate I would take them down and rebuild it using stronger materials. In it's current state it won't last much longer so why do the work twice. I would also cross brace the new gate to give it some rigidity, and someone suggested putting a wheel on the bottom, but I wouldn't do it. A wheel at the bottom means the gate is lifted up to allow the wheel clearance, so whatever sized wheel you install on the gate also means you will have a gap under the gate where critters can get in. If the rest of your yard isn't secure that might not be an issue. Just something to think about. I would also beef up the outer frame for the gate. Here I use large cedar posts that are much higher than the gate, and I attach a wire from the gate to the top of the outer frame. That way it take a lot of the weight from the hinges and makes the gate easier to open and close.
  2. It looks like a pawn shop for tools. Things just thrown here and there and some of the boxes are opened/used.
  3. That's why I never buy soda that comes in a 750ml-1L glass bottle
  4. Clearly the other Patriot team-mates had a lot to do with each win (and loss), but... the only difference between the Patriots and every other NFL team is Brady and Belichick Ohh, BTW there are only 11 players on offense, and 11 players on defense on the field at a time, not 12 (unless you're a Seahawks fan)
  5. When you leave the Philippines you do not go through Customs, only Immigration and several security checks. You do however have to clear Customs when you land. Do you have a hard-sided guitar case that can withstand various bumps and drops? Otherwise you will check your guitar but get a ukulele when you land.
  6. ya same here. I use a 3110 Nokia around the RP. A simple phone that works well for me, and if something happened to it I wouldn't be overly concerned
  7. The NFL told Ryan he won the MVP last week, so he could focus on the game (he had to promise to keep it quiet) if Brady had won, bet the league would have made him wonder until the envelope was opened Saturday night
  8. Now reading a report outta Boston that TB12's jersey was locked away by the Pats equipment manager after the game so all's right in the Patriot Universe
  9. Breaking... According to sources, Tom Brady's game worn Super Bowl jersey was stolen With the amount of cameras around the locker room I hope someone was filmed stealing it and the scumbag can be tracked down and the jersey returned.
  10. Great post. Every time I pass through NAIA T2 arriving on PAL they pass out two forms on the plane, the immigration form and the customs form. BI always takes the completed immigration form but customs officers rarely take the other form. They wave no or tell me to keep it. At least I know the reason behind it all.
  11. Yaaaaaaeehhhhp.... never in doubt folks Seriously though, the Pats basically shit the bed in the first half, and they rolled it. They performed every single aspect of the game poorly. I thought the two turnovers were going to be all she wrote for terrific Tom and Company. After watching the Pats all year long, I could tell they were off by just a bit and if only the Pats could find a spark to try and dig themselves out of the hole, they had a chance. I think the Pats held the advantage going into halftime. They have been there before, they are used to the extra long break at the Superbowl and took the time to make adjustments, and boy did it ever work. All game the Pats took their time getting to the line and snapping the ball, and it gave the ATL defense a time to get set and to get a breather, and the results showed. During the Patriots-Steelers game the Pats went hurry-up offense and it really disrupted the Steeler defense and all first half I was shaking my head talking to the flat screen saying the Pats needed to hurry things up. It wasn't until late in the 3rd quarter and all of the 4th that the Pats hurried to the line and executed plays quickly. To the ATL fans, you have nothing to be ashamed about. Your team played hard and came within a cats hair of winning it all. Much respect, those guys are warriors! Now, please excuse me.... I'm going to go get plastered (Mods feel free to add a spoiler link over my post)
  12. GoooOOoooooooo Pats !!