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  1. His stay (according to OP) is Dec 19th - Jan 18th, (31 days). BI doesn't count the day of arrival, so the OP should be fine.
  2. Simply explaining that the OP might not need an extension, but that point.....
  3. Currently, the free Philippine tourist visa is valid for 30 days, which does not include the day of arrival. If you do the math Dec 19th until Jan 18th is 30 days (not including day of arrival Dec 19th). What time do you arrive on Dec 19th? If it's after 9pm Philippine Immigration (BI) might have already changed the tourist visa stamp and you might fall one day short. I have been in your shoes before (falling one day short on a tourist visa). Here's what I would do. When you arrive on Dec 19th and go through Immigration, check the date stamped in your passport (should be Jan 18), and request a tourist visa extension only if you fall short, but you should be fine.
  4. A rumour that's floating around the league.... Sean Payton (Saints) is thinking about signing free-agent and major drunk /party boy Johnny Manziel as a backup QB.
  5. A 14ft banca that's alone left on land for any length of time will rot and mysteriously parts of the banca will get up and walk away. If I were you, I would find a local who owns a decent banca, that uses it to fish regularly and that is fairly knowledgeable about the water you have an interest in. Get his number and get him to take you out on the water. Renting will save you a lot of money and headaches in the long run vs owning without a safe and secure place to store the banca when you're not around. Let the local pay for the upkeep. As always YMMV.
  6. Your headline is misleading. The electronics ban covers only a handful of Middle-Eastern and North African airlines, and only on direct flights to the US and select Canadian cities.
  7. Well, here's what I think might happen. The Browns approach the Patriots with an offer they can't refuse. They want Garoppolo, in exchange the Browns will trade the Number 12 (1st round) pick, either the 33rd pick (2nd round) or the 96th pick (2nd round) plus... another 2018 mid-late round pick. It's a win-win for both teams. The browns can still draft Myles Garrett number 1 over-all, and now they get a ready to go starting quarterback with the 12th pick (Garoppolo) and they still have a second rounder and many other mid-late round picks. Belichick likes Garoppolo, but if he's offered the right combination of draft picks, he will trade him. The Patriots traded their first round pick to the Saints in exchange for speedster Brandin Cooks (WR), and they don't have a second round pick either, so Belichick must have something up his sleeve.
  8. Can you change the lock on your condo door without providing the administration a copy? I realize that every condo development has different rules and regulations, some are strictly enforced, some not. That aside, has anyone changed the lock?
  9. Absolutely not, and I agree with you about the POS. I just thought it's ironic (and hilarious) that ol' Kap was a disrespectful a-hole to the flag, the fans and the league, and expects to be a starter for another team. He's a total distraction and playing the race card didn't help him.
  10. Interesting development... The FBI, along with the Houston PD and Texas Rangers have tracked down and recovered Tom Brady's missing Super Bowl 51 game worn jersey, and Brady's game worn Super Bowl 49 jersey, both were recovered in Mexico. According to the statement released by the NFL, a member of the International media was present at both events and stole both jersey's. After authentication the FBI will return the jersey's to the G.O.A.T (Tom Brady). I think Tom planned all along to give his Super Bowl 51 game jersey to his mom (who is fighting cancer) so expect to see a nice picture posted online of his mom wearing the jersey sometime soon. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2698992-tom-bradys-missing-super-bowl-51-jersey-reportedly-located-by-fbi-nfl-security
  11. I seriously doubt anyone will trade for Romo with the way his contract is structured now. They (Broncos, Texans) will wait until Romo is released to go after him. Romo is due his first payment from the Cowboys on June 1st so they have until that date to trade him, but I expect Romo to be released. Giving up a draft pick doesn't make sense, they can get him on a cheaper deal if Romo signs a new contract so why pay more to get a guy that might not be a durable long-term solution at QB. The one guy that thought he was doing the right thing (Kaepernick 49ers) by sitting for the National anthem last season, has realized no one wants an idiot distraction in their locker room and he remains unsigned. It's finally nice to see him get served some humble pie and I pray he goes unsigned. He actually opted out of his 2017 $14million contract with the 49ers, thinking he could get another starting job no problem. Now Spike Lee has come out online calling for the Jets to sign Kaepernick, and he thinks it's "fishy" no team has moved to sign the former QB.
  12. That's a pretty important issue (to me anyway) if the condo association marks up the Veco. The rates are already expensive enough as-is. If I were to buy a re-sale condo it would be easy enough to find out if the condo association marks up the Veco, but what about buying a pre-sale condo, any way to find out... or pre-sale is all a crap shoot?
  13. So... about VAT. Buying a condo above P3,199.200 triggers the 12% VAT, but that's only on a resale condo, correct?
  14. Do you know if the meter is the older rotary style meter or a newer 'smart' meter? How much does your condo association mark up your Veco?