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  1. Let us know how the project works out. I had thought of building a smoker when on the ground in the Philippines but always thought that obtaining suitable fuel wood would be the limiting factor.
  2. Nope, just a white redneck
  3. Good to see info is available in spanish too
  4. Oh,God! Maybe she is an alien elite sent to earth to save mankind
  5. Bottom line, she's screwed half of the male population of California and continues on the second half. This guy sees this and says to himself "this is the girl for me!". All the rest is BS. A couple of sick individuals who belong in a ward somewhere.
  6. Why would ssi not pay overseas ? Is there some reason we may not know about ? serious question
  7. A question, what wood do you plan on using to smoke the meat ?
  8. I agree, you are a lucky man. Bare this in mind however, if the relationship goes south you, as sponsor, are legally on the hook for their support for 10 years. That is a big,big gamble.
  9. The only advice I have ever given is don't bring them back to the US. I did prior to giving the advice and paid dearly. I stand behind that advice 1000%
  10. I say drop leaflets from a plane over Sulu that reads simply "Death to Muslum Terrorists". Then, in about an hour, start dropping bodies out of planes at high population centers on Sulu. That would get their attention. And keep it going. Being soft, being, Oh, so PC, will not win against animals. Too many gutless people in the world to win this war I'm afraid.
  11. It's the Italians urinating at the source. Have to be singing a selection from Don Giovanni while peeing however. Gives it that special zing.
  12. Puerto Princesa would be #1 on my "move to" list for next year. Now to convince my girlfriend who lives outside Davao! Not impressed by El Nido. I guess all the publicity has put it on everyone's vacation travel plans. I would love to explore southern Palawan. We will see...
  13. I bet they will be very careful with overbooking in the future.
  14. I've read Amazon Philippines is in the works, ho.pe it comes to be
  15. As an old truck and greenhouse farmer I could not agree more with James, Peters, the best.