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      Hello. If you are a new member, and feel a bit apprehensive about posting in the "open" forums, or, just wish to get your "sea legs" prior to posting in the open forums, feel free to post anything you wish to talk about, in the Newbies Forum. No one will bother you, or give you any sort of grief. Everyone there is happy to help you get answers to your questions.


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    Early aviation, RC Model A/C, vintage motorcycles, green construction methods and systems, good wine, architectural history

    Born to a Russian mother and a British father, I grew up on a small island off the coast of the North Island of New Zealand. Served 4 years in the RNZAF as an aircraft mechanic, working mainly on A4 Skyhawks. Got to fly back seat in the T-A4's quite a few times and pulled a max of 6.5 G. Real Top Gun stuff with the G suit and bone dome with the dark visor!
    Left NZ at the age of 20 to go see the world, and after 30 yrs of travelling, I have never been back to NZ, and am still travelling having lived in over 20 countries. Living meaning 6 months or more.
    I spent several years, on and off, in Britian, using it as a base to earn money, then travel around various European countries. I lived on a Greek island (Spetses) for 2 years, Yugoslavia, namely Dubrovnik and Split, Venice, and all points inbetween!! Whilst in Holland, Amsterdam actually, i had my passport pickpocketed. I travelled to Den Haag for a replacement but while waiting for the due process,having no funds, ended up sleeping in a hole on a construction project for quite a while. Really got to see the alternative side of Den Haag visiting squat parties, underground gigs etc. Started off as a welder with a London architectural and general metal work company and after a while ended up as one of the 3 directors of the company with a full time staff of 85 employees.
    During this time I used to commute 50 miles each way to work by motorcycle from the South Coast, Brighton. I put a genuine 100,000 miles on a Kawasaki 1000 RX. then swapped to a Suzuki 900RF.
    Having heard about cheap properties across the channel in France, we sold up and moved to Normandy, buying a 32 room ex Chateau du Cidre, (Chateau de Precaire) complete with the presses, barns etc for my 40th birthday. We were told the original owner was quite famous for running over peasants in his buggy after drinking a bit too much of his own product. I actually found parts of a buggy chasis in the woods and put them in one of the barns.
    Continued working in London, now commuting on a weekly basis between London and France, returning home for 2 days per week for 3 years.
    This was not condusive to a marriage, and wife and daughter moved back to Britian. Sold the house for a nice profit, resigned from the London company and got involved with a friend in buying a bigger Chateau (52 rooms complete with a working moat and a chapel with stained glass windows) (Chateau de Lussac) in the Limousin. The last owner of nobility, Compte Bertrand de Cressac- Bachelerie (Count) died in 1984, and was reckoned to be the French equivalent of Aleister Crowley.The grounds contained a Pagan circle, meeting rooms with secret symbols and the library contained the Counts handwritten notes used to produce his books. The chapel contained a relic of one of the knights of the Black Prince who was killed nearby in 1356.
    Chateau de Lussac was to be turned into a wedding venue/ conference centre but my friend's untimely death whilst racing motorcycles stopped the project.
    Moved out and about 8 k's up the road to a 15th cent watermill right on the corner of Dept 36, 86 and 87, very rural with a private stretch of river and about 8 acres of land (Le Moulin du Gue Bouigeon).
    During this time met my fantastic wife who was going through a divorce whilst living in Paris and used to travel for hours to come and visit me in the countryside. She even used to travel from Paris to St Tropez while I was doing a job there.
    Ran a small renovation/ repair business working on mainly ancient properties 200 yrs minimum up to 500 yrs old. The woodwork in oak is absolutely amazing with no nails anywhere, all joints are mortice, tennon and tapered pegs!! Buildings are pre-cement, constructed of rocks with a mud and straw binding agent. Waterproofing exterior walls with a lime and sand mix on the higher end or just pointed on the lower end. Many properties exhibit the remains of the on-site quarry where the stones were sourced. Quoins and lintels are rough hewn from granite showing drill hole remains along the split line. It was quite common after the French Revolution to find ornate stonework in the houses surrounding sacked and derelict Chateaux! The peasants tore down the signs of wealth, then used the raw materials in their own properties.
    Carried out some bizarre jobs such as digging a grave for a horse with my JCB, then using same machine to poke a piano through a widdow of a property. I wasn't too sure that i dug the horses grave deep enough, having not done one before, so i took along a chainsaw just in case any bits needed trimming off. Whilst living at the mill, i was headhunted by my old London based metalwork company and given the job of dismantling an entire iconic 20th Cent. modern art gallery made of glass and steel (Ito Pavillion/ Serpentine Gallery) from where it sat in London. We used a 500 ton mobile crane, put the parts on a convoy of low loaders and transported it to the South of France (St Tropez). There we put it all back together in the grounds of a very plush hotel that was undergoing a re-furb (Hotel Beauvallon). You could leap off the roof straight into the Med!
    Moved here last year and set up Your House Doctors. We still have the mill in France but its totally empty and locked up. It is for sale but we are not in a rush to sell it.
    A full and varied life from the high's to the low's, but i have thoroughly enjoyed living it!!!

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  1. Thanks Paul for sorting it out. I'm not too good on that stuff......
  2. ========================================================== Came across this article.... http://www.msn.com/en-ph/news/us/my-family’s-slave/ar-BBBcSMX?li=BBr8zL6&ocid=mailsignout Its too long to copy and paste...sorry!
  3. It actually worked very well. Used to split oak, beech and pine without too much trouble. If it was extra knotty i used to use a twisted steel wedge. For stuff that was un -splitable i just chainsawed it lengthwise!
  4. Well this is lurking in my place. You can borrow it if you want...
  5. Gentlemen,,,, please get off my back!! I stand by my original post. If the concerned party wants my help, do as i said...PM me. Other than that i suggest the nay sayers, doubters and trolls just STFU. Thank you.
  6. If you want the official reply PM me..... i can certainly put the overstayer on the correct course.
  7. We shipped a 40 foot hi-cube from France. Brought every single thing we owned. Grateful we did and yes, brought some stuff still not used but negligible. For us personally it was worth it . http://www.livingincebuforums.com/ipb/topic/53718-customs-broker/?page=2#comment-571984
  8. Sorry for the late reply..... busy with work. MIL still complaining of internal pains but no external signs of injury.... new glasses paid for by 2Go. FIL gash to head healed and stitches removed. Broken teeth fixed by removal and fabrication of a denture. Bumps cuts and grazes healed. Absent from work for 15 days. 2Go asking for copies of payslips so as to reimburse.....they are in for a bit of a shock as he is a consultant drilling engineer to the PEDC (Philippine Energy Development Corporation).One of i think 8 in the Phil's. He is in charge of the drilling rigs in the mountains of Ormoc and Leyte that drill and tap the geothermal fields to supply the new power stations. They will not like paying him back!!!!
  9. A few tips and hints. Porous sub surface or in high temps wet down or mist the substrate (base) material first. This stops all the moisture being sucked out of the render into the substrate too quickly. Add a capful or two (CAP) of washing up liquid to the mix. It will give you a creamier more smooth mix which will aid application. Also cleans the tools as you go............joke!!!!! Hawk and trowel are really only application tools, the Filipino small board and trowel are just the same only slower..... Don't overwork the applied render, this will bring the cream or fat (trade terms) to the surface and lead to hairline cracking. Keep the freshly applied render moist to wet for a few days after application. This is especially true of here in the PI. This stops it drying out too quickly, shrinking and cracking. After application we wet down 3 times per day for 3 days. I have actually paid guys overtime on a Sunday to go in and wet down fresh render or a newly laid slab if we laid it on a Fri or Sat! Unibond is a great bonding agent but i have not seen it here. There is ABC Zembond at 200 Php per gallon and Redifix at 600 Php per gallon. Redifix is the dogs bollox for doing tile over tile or on wood etc. Zembond is what we use as a standard bonding agent and as stated PVA glue in a "no stock sir" situation. The chipping of the substrate with the concrete nail in a bit of pipe is just a way of overcoming ignorance. It provides a key for the render to bite into and exposes fresh concrete mix for the render to adhere to. With proper prep of the substrate ie removal of scale by wire brushing, removal of dust etc by washing with COPIOUS ammounts of water and the application of either a bonding agent, dash coat or similar it really is unnecessary. But...old habits die hard!!
  10. Small update as to some questions somewhere before. Finally got to get info from the horses mouth!! MIL remembers thinking that the crossing was exceptionally smooth compared to a recent one she had taken. Was dozing but remembers thinking to herself how smooth this one was. DID NOT notice a drop in speed or change in engine noise when she "felt" the vessel shimmy left right left right then a big bang that ejected everyone from their seats. Although she says the crew did try and provide aid and assistance to the passengers immediately after the collision, what was lacking was info. No one would tell the passengers anything. It was actually her hubby, my FIL, who snapped after around 30 mins and started shouting at the crew and going bonkers. Only after this did the passengers get any info. At no time were passengers instructed to wear lifejackets. 2Go has contacted them and offered 10K lump sum payment in exchange for signing a waiver. Well you can guess what MIL and FIL are doing..........
  11. Free to a good home. Front loading washing machine French origin 220V. Part dead meaning it wont run the washing cycle. It has had a good life, i think around 8 years or so... Motor fine, pump works. just needs a good look at electronics possibly,,,,, free to a home. Item in Mabolo Cebu City so you must collect. P.M me for any further info.
  12. Having looked its a 3/8" tap that i have........but do have this set so no need for dies to be bought. If you are"cleaning or reclaiming" an existing thread i have made my own tap in the past. Cut 4 grooves into an existing piece of threaded pipe but cut with an ultra thin cutting disc. Tricky part is to angle the disc so it forms teeth. and not just a U shaped groove. For a one off reclaim it has worked for me.
  13. Boy i love your words.......should have.....would have. Please understand i am not mocking you, just thinking that this incident should have not happened.....oh goodness me....we are in the Philippines!!
  14. Not sure what you need or if i have it. I am sure there are some in this mess though.