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  1. In those missing details lays the probable answer to this collision.
  2. Toledo, more life in a cemetery.
  3. According to the Japanese Coastguard report, the Container Ship made two sudden turns towards the US Navy vessel. After the collision, the Container Ship continued on and did not reported the collision to the coastguard for one and half hours after.
  4. Not one in Ayala now, it moved to SM City.
  5. VERY good advise.
  6. I do't think the wife would be too happy going to the Mall driving a cement mixer.
  7. Your wife will need to leave before 6am, any time later than that and she will be grid locked on either bridge. Picking her up and going home, good luck!!!
  8. Then he is delusional. He conveniently forgets about the daily street crimes. Muggings, snatching,pick pocketing, 'steaming' on the underground (subway) etc. most go unreported because the victims know that they won't get a 'result'.
  9. Maybe he forgot he wasn't in the 'Granite City'
  10. We bought a unit in Tower 3 at Marco Polo, not yet completed and handed over.(late as usual) Anyone got a unit in Tower 1 or 2 and living or renting out there? Nice to know of any 'problems' to look out for.
  11. I saw a guy also on a motorcycle actually texting with one hand and steering with the other.!!! This law will be very hard to enforce here, the 'Texting Capital of the World'.
  12. Obviously a 'sub mariner'.
  13. Anybody know if they do this stuff in bigger sizes?