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  1. Thanks to all that responded. I always talk and sing to my plants and sometimes sleep nearby as it's cooler outside especially now that it's summer. the plant isn't in a container per se, rather a planter that's a foot wide and 25 feet long and 3 feet deep. The calamansi tree is located at one end of the planter, but should have plenty of root room. I prune regularly to thin back and remove dead branches. I've been using a 20-10-0 fertilizer that supposedly promotes flowering and fruit, though I now understand that it includes no Potassium. I'll look for the Osmocote and fish emulsion
  2. I have a small calamansi tree on my deck which provided an abundance of fruit for the past 3 years. Since May of last year it has refused to flower. I've added new soil near it, used fertilizer, but to no avail. Anyone have any suggestions for correcting this anomaly?
  3. The $10K reporting requirement has some healthy penalties, so you probably ought to look into it and file accordingly. The rationale behind it is to prevent money laundering...doing the filing is no big deal, just fill out a form and sent it in to them, though I don't believe they'll allow for the 60 day extension. https://www.fincen.gov/
  4. I like the extension, because it gives me more time and I've used it for over 15 years now. The IRS does penalize you if you owe, but I haven't had to pay taxes, so no penalty, either.
  5. sounds similar to a movie that I saw a few years back
  6. I go there about every week or so. Always new stores and restaurants opening, seems to be many more people there too, especially on the weekends. Nearly a ghost town mid-week in the early afternoon. We like bowling there as the lanes are new and actually work well.
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  11. bring your machine over and use my wifi...no mb/day limit here
  12. That's what I'd do...use a tourist visa for a visit. They are giving 10 multiple entry visas now, too. My wife has no desire to immigrate, and while I find this strange, both she and her daughter were granted 10 multiple entry visas. It depends on many things like how you answer the questions, your English skills and who the interviewer is.
  13. Banned? Do you mean they cannot get a visa, ever or banned meaning unable to so much as apply. I see many students getting approved study visas to the US. Maybe you could explore that avenue for your nieces and nephews. I believe the reason behind difficulty of Filipinos getting visas is a result of the massive numbers who go to ground when the visa process was more liberal. But it's not just folks from here having difficulties; folks from China, VN and other communist nations not to mention those from the middle east. There are many countries with which the US has mutual no visa requirements or visa on arrival allowances. While complaining about the US, consider coming here and needing an outbound ticket to prove you're eventually leaving. Also, when you get a visa here, you've got to renew it frequently
  14. In the US we draw a distinction between sugar beet and beets, the latter being the 'delightful tuber with gorgeous foliage' that some call beetroots. Since both sugar beets and what we designate 'beet's are roots, beetroot could mean either type.. Too, sugar beets are not fed to cows (or coos), rather they are grown commercially to produce sugar eliminating the need for cane sugar.
  15. Beets are one of my favorites!! I regularly buy them to cook at the metro and Shopwise. Never noticed any worms, but then they're just another protein source Also got a jar of pickled beets at SM grocery in Seaside. They were quite good, but a little on the mushy side.