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  1. Rustan's Ayala had it last week......
  2. I flew in Business class on this flight last November and again recently in April, both times the front end of the plane was half full. Despite being old planes they were good flights, plenty of sleep on old lay-flat beds and a better option than previous flights where I had to go through Manila.
  3. Had the same happen to me last year, flying Business class from LAX to Cebu through Manila, when arrived in Manila there was a change of plane type that did not have Business class, only Premium Economy, they gave me a 12 month coupon for a Business class flight anywhere within the Philippines before I boarded the Cebu flight, the 12 months passed and I never did get to use that ticket!
  4. Maybe not a cheaper option but you can go to Hong Kong from Cebu and connect through to Perth on many airlines
  5. I have been using NAB debit and credit cards to withdraw money from any Metrobank and BPI ATM's in the Philippines for the past 7 years without much issue, other ATM's do work as long as they have the Plus Or Cirrus symbols that match the cards!
  6. Rustans in Cebu at Oakridge and Ayala have Heinz Baked Beans quite often, and SPC Brand 100% Aussie Grown Baked beans
  7. Was it a paper application submitted in the Philippines or an on-line application through an Immi account? https://online.immi.gov.au/ola/app The on-line application process is quicker than the paper version, had a 12 month multiple entry visa approved on March 2nd, was submitted on Feb 22nd. it was processed in Manila. Also did an on line "Australian Citizenship by Descent" application for our filipino born son that was approved quickly once all of the correct documentation had been provided.
  8. 66mm in Puro, Masbate yesterday afternoon in 30 minutes
  9. I lived in Africa in a Yellow fever area between 2002 and 2009, and travelled the world on break there on average every 6 weeks, since 2013 have been travelling in and out of Africa every 2 months, have had the yellow fever and multiple vaccination card in my possession every trip, have never been asked to produce it ever, not even in Australia or the Philippines. Even had the 10 year Yellow fever booster injection done in Cebu recently.
  10. I have had this problem several times not only with the CP site but generally with any type of "booking, purchasing or banking" websites if I try using IE from a location where the connection is slow or restricted, the connection here at work is heavily filtered and not fast. When I use Mozilla Firefox I have no problems and it always seems to work. Yesterday I booked a CP flight from this dodgy connection using Firefox and it all went fine.
  11. You can now apply on line, create an account with the Australian Immigration Department. I have had 3 lots of 12 month visas approved for my Filipino Wife and 2 kids that were submitted on paper in Cebu throgh VFS Global in the Keppel Center near Ayala. I have completed 90% of the on-line application process before submission so cannot vouch that it has been successful, I do have an Oz friend in country who successfully used the online service for his partner and received the approved visas within 4 weeks http://www.border.gov.au/
  12. Although it is nowhere near the quality of fresh Oz Beef and Lamb that you can get from decent Butchers and sometimes even in Coles or Woolworths in Australia, the Oz Beef and Lamb available in Rustans and S&R, which varies a lot on a weekly basis, is better than nothing and in most cases better than a lot of the local grown product. There is usually a good supply of USDA Beef at Rustans that eats well, but obviously not from OZ! The thing to watch with the "Fresh" (thawed) Oz beef and Lamb is often how long has it been thawed for, a lot of it is bordering on "going off" and should be consumed soon after it is purchased.
  13. Live in Cebu with my wife and our 2 children, brother in law lives in the drivers room outside the main house, he has a full time job, is sensible and no vices, good security for wife and kids as I work FIFO and spend more time away than at home, one full time yaya and a University student who we are sponsoring through Uni, helps in the house and with tutoring, both sensible and neither have boyfriends or vices. Mother In Law visits often which I welcome, nieces stay during school holidays which is also welcomed, no problems with any of it.
  14. I married a single mother and adopted her daughter several years ago, there was no father listed on her birth certificate so the process was easy, have never really had any issues with anyone in the Philippines where we live or in Australia when we visit for holidays. Most local friends and family consider it a good thing and have only ever had positive words to say about it all. Although from some local mothers we don't really know at the International school our daughter attends there has been some petty instances of outright jealousy aimed at my wife.
  15. I have worked in the Philippines for the past 6 years in the mining industry, originally for an Australian based Parent company that is now owned by a Canadian company. I was originally on a 9G work visa then changed to a 13A when I married the tea lady at work. I work 25% of the time in the Philippines, the remainder in between Namibia and Nicaragua at the parent companies other operations. Get paid from Canada into Australian Bank account, non resident of Australia for tax purposes. The company pays my tax in the Philippines. Life is good and enjoy flying in an out of Cebu both domestically and internationally to and from work.