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  1. Interesting. You guys have me seriously thinking about a visit to AC to scout it out! Direct from Clark to HK (and Korea) works for me to get the non-stop to US East Coast from there. I would still get to avoid Manila, and get a huge improvement on my VPN & RDP with the Fiber quality in that area
  2. Heh, funny! One of the reasons I settled in Cebu is to avoid MNL at all costs... I go Cebu to HK, and then a nonstop flight to east coast USA. Make that run back and forth regularly so I wanted it to be tolerable. I agree there seems to be some awesome Fiber internet up that way. Don't think its available at my building in Cebu yet, might try moving to another one next year that has Fiber
  3. Sounds lovely! Not directly related to your area, but something to be aware of is differences in connection quality between providers and even the same provider in different areas: I have Sky Broadband 16/1 in Cebu IT Park and regularly spend time connecting to client VPNs and interacting with various servers / programming via RDP connections... My experience with it is not as fun. There are days or weeks at a time where the VPN and/or RDP connections will drop out every 10-30 minutes on Sky forcing me to reconnect again. If I switch to my backup Globe LTE Pocket WiFi it's a slower pipe, but the connection is rock solid. Stayed logged on with a couple RDP sessions for 3 days straight with the pocket WiFi recently.
  4. Went to lunch at the Red Lizard in the IT Park today (decent Burritos, also Abaca Group owned) and noted the Abaca Baking Company next-door is officially open as it appeared yesterday. Very little indoor seating at this Abaca branch, and some outdoor tables that may be shared with the Red Lizard. The menu appears to be the reduced set identical to the Abaca up in the front entry of the IT Park... coffee, juices, smoothies, sandwiches, salads, waffles, and the assortment of fresh baked goods at the counter. Picked up a couple Spicy Tuna Buns and a huge Macaroon to eat for dinner while there. Unfortunate that its so small, but great for when I'm feeling lazy since it's so close by
  5. Appeared to be open this morning, when I went by in a cab it was full of people sitting at the tables inside. Haven't poked my head in there to see (maybe tomorrow)... but I am hopeful they have a bit more of the menu like the primary Abaca location at Crossroads Mall, or the Ayala Branch. Even if they don't have the full menu its the closest one of all 6 to my residence so I'll make good use of them
  6. Another pretty good Mexican food option for Cebu not in your post is the recently opened Red Lizard in the IT Park. I believe they're also part of the Abaca group of restaurants. Only ate there once on my last trip, during their opening week. It was decent but simpler fare, the entire menu is basically tacos, burritos, quesadillas, taquitos, and nachos. I miss the Tako Truck which was stationed in the IT Park for the last year+... It was a Mexican - Korean fusion food truck parked in the garden block area near Sugbo Mercado. Our favorite was their spicy pork burrito! The truck disappeared earlier this year, not sure if they moved to another part of the city or closed down
  7. I think they were having a bad day perhaps? My girlfriend has eaten that, I think they call it a North Carolina pulled pork sandwich. The one with the red beet-slaw on it? Very messy, but I took a bite of hers and thought it was pretty good! They used to have a Korean pulled pork sandwich on a black bun too. Not sure if that is still on the menu but I'll take a look soon... Flying back to Cebu again in 10 days- The Social and Abaca Baking Company are my usual dining spots to get good food and good service
  8. Shadow has a good idea if you don't mind traveling. My girlfriend just renewed her passport... Cebu was so overbooked that she made an appointment for the DFA in Dumaguete. She traveled over to Dumaguete from Cebu by bus/ferry and spent night before at a hotel near Robinsons, and had her appointment first thing in the morning. Already received her new passport, delivered to our condo in Cebu only about 2 weeks after the renewal appointment!
  9. Agreed! I have Skybroadband 16/1 but refuse to add the Cable TV even though its cheap (I think an extra 299p per month on top of the 1999p for internet?)... Rental has a Samsung 40" TV but we only use it for downloaded movies When traveling I'm happy with just watching movies on my laptop or iPhone, but a TV is best for watching with another person.
  10. Heh, I take it you haven't tried their Chorizo Fried Rice then? It's pretty good! Never eaten a bad choice from their menu yet
  11. 65 square meters? Luxury! All kidding aside that'll be very nice once you get it fixed up to your standards. My current condo in Cebu (a rental) is one bedroom with 34 square meters and no balcony, but it's pretty decently finished and furnished with nice stuff so it feels fine for myself and the girlfriend. I also rent a condo in the USA for myself. Would love to have a bigger place someday, maybe a second bedroom for guests... Actually I would like to buy another place again someday, but I haven't decided which country I'd feel good owning property in just yet. Your problems are definitely not ones I want to have
  12. I rented a place for a while next to the garbage chute, actually a "garbage room" in this case. Everyone put their trash in the room and staff would collect it once every day or two. Smell was a partial issue, plus roaches liked to live in the vicinity of the garbage room and would also sneak into my place. Worst of all is idiots who put their trash in the room and then slam the door as hard as they possibly can, because they can. The place I rent now has a chute but it's hidden behind a full door that could be slammed too. Thankfully this new rental (another building elsewhere in Cebu) is nowhere near the chute this time. Elevators are bad too. Everyone standing around them talking loudly while waiting (NOBODY has an indoor voice in the Philippines), and all the dings as it goes to nearby floors day and night. So yeah, never in a million years would I consider buying or renting a condo near the garbage area or elevator
  13. This is great news Was a big fan of the Abaca Baking Company in Crossroads near the IT Park. I love their waffles with banana, pecans, and whipped cream! Not to mention many of their lunch dishes... But never felt especially motivated to walk over there for breakfast. Now that they have a branch directly within the IT Park I'll pop in at least once a week. Now I just have to get my client's project done so I can hurry back to Cebu
  14. I have Sky Broadband 16mb download, 1mb upload. Cebu IT Park. Using it to post this reply. Speedtests done within the Philippines show the speed you pay for. Testing to another country provides widely varied results depending on the country, time of day, phase of the moon, etc. It has no data cap, or at least not one I've been notified of or hit. Haven't torrented anything here for the last couple months but I did grab a bunch of stuff in 2016 without trouble. I do download movies from iTunes and stream Netflix (with a VPN for the USA catalog). Also use a VPN to get work done with clients in the USA. Mostly reliable, but I've had a couple occasions where they have busted routing out of the country for 4-8 hours before fixing it... But honestly I've seen the same crap with Comcast in the USA before too. Make sure to keep a pocket wifi handy or tether to your cell phone during these incidents if you need internet for work like me. Short version: Keep your expectations in line with any other service in the Philippines and you won't be disappointed