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  1. Yep-heck of a nice guy-and after all the health issues he had a few years back, and recovered from.
  2. Well, just had very cold one, and good as I remembered. Friend just let me know how happy he was also.
  3. There is a nice little Philippine grocery on nw side of Tampa, 'bout 25 miles from us. We go there every 2/3 months to try and find some items that satisfy wife's craving for some Filipino stuff. Got quite a surprise today when we saw cases of San Miguel there-Light-Pilsner-and Red Horse. I actually gave up drinking 20+ years ago, but while living over there, starting drinking 2/3 lights every evening. Since back here, have gone back to just drinking a NA occasionally. Anyway, upon seeing that decided a purchase a case, as we have friends who I knew would want some. Geez!!!! $30(incl tax) Looked back in our household expenditure ledger when we got home and saw we were paying 575p when we left Cebu. LOL-quite a diff, but a nice little treat to have once in awhile.(friend was really excited to get some) Also purchased few mangoes that were 1st since we've been here that tasted as good as the ones in Cebu. Owner said they were grown by a Filipino who lives in Sarasota. $1.50 each.---Yeah!!!
  4. Yummy yummy-Publix has Ball Park beef franks on sale this week BOGO. I'msorry guys-just couldn't resist that. I feel your pain, believe me.
  5. This is not a knock on you or anybody, but over the years I have been amazed/baffled at the number of guys on here who think 700p for a membership is outlandish.
  6. LOL-I would say your "understanding" is FAR FAR from what is true. Having gone thru wife-to-be getting fiancee visa and then some years later, getting spousal visa, my actual experience of ALL the cs from DFW, reminds me a lot of an old saying used to hear in service: 'I know you believe you understood what you THINK I said, BUT, I am not sure that you realize that what I said is NOT what I meant' C(for carabao)S in triplicate. They do INDEED at every level make the process difficult.
  7. Anybody heard of, or used this for money transfers to/from PI? Have friend who uses, but can't find how it works without actually signing on their site.
  8. Thanks for that bit of wit. Excellent!!
  9. I'm same way with landline. If I'm standing by it, probably answer, but otherwise let it ring. To me, a ringing phone is pretty much the same as someone knocking on your door unannounced/uninvited.(usually some kind of solicitor anyway)
  10. I'm the same way about a phone as I have always been A phone is something to use when you need it-like a car, I only answer if I'm not busy, or if I happen to be close to it They all have voice mail-so it can be checked whenever. I don't walk around with it in my hand or in my ear while I'm out, Would never think of answering a phone while having a meal, whether at home or out, Turn it off early in the evening and don't turn it on til about 8am. I have never been a prisoner of it and never will be, nor would I become addicted to it.
  11. 2 years ago, Cherry Blossom was still ok. Just Ok.
  12. Sorry if this is in wrong forum, but I cannot access the forum page with new format. My opthamologist has experimented with a hard contact lens in my left eye and it shows my vision improving dramatically. Due to ongoing issues from shingles in that eye and scarring of the cornea, nothing else can help. It's a delicate balancing act of right amount of steroid drops + pressure drops, to keep eye relatively stable/comfortable. He is concerned however, that with a hard lens in the eye, inflamation may pop up and I might not recognize the problem soon enough. Do any of you wear hard lens, and how difficult to get used to? Thanks very much.
  13. For whatever reason it made the headlines on FNC special Report tonight.
  14. Director of Shreveport VA facility-Toby Matthew FIRED!! This guy had quite a history of total disregard of doing what's right, and now he's gone. Hopefully this is going to send a message to these jerks everywhere that the SHERIFF means business and not 'gonna' put up with cs anymore. I'm sure somebody will post the linc to the story. I saw it covered on FNC.
  15. "for legislators to not understand...............is appalling" I disagree-- seems to me like--for them to "not understand" is par for the course. :we have to pass it before we can know what it means.