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  1. I would never advocate cheating, of course, but I thought I would pass on to my friends the following document, which came into my possession by means I can't divulge. It is the written portion of the Philippine driving test (the behind-the-wheel portion consists of driving home -- if you made it there alive, you passed). The answers are in red, though this is just for information purposes. If you are taking the test, please do not use these answers, since that would be cheating. Department of Transportation and Communications Republic of the Philippines Official Drivers' Test 1. Which side of the center line should you drive on? The left The right What center line? 2. What is the purpose of a sidewalk? A place for pedestrians to walk A place for motorcycles to drive A place for cars to park Whatever you damn well want to do with it 3. What should you do when pulling into a continuous stream of traffic? Wait for an opening, then proceed with care Close eyes and go, while honking horn 4. When a cop stops you, you should: Pull off the road at a safe spot Argue with him Ask if two hundred pesos is enough (unless you're a Kano, in which case, ask if a thousand is enough) 5. When approaching a cross street where you intend to turn, you should: Use turn signals Use hand signals Do whatever you damn well please 6. When turning, you should: Check to make sure there are no pedestrians Stop if there are pedestrians Honk horn if there are pedestrians 7. When should you stop at a red light? Always If there’s a lot of traffic coming from the side streets If the car in front of you has stopped, unless you can go around him 8. If two vehicles approach an intersection simultaneously, which has the right of way? The driver approaching from the left The driver approaching from the right The driver who’s more of a real man 9. If your horn and your brakes both go out, you should: Get them repaired immediately Get the brakes fixed Get horn fixed, wait until next payday (maybe) for the brakes 10. How often should you check to see that your horn is working? Before starting out At every intersection Whenever you see a pretty girl At blind curves While running a red light All of the above 11. At sundown you should: Turn on headlights to see better Leave headlights off to conserve gas Do as you damn well please 12. The purpose of the rearview mirror is: To help you see when it’s safe to change lanes To hang your rosary beads so it will always be safe to change lanes 13. What is the appropriate speed to drive? The speed limit posted on road signs The safe speed for road conditions, but no more than posted How fast can your car go? 14. When a jeepney stops in front of you to pick up passengers, you should: Stop, check traffic, then pass on the left Stop, check traffic, then pass on the right Honk, then do whatever you damn well please
  2. Our Christmas here in Chicago is very slightly white. It was nice to have just a little bit of snow as we walked to church last night. Quite different from last Christmas in Cebu. Merry Christmas to all!
  3. I went last year and enjoyed it tremendously -- living just off Fuente made it easy to get to and escape from when needed. The crowds can be almost frightening; I got caught in one on Juana Osmena in front of Baseline that was very scary -- totally unable to move. Not sure if I'd do it again, but I might ... definitely worth doing once and maybe worth a repeat or two.
  4. I posted this several months ago (in May), but the monthly averages held pretty steady through my departure in October. I hope it helps. --- I started keeping track of my spending in September. I’ve probably missed a few items here and there, but I think this is nearly complete for the full months October-April. I’ll add a few notes at the bottom. This is the monthly average in pesos for each category: Groceries – 5,553 Eating out – 2,465 Laundry – 551 Transportation – 873 Entertainment – 1,321 Drinking Water – 233 Rent – 18,000 Clothing – 368 Utilities (Elec/water) – 3,136 Medical – 4,071 Travel – 7,817 Internet – 1,017 Cell – 50 Other – 4,521 Groceries includes anything I buy at the supermarket, so there are some non-food items included there. Transportation is mostly taxis – I don’t own a vehicle and I walk a lot. Don’t bother telling me – I know my rent is too high for a small 1br/large studio. If anyone uses this to figure out what Cebu will cost him, you can easily do 3000-5000 or so better than this. I will say that I’m paying for location; being in the center allows me to save on transport because so much is within walking distance, but there are cheaper nice places in my neighborhood (I’m just too lazy to move). Medical will obviously vary greatly for each of us – I’ve been taking some medication that costs about 3000/month. I’m doing without insurance (fingers crossed). The travel is distorted a bit by including scuba lessons (because it was in Moalboal). It totals out to P50,477, or about $1250 – which has allowed me to grow my savings account a bit while I’ve been here. I’ve made no real effort to hold down my spending – though I’m not rich, I have enough income that I could spend more if I wanted to. If I were trying to live on less, I’d find a decent place for 12k or so and cut back in a few other areas, and could probably get it down at least close to P40,000/month without too much pain. Caveats: I don’t drink or smoke, and I don't hang out at the bikini bars, so my expenses are lower than if I were into that stuff. Also, I'm single -- a live-in girlfriend or wife would no doubt increase my expenses greatly (certainly I would want a bigger place if there were two of us).
  5. This was the major factor that made me decide to leave, though it took a while longer for it to affect me. I have never had an allergy problem, so I initially figured that I was just getting more colds than usual and they were hanging on longer. After one 'cold' lasted a month, it finally dawned on me that it wasn't a cold. I mentioned it to my doctor on my next visit and she just shrugged and said it was probably the pollution. I was never really sick, but it was by the time I left a more or less constant low-grade case of sniffles, coughing, and runny and/or stuffy nose. That, combined with the heat, combined with a desire to just try something different (I leave for Ecuador two weeks from today -- hurray!) was enough to drive me out. I hope it works out better for you. If not, as somebody has already noted, it's a big world.
  6. I don't doubt that there are child prostitutes in Brazil, but when numbers are presented by NGOs, we need to remember that their income derives from convincing donors that the problem is huge.
  7. The Malditas (the women's soccer team) held a tryout camp in LA last spring and signed on a bunch of girls playing on US college teams. They suddenly got much better. They invited my daughter to the camp, but she decided not to do it.
  8. I just bought pretty much the same thing at Best Buy, only it's a Toshiba and cost $229. I'm very pleased with it. I was very dubious about buying a Windows 8, but I've adapted very quickly. I upgraded to 8.1 a few days ago and having the start icon on the lower left pretty much satisfies my only serious complaint about it. thebob: Have you considered a Chromebook? Microsoft has started running anti-Chromebook ads here in the US ("don't get scroogled"), which indicates to me that they must be making serious inroads against Windows -- but I haven't any idea how good they are.
  9. And there will be no structural reform as long as the country and the government are owned and operated by the dynasties.
  10. They won't issue an arrest warrant in a murder case unless the victim's family asks them too? Incredible. Do they have to say 'pretty please'?
  11. I'm not sure if this is the right forum, so moderators please move it if not. It's about a 17yo Fil-Am girl who will be starring in the new version of Miss Saigon, opening soon in London. The original article (here) has a YouTube of her singing, which I can't manage to post here. She's pretty good.
  12. I sorta agree that I'm taking a bit of a risk, but it's a very small one (in my mind). I would never buy in a foreign country until I had been there quite some time, because then I'm committed to the place. But I don't see a great danger in just moving there. How big is the commitment I'm making? A visa fee and a plane ticket is all I've lost if I totally hate it -- I just re-pack my bags and move on. By the way, I made the first step toward moving there yesterday -- meaning I took a train to downtown Chicago and visited the Consulate to get the forms and have them tell me next steps (which were pretty much what I had read online, but it's good to get confirmation).
  13. I ate at the one in Robinson's Cybergate -- horrible. I knew I was in trouble when they brought the food (I think it was alleged to be a burrito) and when I asked for hot sauce, the waitress pointed to the bottle of Tabasco wanna-be on the table. I said, "No, I mean Mexican hot sauce" and the look on her face told me that she was unaware of any difference. Actually, the frozen burritos from Metro Ayala formed a major part of my diet in my last few months in Cebu. Much better than most of the other food available.
  14. On several occasions when I was solicited by street hookers, I asked their ages and was answered that they were fifteen or so. It may not have been true in every case (probably some lowered their ages in hopes of increasing their 'marketability'). But some were no doubt underage, and had to be as visible to the local police as to me. But nothing seemed to be done about it. Kiddie p*orn, in packages adorned with pictures of kids who appear to be maybe eight or ten, are sold openly on Colon and in Divisoria in Manila (and probably other places). Again, nothing is done about it. If the authorities really cared about shutting down underage prostitution and related stuff, they could go after some of the low-hanging fruit. The fact that they don't indicates to me that they are primarily interested in the headlines and bribe possibilities of the raids on bars.
  15. Thanks for the good wishes. I will let y'all know how I think Ecuador compares. In the meantime, I'm enjoying things like shopping at Costco and Trader Joe's, and eating english muffins for breakfast (didn't realize how much I had missed them). I find I'm less able to deal with the cold after a year+ of bitching about the heat/humidity.