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  1. Wonderful arriving in Tagbilaran after 6 weeks away. No traffic in the city going home.
  2. Hope it stays 3rd World. After all that is why we are all here.
  3. Hanging around with the Brits now? Jolly good show old chap.
  4. Amazing.....what will they think of next.
  5. Australian check in desks will always ask about an onward ticket. However I have travelled to Manila from Australia many times without an onward ticket but once they see previous Balikbayan stamps in my passport they let me board. Not within the rules I know.
  6. Well we started it.
  7. These are popular in the West. Apparently perfect for leaving the kids in while the mother watches Oprah.
  8. Maybe the concerned mum who took the photo and posted it on social media could have bought the tired mum a cheap pushchair?
  9. I see the UK has adopted the silly practice of naming storms.
  10. Having grown up in the UK when announcements about suspicious packages were a daily occurrence the terrorism threat of today has had very little effect on me. I certainly don't give it a moments thought even when travelling internationally.
  11. It is rife down under. The Aussies invented the word "Bludger." At work the other week I suggested to 2 Aussies that they should go for a X-Ray. When they asked why I replied "To see if there is a day's work in you."
  12. The Wallabies made a game of it but were up against a referee from a country has the same unhealthy interest in sheep as the Kiwis.
  13. Don't forget once married you can get the Balikbayan Privilege. No more moaning about paying for visa extensions or waiting around at immigration.
  14. I leave my cash in my checked in bag. Nobody would ever think to look in there.