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  1. Sorry to tell you guys, but she has NO Philippine birth certificate and never has had one. I only had to take the certificate of live birth and a statement from the doctor who delivered our child, paid the fee at the consulate and was sent a U.S. birth certificate. That was nearly 9 years ago though and I admit things may have changed since then. We were offered the opportunity to have a Philippine birth certificate drawn up and they wanted to sell us a Philippine passport, plus make her a dual citizen for a fee, but once we leave here, we won't becoming back. I was informed by Philippine Immigration that once a person is declared a citizen of another country, they are no longer Philippine citizens and would have to apply to become a dual citizen, so no renouncement is necessary If this is wrong, contact them, I am only stating what we went through.
  2. In Cebu, but was never issued a Filipino birth certificate, just the papers required by the U.S. for registration. Immigration offered to sell us a Philippine passport for her and make her a dual citizen so we could save money on Visas, but I didn't want them to get too strong a hold on here even then.
  3. She has paper work from the hospital and a U.S. birth certificate. To be a dual citizen, I have been told that we have to go to Immigration and file, which we have no intention of doing. She is on a Visa that staes she is an American citizen and doesn't mention any Filipino citizenship.
  4. Actually I trust her.... to do what I know she would do. I just hang on for my daughter and we are waiting and hoping the wife will become tired enough of us to leave us so we can go back to the states some day. The daughter isn't registered as Filipino, but as a U.S. citizen born abroad, but the fact that her mother is Filipino would probably still make it impossible for us to leave if the wife decided to stop us. As far as I have heard, the wife has to sign a paper before I can take our child out of the country and I am not going to try to do so because I also have faith in the fact that my wife would let me set up an appointment with an attorney then change her mind at the last minute.
  5. I have faith in her to know that she would take the house, move her family in and move myself and our daughter out.
  6. I have been with my wife for over 10 years now and would NEVER put a house in her name. It is not a matter of trust, but rather a matter of faith that she would take the house from me as soon as it was bought.
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  11. Alarm clocks have been invented here?
  12. Hard to find good teachers here. Sorry for your school's loss.
  13. 18 is the legal age of consent here and it is no problem getting around the parental consent thing to be married once one has turned 18 these days.
  14. They will shoot themselves in the foot.