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  1. The PLDT fiber router is rubbishy, however you need it to do like a pass through into a proper router, one with decent WiFi and more than one Lan connection, there are youtube videos on how to set it up for pass through.
  2. I think some people have a strange understanding of submissiveness, it is a somewhat cultural phenomenon as in many places the woman simply has no choice, in an accepting and loving relationship i have found it to be a refreshing and wonderful thing, im sure its very open to abuse by dickheads and dominants etc and thats a shame, my submissive pinay wife is free to disagree and tell me off, tell me what she thinks and wants. Its all good and she gets her way often, she gets a lot of respect from me and her family..i think its wonderful, wouldn't have it any other way.
  3. Yep thats submissive, a little weird you didn't know...
  4. Managed products in the Philippines are rubbish in general, very high fees with most, pretty much everything not paying dividends or any distributions, even the one PSEI tracking ETF doesn't pay dividends even though it tracks a non accumulation index...go figure. Better just to setup a broking account and buy directly, many good dividend paying PH stocks, pesos paid straight into your account on a somewhat regular basis, im getting a roughly 4/5% yield with direct ownership via BPI trade, COL financial also has a good reputation.
  5. I couldn't buy any unpitted black olives last trip, needed them for a recipe and had to settle for pitted, the olive selection is very poor, i need an S&R membership.
  6. While on the subject of games on Steam. For those few of you with a Fibre or Manila DSL connection there is a wonderful new game thats available as early access on Steam, an online multiplayer only game. PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS is a last-man-standing first/third person shooter, Players must fight to locate weapons and supplies in a massive 8x8 km island to be the lone survivor. This is BATTLE ROYALE Has a wall of death that circles in closer every 3 minutes or so forcing the remaining players together, 100 player servers, stealth and tactics rewarded, not just run and gun. .
  7. Get a Philippines account or perhaps change address, 3rd option get a VPN. My wife has a Philippines steam account - no probs, games are often priced cheaper because of it.
  8. One stand out with my new build is the fact that i really didn't need the mid tower case, its like 3 quarters empty, the Mother board is micro ATX so much smaller than my old one, within a few years boards will come with 2 or 3 M.2 slots as standard and maybe only 3 or 4 SATA ports, video cards keep getting bigger even though its the cooling really, the GPU isn't any bigger in size its the heat sink and fans, my new system would of easily fit in a case half the size.
  9. The new M.2 memory hasn't been discussed at all, the new Kaby Lake Intel boards come with at least one M.2 (NVMe) slot, takes a memory stick that basically acts as your main Hard drive except of course that its solid state, runs at 4 or 5 times the speed of a SSD and maybe a 5th of the size, suppose to be super reliable, uses 4 PCIE lanes to achieve the higher read and write speeds. Most new systems now use a M.2 NVMe drive as a boot, C drive.
  10. Have always used Vuze (formally Azureus), close to 10 years now, the old full version has many bells and whistles, the new lite version called Leap is ridiculously lite and idiot proof type simple to use.
  11. Yeah runs on the latest B2xx intel chipset, Kaby Lake, im super impressed,Windows load time 8 seconds, frame rate very high but that is with an old 550 video card, good low end vid card can be had for $50, im running fast RAM as well DDR4 ~ 2400.
  12. I recently did a cheap upgrade to my Manila PC, i had a new case and SSD already so just bought in a new MB, RAM & CPU, prices in AUD, the upgrade was a breeze and very impressed with the performance considering it was a very low end CPU, runs low end (older) games flawlessly. Kingston HyperX FURY HX424C15FBK2/8 8GB Kit (4Gx2) DDR4 2400 Desktop RAM - $105.00 Asus PRIME B250M-K Intel B250 S1151/2xDDR4/1xPCIEx16/M.2/DVI/D-SUB/Micro ATX Motherboard - $108.00 Intel BX80677G4560 Pentium G4560 3.5GHz 3MB LGA1151 Kaby Lake Boxed CPU - $74.00
  13. The final season of the Leftovers starts next week, smart, quality, good looking TV that surprises and isn't stupid or comicy, very well written with language nudity and sex all in context.
  14. I bought a ZVOX in via a small (one way) suitcase 2 years ago, model SOUNDBASE.450, its a biggish box that the TV sits on, new models are bars but i do like the box, it has 6 speakers including a Subwoofer all built in to the one unit, super neat and tidy, has like 5 different inputs, great unit with big solid sound. http://www.zvoxaudio.com/divinity-cart/item/4004501/zvox-audio-soundbase.450/1.html
  15. Trump using the widow as a political stunt, i mean what is she doing there, whats the purpose?