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  1. Yeah runs on the latest B2xx intel chipset, Kaby Lake, im super impressed,Windows load time 8 seconds, frame rate very high but that is with an old 550 video card, good low end vid card can be had for $50, im running fast RAM as well DDR4 ~ 2400.
  2. I recently did a cheap upgrade to my Manila PC, i had a new case and SSD already so just bought in a new MB, RAM & CPU, prices in AUD, the upgrade was a breeze and very impressed with the performance considering it was a very low end CPU, runs low end (older) games flawlessly. Kingston HyperX FURY HX424C15FBK2/8 8GB Kit (4Gx2) DDR4 2400 Desktop RAM - $105.00 Asus PRIME B250M-K Intel B250 S1151/2xDDR4/1xPCIEx16/M.2/DVI/D-SUB/Micro ATX Motherboard - $108.00 Intel BX80677G4560 Pentium G4560 3.5GHz 3MB LGA1151 Kaby Lake Boxed CPU - $74.00
  3. The final season of the Leftovers starts next week, smart, quality, good looking TV that surprises and isn't stupid or comicy, very well written with language nudity and sex all in context.
  4. I bought a ZVOX in via a small (one way) suitcase 2 years ago, model SOUNDBASE.450, its a biggish box that the TV sits on, new models are bars but i do like the box, it has 6 speakers including a Subwoofer all built in to the one unit, super neat and tidy, has like 5 different inputs, great unit with big solid sound. http://www.zvoxaudio.com/divinity-cart/item/4004501/zvox-audio-soundbase.450/1.html
  5. Trump using the widow as a political stunt, i mean what is she doing there, whats the purpose?
  6. A real president? did you see that debacle of a press conference the other week, hes a joke.
  7. Oh no my dreams are shattered. $1000 per month is a PH middle class life, my condo complex is full of middle class Filipinos, if you own and dont rent and you're not to crazy with spending and reasonably healthy, $1000 will do it with some to spare...just have to be organized, disciplined and have a non leach extended family.
  8. That walkway should be almost finished.
  9. HK nothing is a problem, very easy to get from gate to gate, all very simple and easy - 1HR plenty of time.
  10. My wife just quit her job, she was getting 300 per day and didn't pay any tax, maybe she is just under the threshold? proper job with a uniform and all - actually that means nothing here really, the donuts guy has a uniform.
  11. foreclosurephilippines.com is a very reliable linker of foreclosed property sales, a few condos but many lots of low end land.
  12. Organizing other people is problematic, the more people the greater the problems, my wife's mum was the same 'who's going to feed the chickens and pigs?' i figure thats their life and 1 or 2 weeks in a resort wont change that so its a bit of a gimmick, you cant take them to a nice restaurant as they wont eat the food - wheres the rice? I cant even get them to smile for photos, i bought them good $70 dollar Hi Tec brand sandals and they liked them, wear them to feed the pigs.
  13. The serenity zone phenomenon, its wonderful to jump out of the Jeep walk thru the gate and wave to the guard and your inside, the noise and craziness is outside, everything is clean, peaceful and reasonably quiet...love it.
  14. Look its all individual, one persons agony is another's ecstasy, im so glad i bought when i did, Sept 2012 ~ 2 bedroom in the southern suburbs of Manila 52K AUD ~ 2 million PHP, i looked at 5 different places but was offered a deal i couldn't refuse, the day before was shown 16 SQM great location for 1.6 M PHP, considered seriously that, then found 55 SQM 2 million 2 Km up the road, well had no choice really, if your a genuine buyer...well when presented with opportunity/ The AU Dollar was high, i wanted to lock in a retirement location/situation, was happy with the location and developer, had access to the funds (good girl locked in)...was all go and had to make a decision while i was there and could sign etc, so i jumped in full of anxiety and fear but understanding that tens of thousands of normal Filipinos were on the same journey, trusted that i would be ok and that the system mostly worked, after all this was middle income worker housing, i was just a little wealthier than the average middle income local. I mean a developer spends X millions PHP to buy a property and develop it, well its a genuine concern, i paid the deposit and signed my life away, except that it wasn't my life it was 50K Australian, to be paid over 11 months (cash over construction terms) it was very difficult to come up with the $4300 Aust per month, crazy hard to do, but i planned it and took out a 24K line of credit so that what ever i was short i could just pull the cash of that LOC and i would be fine, sold 10K worth of shares and threw every last cent of my 2800 monthly pay check at it. Paid the $4300 transfer every month to cover the BPI checks my partner wrote to cover the monthly payments and after 11 months it was over, average exchange rate was actually lower than now... Top class condos can still be had for less than a 15% deposit on a similar apartment in Sydney...its crazy cheap still, and just 2 hours from HK..probebly the second best investment i have ever made, 4 years later im still happy.
  15. They do cheap flights from Australia too, a guy at work traveled with them to China last month and was very impressed, generous good food and drink and the airport and check etc was fast and efficient.