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  1. http://www.news.com.au/travel/travel-updates/incidents/philippine-airlines-plane-makes-emergency-landing/news-story/1241da80a08d5b43fcc46e93c0a275a2 Just in
  2. yep - they can do this .. not a good business model if they keep pissing off passengers, but they are within their rights to do so.
  3. I beg to disagree.. terms and conditions of ALL airline travel is they do not actually guarantee to get you there, they have the right , as well as the captain to refuse anyone travel at any time .. simple as that .. We have no real rights to travel even if we have paid for a ticket. We all tick the box when booking a flight .. you know , theo ne that says I agree to the terms and conditons ... etc etc which are usually about 50 pages long
  4. Videoke deafness?
  5. Hi Darren, Hi - Determining the best way to go forward could begin with a careful study of the Genuine Visitor policy at DIAC and looking at each of the criteria and seeing how your girlfriend's situation meets or does not meet the criteria. Once you have a better idea of how close her situation is to what is required in policy, that might provide a better estimate of the chances of any future application. Of special importance is the text in the decision record document - specifically which of the Genuine Visitor policy elements were used to refuse the visa are important - if these can be addressed by providing more details, etc that's good. If not, that may indicate a challenge for any future applications until her circumstances change. Hope this helps -
  6. If the vehicle already has a plate, do I need to get a new one or just transfer?
  7. BTW as a foreigner how can I can I get a post paid plan with Globe - as they ask for proof of income etc .. i smy income from here count for example?
  8. HI Woolf - when you say outside aerial do u mean like a Yagi one? like this ? http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/RP-SMA-2-4GHz-25-DBi-Yagi-Wireless-WiFi-Antenna-For-Modem-PCI-Card-Router-TG-/171910168725?hash=item2806a50095:g:8kMAAOSwBahVAZS~
  9. No I am not living there just wifes family land is there and the outlaws ... will be visiting there later in year and wanted decent internet - well at least useable... where did u hear about notorious barangay? mostly farmers in the area ... and pretty quiet....
  10. Thanks for reply - yes My bro in law there has a 3g pocket wifi but signal is weak and it really needs an external antennae I feel.
  11. Hi - I am wanting to get decent internet access - preferably landline in a semi rural area in Barangay Banban - ( a few clicks south of Bogo). I have tried messageing Globe and Smart and PDLT and a resounding NO REPLY was tthe stern answer. So am I wondering of I could get advice on the best options there either landlne or a wireless option. What I have tried - is pocket 3g wifi on Globe which is intermittent and "drifts" in and out connection wise. I am thinking I would need something with external aerial if wireless TIA DJ
  12. HI Salty, can you advise where one cold buy one like this at this price from?
  13. Guys - I use forexworld - they deliver door to door from here in melbourne to BanBan - a farm out in the bush near Bogo - never failed. I have sent about 10 now over past 3 years. they use their own dedicated container, so boxes never really out of their sight I guess. late last year they got held up as no more ships where going direct to Manila from Sydney - where they load, so one container got stuck in Singapore and the box was delivered 2-3 weeks after the estimated schedule. they sent me $20 discount for next box as compo. So pretty good all round. Box from melbourne to banban $110 door to door - u can see their website for box sizes Cheers Dj
  14. So Taxi of Bus .. anyone there in Cebu have reliable , stay mostly on the correct side of road taxi driver,, fee would be about 2000 php right?