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  1. Due to proof of billing problems with Cignal I'm going the monthly PAYG route, the best option for me is the 800php pm load. The higher price options don't really include anything of interest to me. The upfront cost is 3990php plus the first month 800php, all payable to the installation guys, and I'm good to go. Also there's no contract and you can change the loads every month to suit yourself. I hope the new BBC channels are included in my 800php. Once I get my brand new tv that came with a free cracked screen replaced ill be calling Cignal.
  2. Thanks Woolf, I'm looking forward to the Chinese GP now!
  3. Installation of Cignal is now imminent, no Skycable in my street, were you able to watch the Aussie F1 Grand Prix on one of the Fox sports channels woolf?
  4. No Skycable in my street so installation of Cignal is imminent. Was the F1 on any of the Fox channels? Live, highlights, English commentary? If not I'll need a rethink.
  5. Installation of Cignal is now imminent, no Skycable in my street, were you able to watch the Aussie F1 Grand Prix on one of the Fox sports channels woolf?
  6. Maybe thats why king whatshisname supposedly said 'bugger Bognor' on his death bed. Lol I enjoyed living there, I lived there for 19 years. But.....its not called little Poland for nothing. So you're not a custard cream fan?
  7. Yesterday in the SM North Reclamation supermarket I bought Tesco own brand baked beans, which I used to buy in Bognor, and custard creams! 67.75 and 109php respectively. They generally have the beans but it's the first time I've seen the custard creams.
  8. I hope Cignal is a bit better, the various costs and fees make it expensive to get up and running.
  9. Not much good news. No skycable in my street. That means cignal for any decent TV, the 999 plan suits me. For Internet I'm stuck with Globe or PLDT, I think the best deal for me would be Globe 15mb or 50mb, both are silly money but I don't have a great deal of choice. Oh well. I'm actually using PLDT wifi to write this but it's agonisingly slow.
  10. I've had a look at the Sky website, are they part of Rupert Murdochs empire? Their prices suggest they might be lol
  11. Does Fox have F1 with English commentary? Live or with recorded highlights?
  12. I'm about to move into a house in Maguikay and I'm not sure what to do about TV and broadband. It's a new house so a blank canvas. TV..English language. I love motor sport especially F1 and the BTCC. History. Geography. Bit of comedy (without canned laughter). Documentaries. Stuff like that. Reasonably fast broadband and wifi. Not too low a cap. Don't need a home phone. Any advice much appreiated
  13. The Savanna dry is much better, quite reasonable.
  14. I hope he has Magnets in stock again soon, it's much better than Strongbow. I've just opened the bottle of Savanna light, it's drinkable but not in the same class as English cider
  15. Sorry, North.