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  1. Not being so macho now. Instead of dogs and guns to protect when the frist perimiter is breached.........why not use some small land mines set off by remote. follow those with claymores set next to home. then the vicious dogs and then terriers then the forty-five your wife is qualified to shoot. That should be enough delay for me to gather my 5000p stash and get to the pub.
  2. Send it to Mars should terraform that planet. Give Al Gore something to do.
  3. Thanks I'll give that a try. Found recipe for ice cream that is moderate carb so will make a gallon and restart in two weeks.
  4. Oddly fat is a main part of low carb high fat diet. I/m on my second month and the weight loss has slowed a lot. First thirty days loss 20# in last 2 weeks about 5#s. 245#s down to less than 220. hope to get to 210. Best diet ever........all the bacon you can eat. Coconut oil, Olive oil used for all. 15 point drop in blood pressure, have appointment to lower dose of meds, already dropped one med, lowers blood sugar and increases the good cholesterol.......no statin drugs necessary ... Down side...no sweets potatoes rice or other starch. Oh the sacrifice........pas the bacon/
  5. Some things are hard to unsee
  6. Perhaps the others will also try to escape?
  7. That was since 1965 eh? But was not signed into law? Being both the son and grandson of immigrants and English being the second language I leaned just curious. For those not from the US 'Immigrants used to mean legal entries into the country, whether they became citizens or not. Illegal Aliens meant folks who came without permission (or Martians) and not eligible for our social net. Somehow that is now cold and politically incorrect, don't know how or when and since I'm leaving it doesn't bother me much.
  8. Don't forget the Vienna sausage
  9. Must be since my HS class. When was that law passed?
  10. As far as Hispanics moving into your Floridian neighborhood, it is you that moved into theirs. Spain sold it to the US after defending it from the English since the 1600's. Where we are Port Charlotte there are also many Haitians. Masses are conducted in Creole, Spanish and in North Port, Russian as well asd English. There is no official language in the US so it is wrong to assume there is. Heck my dad is an emigrant (Canadian) so american is a second language to me, eh! Almost all of the gulf states and the southwest was purchased from Spain or admitted after a revolt from their citizens.
  11. When Fe informs me that it is raining...I look incredulous and ask "is it down there" after witch she will raise up upon her toes and punch my arm. Hey it hurts. Mom used to yell at my brother and me to get out of the lake it's raining. My aunt wouldn't let me swim for 2 hours after eating......might get cramps.
  12. Run anti freeze/ auto coolant through a sox works great tastes great, just remember to quit when you need glasses.
  13. Hot dogs can be eaten right from package....sausage, unless smoked, not so much.
  14. We grind our own with kitchen aid attachment