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  1. We always figured 20# gas = 5 gal. fuel Ran a large truck with 200# LP and 60 gal. gas backup. used LP the majority of the time, and changed oil about every 6-7 months when I would feel guilty. Would come out of pan looking like it was new.
  2. you left out the sea so floats or swims too
  3. I think an agent said preexisting was 2 months. Here in Fl I pay $320 a month for my 61 year old wife..that is with $6000 deductible,So$ 3900+ and $ 6000 at $ 9900 they will pay up to a set amount not sure but 5 million seem right. So next year I will pay 15000 php per year for 30-50% of the bill. guaranteed admittance, Should cover most emergencies like cycle accident or sudden illness. medical procedures here are like McDonald's burger vs, Ruth Chris Steak in price and the bonus is maybe I live, Did think it was like stealing before At $325 per year given the difference in medical pricing Fe can have heart surgery and still be well under $ 10000 I'll be a player. Oh least we forget here at least for another year you must buy insurance,
  4. Shaq looks down on most people at 7'3"
  5. He may end up starting...even if we draft a QB with #12 pick, we seem to go though 3 or 4 a season let him be one of the Spartans and come back on his shield and only two roster qbs and on practice squad to go
  7. Donald has some that are obsolete and has to put them some where. I do not believe Kim cares about his people. If he wishes he may lanch his missile at Calif. get it shot down then duck. We have them We have used them. We may do so again.
  8. Did you ever notice that from space the earth is a flat circle...........then they flip it to the other side. How do the people on the other side not fall off? Well silly they are on top when you see their side. The Donald may put all the illegals and put them on a boat and sail it to the edge (it's in North Korea) and if they don't return it will prove Shaq is right.
  9. Give war a chance
  10. If anyone needs their kids to practice wax on wax off I have this jeep.............
  11. single eh?
  12. IMHO 1/2 are stupid and 1/2 are parked, most illegally.
  13. Do they shoot you for that too?