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  1. A poor attempt at humor stolen from Betty Boughter, way you piking on me Peter Piper
  2. So you're bitter you didn't get the better router?
  3. Obviously radar invisible also very well camouflaged to avoid being seen. RP has unveiled it's top secret weapon for the invasion of China. The containers will be loaded with stray dogs and Karaoke machines. and roosters. These will be put ashore at critical places and drive the Chinese professionals insane. At that time filipino agents can seek in and steal all the cats...rendering the country without it's prime protein source. They may have started already with the 500.
  4. Most chapters of The Knights of Columbus have insurance agents who are well versed in annuities, other insurance products as well as CD and other types of savings. If your local chapter does not have a representative they will have access to one.
  5. Very similar to an article from the Onion a couple of years ago. As the Donald would say fake news.
  6. Hold for ransom then behead on TV,
  7. I just think it is a shame that we are even discussing killing and quarantining an entire religion. It is a pity that the 10% of muslims that are good people are having this ruined by the 90% that are trying to kill me, overthrow governments world wide, and taking away our BEER. This may become serious soon. We may have to send our women and children to war (I would go but after I did my 6 they told me that the others ad to go first). I will guard the beer though, and if pressed to service volunteer for one of the rape and pillage platoons. AIRBORNE
  8. The 22 or so people @ the tables had asked for a hit or waiting for their payoff?
  9. he's awake
  10. That stuff in tubes for diaper rash works but Fe doesn't care for the taste, agree coconut oil helps and is fun if ou have help applying. Do not, however self treat with amputation.
  11. Or the ones coming will thin the number there.
  12. No alcohol involved.......But prescription drugs..three operations in 18 months could be his normal dose or could be addicted by docs. He was not driving rather pulled over and sleeping off highway couldn't pass field sobriety test. So, he spent 4 hours with the police while they tested charged held for observation then released. In florida as well as other if you pull over and the keys are on your person or within reach you maybe considered DUI even if you are trying to do the right thing by not driving. He knew this and has issued an apology, no clue why.
  13. And I thought he was going to juggle pianos, as in baby grands.
  14. Why use a ten year lease? How much does a septic system cost? How many tiny houses can hook to one? As part of the move in fees ccharge enough for 1/3 of septic if three or more home on it. Gravel streets rent month to month with them having one or two year guaranteed price. There is a company in Manila that sells 8x40 appox. "aircrete" homes 380k peso they can be combined or stacked, neat examples on web site. Bit high but portable. As one owner leaves the next move in fee will pay for concrete street in front over gravel base. Your $ investment would be the Model home/office a bit of gravel some earth work and sewer system, most of witch comes back. After the sewers and street is paid you may offer lower rent, this may entice people to stay. As it is a strict rental and not a lease or condo sale you shouldn't have to have a foreign quota limit. just a thought.
  15. Not politically correct! paint their passports pink.......give them a bit of meth and turn them lose..tey may try to escape. The RP is winning the war on drugs. Needs to declare war on Pediphiles both forgien and domestic.