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  1. Poor girl....guess the rabbit died.....
  2. Then when they cme to get the free stuff a nd hide in friendly countries we could blast them and say whoops.
  3. The only thing that upsets me is I was not the one with the busted head. The good doctor and his attorneys will sue the airline the security company, the police, and the airport. He will get much more than 2 million, he will receive 65% of 10 million +. if he settles. At trail the CEO will definitely be fired (may b e anyway) and if he is receiving a 15 million bonus that most likely will be the minimum, a jury will reward. Sad, but this is a nation that awards multi million dollar awards for a wrong diagnosis, that only causes some pain and does no permanent damage. The doctor and his lawyer have hit the mother load.
  4. Are you sure.......why all the goats then
  5. Man up take a flew shot before leaving...I think I'll try a get a rabies shot this year..always seems that sometime in first week or two I get the squirts, guess I better wash my hands better
  6. Instead of through away buy full fare onward and cancel get refund
  7. OMG they syole the beer.......this meas WAR
  8. tops are terrific
  9. Its the way it is meant to be in the State and hopefully will again
  10. Did it too took about two hours but I did it in the air port. Most of the time was finding the right person to restamp, mistakes happen just it seems to take a bit longer in Phils to recify
  11. She is 53 now, surely old enough. Didn't he make bad movies?
  12. If it qualifies as Chinese airline I fully endorse it. Food is great but of course the flight attendants are no where near as hot as Fe when she flies with me.
  13. Is Cathay Pacific a Chinese airline?
  14. Think a lot of service problems are caused by 6 month labor contracts ad management not trusting any one to give a credit.