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  1. My LG G4 failed so bought the Motorola G5 Plus, bloody good phone, great battery. Never going back to a flagship phone.
  2. I had Samsungs for years, S2, S4, number of other smaller ones. Switched to LG G4 last time, great phone, just has a manufacturing flaw which means it will bootloop some day soon. Next phone will be a Motorola, wife has a Moto G3, great little phone, and only $260, I will get a Moto G4 Plus or G5 Plus when my LG dies, less than $400.
  3. Well, men are, just not foreigners! Men going overseas to meet foreign partners have to do the same guidance and counselling program. And OFWs have to do the other pre departure programs. But no Poreigners!!!
  4. My wife has just got her licence here in Australia, she is quite capable on the road - just has difficulties backing out of the garage, she has hit it twice so far
  5. The article doesn't say anything about getting rid of passport, just moving to automated processing. It is mostly automated leaving Melbourne now, you still fill out departure cards, but just drop them in a box.
  6. Don't know about reasonable priced, but I used AIG when I was working in Malaysia - it was one of the few that actually covered manual work, most other just covered meetings etc. I ended up in hospital there and the claim was pretty painless.
  7. That was one of the main reasons I went and got my motorbike licence in Australia, for those times we hire a bike in the province.
  8. He was arrested and charged on domestic violence charges last weekend and has a long criminal history yet was bailed despite police opposing bail. Probably the biggest contributing factor - he shouldn't have been on the streets anyway.
  9. The Cebu office would not give my wife a new sticker for her new passport in her married name, they would only reissue the certificate in her married name and told her she had to carry her old passport with the sticker in it. Note: her old passport does not have a visa label in it as Australia doesn't issue visa labels in passports, it's all electronic.
  10. For my wife's (she was on a fiancee visa to Australia, not married yet) they wanted a Certificate of No Impediment to marriage from the NZ embassy. (I am Kiwi resident in Oz) They also made her do the seminar for New Zealand - because I am a New Zealander, even though she was emigrating to Australia. (although I think they are same) We went back this year to get her details changed over to new passport in married name - stopped by because we were downtown and she popped in to get the details, nearly got thrown out because she was in shorts and tank top - and told next time you come don't be wearing this - taxi driver had to put up with us laughing all the way back to Mactan.
  11. No Poreigners allowed inside. At least they have online booking now, not like before when you had to line up at 4am to get a spot. Bring every piece of paper relating to your relationship you can think of. If you happen to be in the city before the date, have your wife stop by and ask for the requirements in person, although, the requirements can and will change depending on the mood of the staff.
  12. Usually can buy in advance at a travel agent at the major malls
  13. Been a few Romanian groups caught in Australia skimming too
  14. My Mum and Dad felt it in Hamilton and it knocked couple of things off my sisters shelf - thats 550km north of the epicentre. It was a very strong quake - extremely unusual to feel one in Hamilton. At least one office building will have to be demolished in Wellington due to quake damage, several others need major repairs. Kaikoura area devastated, coastal roads blocked by slips and ruptures. Main rupture zone has a lateral slip of some 10 metres, sea floor has risen some 2.5m around Kaikoura. Probably NZ$2 Billion in damages - lot of money to find after the Christchurch rebuild which is still ongoing.