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  1. Panasonic Invertor compressor 300 litre for sale here. 6 months old great fridge do I have to talk to Paul? We are in Cebu.
  2. Better make sure its real first before you buy a plot haha
  3. 10k to get out, including all their stuff. A following 10k in one month after all bills are due. 20k carrot, after bills are paid you might give them 2 or 3.
  4. We got our daughters citizenship by descent when she was 8 months old in September 2015. Very simple process if you have all the documents and proof or relationship. We received her citizenship papers after about 3 weeks. My misses did have to fly to Manila for a quick interview. In and out in 30 minutes. We did not register her birth at the Aussie Embassy when she was born but my name was on her birth certificate. BSF Global will pick up your documents from your home and return the citizenship papers when it is completed for a fee of about 1200 Pesos.
  5. Lol keep dreaming. Gold will break a thousand as a short term deflationary period enters but will rise in value substantially over the next few years as it must meet the world debt eventually. Just as it did in the late 70s early 80s. Once in a generation opportunity peeps jump on board!
  6. Not if you have a business minded mama
  7. Pwning land is great if you have the right family connections. 20k and below is the right price to pay for one hectares for fertiliser and maintenance for the 100 days it takes to harvest. The 20k will be a one time fee as each harvest will be taken out of the profits and saved for the next crop. Expect 50 to 150 bags of palay per hectare depending on the crop. One bag of palay will be roughly 50-60 kilos and will sell for P15 per kilo.If you mill this into polished rice two 32 kilo bags of palay will make one 50 kilo bag of ready to eat rice which will sell for roughly 45 per kilo. But if you have the connections to get it milled into rice for sale you can expect 45 per kilo roughly and will make a tidy profit each hectare. My misses and I have been into this business for the last 4 years and it is very profitable. We have started exporting our rice from Cotabato to Davao for less than 40 pesos per sack so we can afford to give great prices in Davao which increases our customer base. We also finance farmers in Northern Mindanao to help with their crops and we get paid in palay each harvest which we in turn convert to rice and sell for 35 to 40P per kilo. Contacts are the key in this country and a family who will operate a business as a business is like gold. No freebies, no giving away to extended family and every peso accounted for.
  8. Asia is the future, buy your land now as these prices will not last!
  9. Lol, mail order brides are still talked about in 2014. isn't this an 80's and early 90's thing? Some things are never allowed a nice quiet death.
  10. I retired when I was 42, worked in factories for 26 years and the last 15 years of my working life was spent at BHP, great Aussie company who actually looked after their employees in the old days and gave share options to any worker that wanted them. Many did not take them but I grabbed every allocation they offered every year and built a decent portfolio that cost me nothing. After the 08 crash they went bad, (BSL by this time) and started offering packages to anybody that wanted them. I put my hand up when most didn't and got a brilliant package that allowed me to hang up the steel capped boots and start a new life in Asia. Met a fantastic Filipino woman with her own business and the rest is history. Have never taken one cent off my government and probably never will as the age to receive a pension in Aussie now is about 70! My misses is 8 months preggy now and the only issue we have in our household is where to raise our daughter. I love Asia and Singapore or Kuala Lumpur is looking pretty bloody good to us. Our daughter will receive Aussie citizenship by right after we jump through all the document hoops and once we receive that the world is our oyster. No regrets!
  11. I have liked precious metals for awhile now and have been following the gold and silver market fairly closely. Both metals have taken a major smashing for the last few years and IMO they will go a hell of a lot lower. The US dollar strength lately has pushed Silver down to levels that are unheard of (adjusted for inflation) coupled with the fact that central bankers are shorting massive amounts of silver contracts which of course will further push down prices. I understand that the bankers can take the paper price of silver to zero if they choose to do so but at some point the paper and physical market will disconnect as real physical silver will always be very very hard to acquire below 15 bucks an ounce. Shanghai stocks are running low, the US mint has just announced it is out of stock and China has a massive amount of silver futures contracts that are due to be settled in December. My question is, is it time to back the truck up and accumulate as many ounces as possible? Or do we wait for sub 10?
  12. Bloody axis of evil countries, what's wrong with a globalist private bank controlling a countries economy?
  13. C'mon Jack! You sound bloody paranoid to me mate. I've never seen any of that on the main stream media. What I do know is: Main Stream Media always reports the truth in an unbiased manner without any hidden agendas at all. Vaccines are good for us, especially babies. GMO's are also good for us. Flouride is good for us. Just ignore that little warning on your toothpaste tube that tells you to seek medical assistance if you swallow it. Chemtrails are not real. The government does spy on us but only for our own safety. Thanks Snowden you bloody traitor! Television programmes do not program us. Jet engines, developed in the 40s IS the height of aviation engineering. Australia has been fighting for MY freedom in poor countries all over the world. The globalists had nothing to do with the Ukraine situation, it was all caused by that evil leader Putin. Bilderbergers and Trilateral Commission do not exist. Even if they do they are only a group of dusty old blokes sharing cigars and sherry while comparing portfolios. Fema camps do not exist. It's a good policy to NOT restrict travel when there are deadly virus outbreaks. You did not build your business. If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. Couldn't resist that last one. Ok carry on nothing to see here. I'll go put my head back in the sand now.
  14. My misses has become addicted to Lazada, multiple weekly deliveries for the last 3 or 4 weeks and everything has turned up within 5 biz days. often within 2 to 3 days.