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  1. My daughter graduated high school in the Philippines in 2015. She moved to Missouri last year and applied to a local community college. The college accepted her PHL diploma with no issues and no expensive equivalency analysis. She has completed her first year of general studies and is now transferring to the Univ of Missouri for her BS. Just saying it all depends where you go
  2. Construction of a nipa hut Im building in Agusan Del Sur on one of my extra lots. So far Ive spent P10K. Its 8x12 floor area with a 42"x96" tip out bed. 12vdc electric. Just shows you can get by with less and spend a small amount to get a roof over your head.
  3. I read the original OP post but not the other 5 pages...so maybe Ive had a few too many this afternoon or maybe Im really clear thinking..but I digress... I had a similar situation about 10 yrs ago. Here is what you do---offer 20k to get out of the situation and then walk like its no big deal to you........its going to cost triple that but thats where you start. Hire a lawyer and your costs will skyrocket..... Or let her sit in jail for a few weeks in the stench that is a Filipino jail and eventually she will be let go for the original 20k..Only you can determine what you are willing to do......or pay. But f you decide to negotiate, let someone else do it thats never been seen before But your original problem will still exist dude............Welcome to the Failippines
  4. My Gf is a Customs Agent, no duty on one unit for personal use. If u have any trouble, ask for the supervisor.
  5. same problem in Mindanao since 2014..I tried to renew twice and asked if they had plastic license and was told no but I could get a receipt saying I paid for one...... So I left and havn't been back since...oh and Im still waiting for the plates for my car I paid for in 2014 and the plates for motorcycle I bought in 2015........ Not going to play that game.
  6. Stay In Maid Average Salary In Cebu City

    My American friend in Cebu pays 3500 for stay-in helper and he has two helpers. They each get a nice private room with own CR and free internet when off duty. I pay 2000 month for helper who works 1/2 day, 6 days week and Im in the province of Mindanao. My helper loves the hours because she has kids and lives near-by so she can get to her house if there is a need. She eats twice a day at our house and we help her and family with short term loans, medicine and food. We couldnt get by without her and give her a small raise every month so in reality Im paying more than my friend in Cebu.
  7. I guess Im stupid about the offerings. Im paying 200 for 5 days and getting 750mb per day on my tatoo wifi. I need twice that amount..any suggestions? Im in the province of agusan del sur
  8. I paid 9000 for a 1100 liter BestTank Blue PVC tank. You can get a decent pressurized metal tank and pump for 7000 to go with that giving you pressure for a shower.....Or pay through the nose for a stainless tank on a cement and re-bar stand way up in the air to get gravity feed but you still have to pump water up to it. Use 12 volt and on that very rare occasion that you want to take a shower and there is a blackout, you can still pump water using a car battery. Ive got wires hooked up to my truck for the pump if the electric is off for an extended period but blackouts are not that long usually. Or tough it out and wait until the electric comes back on and then take a shower. This ain't Iowa.
  9. I have an 1100 liter PVC tank and it sits on a slab and uses a small 12v electric pump. Why elevate a tank and pay that huge cost when you can just pump the water into your house?
  10. Yep, every year they come for a beer..its not a big thing, just cooperate
  11. Drinking water business

    I was half owner of a Water Avenue franchise, I got out of the business. Most of your customers will want delivery. I found that 85% of the sales were delivery. We had 2 trikes and an 14' Elf for delivery and those vehicles were always breaking down. When they are off the road, your sales will suffer. Business license was expensive, health permits and a franchise fee....then changing the filters every three days and getting the membranes cleaned, trying to keep drivers, its a real headache and not much profit. We were grossing at bestP4000 day but at times half that, but even at that the expense of supplies, equipment and general upkeep is surprising for this type of business. Electric was around 10k month, labor was paid by the bottle so that always varied, for example the driver got P1 for every bottle sold, same for the bottle washer. Net per bottle was about P8 and that was selling a container for P15 pickup, P20 delivered. And lots of competition that keeps your prices down. Im still selling water but I let someone else produce it, deliver it and worry about the other costs.
  12. S&R rant....

    signed in just to say YES...my God if my biggest worry was that I couldnt find my favorite brand of lasagna I would catch the next plane to Kansas..
  13. Security situation on Mindanao

    I live about 1 hour south of Butuan in Agusan Sur. Checkpoints going south out of Butuan are manned with both military and police. They stop every vehicle and ask passengers for ID. Ive seen them take passengers with no ID off buses and V-hires and photograph them, take info but then they send them on their way. However those passengers now have to get a new ride since the bus/v-hire didnt wait on them. In Bayugan there is usually at least 1 checkpoint with military and police. I see police cadets at just about every corner, More military trucks around and the police doing more patrols. I feel safer but Ive heard from neighbors part of the Maute group was found near Esperanza about 10km from me. I dont go out at night and defer all but essential travel out of the province.
  14. The wife went in to pay yesterday at the Butuan City office. She talked to the supervisor but didnt get a straight answer about my coverage. We paid for another quarter. Im not going to pay them 17k year for coverage just for me. Im in good health- mid 50's and my greatest concern in an accident that leads to an ER visit. Those prepaid ER cards are available for under P1000 year and pay for your ER visit depending on your coverage anywhere from 5000 to 80,000 but most of them are one time use, still for under 1000 I wouldnt complain. I can put 2000 month into a savings account for other hospitalization possibilities and or use a credit card if ever I need an operation. Not going to fall into institutionalized discrimination by Philhealth just because Im a foreigner. Ill keep the family on since its the cheapest thing for them.
  15. Why does the circular state the rate is P17,000 annually? Ive been paying for family covered PhilHealth for 11 years so I guess I have to start all over?