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  1. Byron Bay is now very expensive, I agree it can get cold down towards Birdswood and Jindabyne. Basically if you follow the main roads both coast and inland down from say Bundaberg to Geelong....which can be done by just getting on Real estate dot com or similar, you get the drift on pricesand a lot of work can be done on the net but my previous comments were based on your budget which is quite small..... the flower power communities up around Byron and Lennox are now multi million dollar complex's , still many artist, artisans and writers up there but money has made a difference. I did visit a place out twards Armidale which was interesting, several thousand acres backing on to a huge area of government land, earmarked as a national park, so gave the locals approx forty seven acres each plus the benefits of horse riding , hiking and camping in the area designated for a wildlife area..... last i heard , several got busted for growing their own in the national park area, only accesable by horse but apparently they forgot about helicopters....lol No i did not go on with my plans, was busy working in Sydney but did manage to buy 5 acres out near Camden and build a nice place. Been here 5 years now, live in Cebu and have some land down the coast at San Fernando which i am hobby farming, but the more i do the more i realise i know almost nothing about the land.... learning a bit about goats though.... all the best
  2. Perhaps consider a cooperative ? get 20 like minded people and your buying power increases exponentially.... usually bigger the property less cost per acre. There are a lot of economies of scale with a group of like minded people , a few years ago there were some great properties up in Northern NSW , unfortunately Hogan and Olivia moved up there and now is a different story. Had a friend who started growing berries around Mudgee, managed to feed himself just selling on side of road to tourists visiting the growing wine industry in that area. I myself looked at doing what you are talking about and spent a lot of time looking at land around the ACT.... figured the pollies from Canberra were too idle to work the land had guaranteed jobs and good incomes so a ready made customer base... some great land in that area and was very cheap out towards Birdswood Wish you all the best mate and take my hat off to ya...
  3. I have same company.... can include towing, ambulance and passenger cover .... as stated, don't know anyone who has availed of the service, but it does give a bit of comfort and the price seems to be good.
  4. 4 years ago i went through the same decision making process, I had the year before moved over here permanently from Aus. where i had a very good car and missed it . One of my problems was driving on the "wrong side of the road" so figured i would get a small motorbike to acclimatise ( still have the bike ) in the meantime i looked around for a car. Looked at many options including reposessed cars held by banks, asked several locals, visited many second hand sales yards and basically just observed. Noted most taxis were Toyota, seems to tell a story since these comercial operators need reliable cars. Of course there are many multi - cabs which seem to do a good job. Noted at one stage a 4 wheel drive multi-cab towing a montero sports up a huge hill down in San Fernando , could hardly believe my eyes ! but obviously these little vehicles have some pulling power.... am told the engine is often less than 1,000 cc. Local lady offered me a Kia Rio which her parner had bought from BDO bank, one year old and 10k on the clock (obviously they had repossed it under their chatel mortgage contract) her partner had recently passed away and she did not drive..... at first i would not consider this, I actually disliked Korean cars in general..... ( no valid reason, i am not mechanically minded or skilled ) but decided to give it a spin...... was suprised , it was quite nice to drive and I thought , what the hell, i can drive for a while and then decide what i want.... so i offered a low price telling the lady if she can't sell at least she has an offer from someone... I was not trying to be smart or claim to know the art of the deal....just made an offer based on the fact I was not overkeen on Kia anyway.....after driving the car, i did note several taxis were this model... thinking to self.... can't be too bad if Taxi operators use them.... decided to buy the car and cutting a long story short I still have it even though on sevral occasions i have gone along to buy another vehicle for no reason other than i wanted a newer car. I have done 45,000 km in 4 years, in which time i have only had to buy a new battery..... never had a problem, I have regularly complied with service requirements taking the car to a local Kia service depot at all times. Admit to looking around at the moment for a newer vehicle, only because we now have an extended family in addition to which we get lots of overseas visitors, looking to buy a second hand 1 to 2 year old Toyota Innova, Avanza or Hyundai Tucson.... added the Avanza recently after seeing several Taxi operators using this model ! I have not been kind on the little Kia Rio, now has several scratches, but boy i have to give it a top rating. I would not drive a manual in Cebu but a Diesel makes sense. Just a little about my experience
  5. Reminded me a bit of Glen Ford ?
  6. WWII Spitfire Pilot This is probably one of the best WWII film clips out there. Stored for 61 years in two suitcases of 16mm home movies that were inherited by filmaker Willliam Lorton from his great uncle who served as a Flight Surgeon. Those suitcases contained 3 hours of war footage that included a compelling crash landing of a Spitfire in 1944. Filmed in a 2005 interview with the now 83 year old pilot and seeing the expression on his face when he realizes it is him in the cockpit, is something you somehow won't soon forget. At 18 years old, he was all alone, behind enemy lines, with no guns, no escort, and he gladly did it. They just don't make them like that anymore. It was truly the greatest generation and we owe them so much. American Spitfire Pilot in WWII
  7. Awful place John way overrated. Not a lot in that area for young kids either apart from the usual Joli Bee , Macdo, Robinson. Better I think down at the Quest, Mandarin, near to Ayala, There is a kiddies place in the Ayala Mall and only a short taxi ride for your wife to the CFO. All the best.
  8. Tom Osmena, mayor of Cebu Posted today on FB .............The firefight happened in Bohol, but it's very likely the Abu Sayyaf would have come to Cebu as well. Because of this, the Cebu City government will render assistance to the families of the four heroes who died protecting us. It's the least we can do The ASG have incurred significant losses; it is unlikely that they have the operational capability to do further damage now. However, other elements may exist, and as much as our police and military are trying, they cannot be everywhere all the time. I urge all our Cebuanos to take part in their security. It's very simple: just be wary of any houses in your area that is occupied exclusively by men who you don't recognize. When a terror cell wants to infiltrate a new area, they need a place to stay. They usually pick a neighborhood where they can blend in. If you know a house that's for rent that is suddenly occupied by new people, especially if it's all men, please report it to your nearest police precinct commander or to me directly at 0917 329 9999. I also encourage all legally armed citizens with Permits to Carry to exercise their responsibilities. Do NOT be gung-ho. Avoid any fight as much as possible, but be aware. If on the small chance something does happen in Cebu, one of you will most likely be there when it starts and long before any police show up. Do ONLY what you must to protect your fellow Cebuanos. Remember, you are a deterrent more than anything else. A terrorist is much less likely to target an area where the victims can shoot back. Your police and military will do their best to make sure it doesn't come to that. The first and best line of defense from any terrorist attack in Cebu is still our Cebuano Muslims. 10 years ago, during the ASEAN, it was precisely because of the vigilance and faithfulness of our Cebuano Muslims that an attack was averted (https://web.facebook.com/tommyrosmena/posts/1100071776699682). I call upon them now to help us once again. Have a great and safe Holy Week. Tom Footnote from me .... perhaps they can give us the right to carry and protect ours too ?
  9. Perhaps we can be truthful and ask the 2.3 million persons born in the PI and residing in the USA, the 430,000 living in Oz etc. how they feel , i am sure they want equal rights etc in our lands and of course they get them. Not really an equal situation eh ? Perhaps we can ask the great negotiator to ask Mr Duterte for equal rights for we the oppressed ( tongue in cheek )
  10. Perhaps you ought start a group of like minded people.... plan a week or so travelling some of these sites..... several cars in convoy could be good, perhaps those with spare room could carry a couple of passengers ? ...just an idea ..
  11. Really enjoyed all your comments in this post ,  Thanks .

  12. Mate, You have got a big heart..... congratulations..... just be yourself. Some humble advice if i can....... You made the decision, stand by it, enjoy it, be proud of it..... there will be some great memories and photo opps..... in many years from now you will only remember the good times. For those who do join you, they will soon adjust, they will realise we are not all milionaires and they will enjoy the experience..... with ordinary people. For those who don't come..... perhaps they will enjoy looking at the phot'os all the best to you both
  13. We have to remember Trumps mother was British, he has many relatives still living there. Also need to note in regard to the Churchill bust , previously located in the oval office, his mother was American ! One thing which always amuses me is the spouting by people like Obama as to his being "black" why not "half black" or for that matter , "white",, since his mother was white and fair to say his white grandparents probably made him what he is today ? his "black " father did little to help him. just some thinking out loud.... Glad Obama was not anti French.... he might have sent back the statue of liberty ......
  14. Brilliant... they even look a bit alike .....
  15. Why are all these young single men creating havoc around the world when they should be home protecting their homeland as we and our forefathers did and have done.... Do you really believe , looking at their activity, the way they are dressed, the way they behave, the way they understand the social systems of host countries to get whatever they feel should be handed to them.....i mean really believe they are " refugees " ?? Forget our differences of opinions for a while.... When you see gangs of them marching behind the protection of the British police waving banners associated with thugs and murderers....( Isis ) can you believe they are anything other than staunch supporters of the thugs and murderers who they hold in such high esteem..... do you honestly believe they can justify their activities which are directly or indirectly costing the western countries billions of dollars in security systems and security forces.... paid for by the taxpayers of these western countries.....unheard of just a few short years ago.... In addition to the cost, how about the inconvenience to the millions of innocent travelers who just wan to get on with their lives......but are forced to go through the hours and hours of security checks at airports etc. ... This small example is a way of asking you..... do you really believe that this is only a few radicals and you are able to justify a lot of what they are doing by comparing their actions to those of a few Christians in south America or Africa or indeed by keep regurgitating the deeds of the inquisition some 500 years ago ? In most countries at this point in time.... Muslims are a minority.... roughly 2% in the USA, same in several other countries and I believe about 5% in the UK.... they expect a disproportionate amount of benefits and openly wish to create havoc for their fellow citizens.... even after most of them have been helped out of the shi**holes where they came from and been allowed to develop there families and communities freely and without discrimination.... I mean... do you honestly believe they are anything other than a group of hateful ungrateful peoples who deserve nothing better than to be given a choice of either conform or go back to whence they came..... give them the same "rights" as they will give us in the countries they claim they left in fear of their lives ! For my part, I will concede there are a billion peaceful Muslims.... we just don't hear much from them... I know there are also lots muslims being killed by other Muslims.... how that supports the arguments about the religion of peace, confuses the hell out of me..... Over to you....