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  1. The race to lower quality booze and cigs in the Phil is real. http://www.gov.ph/sin-tax/
  2. The answer is in your question. We have our own reasons for being here. Booze is not my drawing card to be or not to be in Las Islas Filipinas. But do feel free to keep drinking the local Kool-Aid in your adopted country of choice, by all means. The Truth will set you free.
  3. One can always pray over each beer one drinks to get out the evil spirits. Here is some information of use to the board : https://beer.ph/
  4. I agree that it is not an easy task not to indulge especially if one: has a great thirst, is thrifty and/or drinks at retail establishments. The answer is, I would avoid all Phil booze based on the product quality that is provided. There is far better imported booze to be bought. Just because Kettle tastes good doesn't mean it is any good in large quantities, over the years. I have tried all the different imported / blended from beer to whisky to brandy, it has been all nasty. I have given away the contents of many unfinished bottles of spirits to my gf's family. Sure, I could survive a Pilsen. Although, the reused bottle seems to have a little cleaning detergent left in it. However, it is as close to a "natural" beer one can buy on the cheap at a retail establishment and/or readily available. Sure if one dulls the poisonous unclean spirits taste with soda pops, mixers it shall get it down into the gut. To each his own.
  5. It tastes good. A cheap alternative inspired to what Belgian beers should taste like ; thanks to chemistry/artificial flavors. Johan's at Barrio Baretto carries it along with all his Belgian beers - some made by Trappist Monks. If I do buy beer, I only buy the best Lager import I find on sale @60p. Some good deals to be had these days in the market if you shop around now in Cebu. If you find a deal stock up. For the extra 20p based on store not street prices. I am off all beers and booze made in Phil or imported booze from Spain into Phil. My liver is much happier for my decision. Test the local stuff one day and the good stuff another day and see if you notice the difference or monitor your vitals and breathing if you want to get scientific. My advice is to avoid the local BathTub Gin to Vino Kulafu like the plague. That aside I found the Don Papa Spiced Rum in Phil to be ok. But at 1000p a bottle, it is a miss. If Orey Higgins took my advice I think he would be in better shape now. With @$300,000 usd in his HSBC account he could have afforded it.
  6. Yes, it is one reason Duma and Bacolod is off the books for me as a place to live. If Davao had a tsunami it would be a total wipeout due to the layout there - however experts dispute if that trench in question could produce the big wave. As to Cebu, i was in the circle when all hell broke lose. Some idiot firetruck raised his own alarm combined with all the texts and people shouting "tubig", i was glad i was in a cab but his ac was lame. He wanted to stop. I told him turn on the radio. Reports came back that is was false. A good ruse for thieves to loot the neighbourhoods in Colon at last. I just continued on. When I was in Prada for a facial and the second shock came in the evening - the staff took the opportunity to take the rest of the evening off. I said why you want to go home and die with your family? Why not die here and earn some money in case you do not die? Being high up in a tall building is a blessing with resonance theory....Anyways I just went home as city was almost deserted by then as many went up into the mountains. Well I was thinking of visiting my friend at Tuscania - a decent place for expats to live. As to liquefaction , Bohol suffered some incidents. What happened in New Zealand could happen here. Cebu will never have an underground tube for that reason nevermind the Kleptocracy. Oh well, we all have to die sometime...Just trying my best to delay that - a captive gf helps with all the punters out there; good thing i am so pogi - lol
  7. Location? I'd say closest possible to Ayala as possible - Mabolo. Then seond best is close as possible to Capitol. You can not go wrong owning a home in the 3-5 million pesos range in these areas. Just real hard to find as asking price is 8 million and up. In the next few years, there will be plenty of new condos for rent from expats but most under 55 sq m. I need at least 100 sq. m and a balcony to get some exercise. As to moving to Thailand at end of days, nope. I meant if I had to bail from Cebu; I would head to Thailand and bring one of my wives if it hits the fan here and city becomes unbearable - water crisis, energy crisis, liquefaction. I prefer the people here but not the infrastructure. Anyways, there is always Davao, Duma or Bacolod... I have several years to wait for the 50+ Thai retirement visa and prefer the pay as you go tourist visa here for now... AS Fortuna is improving and J Mall is fine except for the produce and meat section at SM there, nothing beats Metro Ayala grocery for that and what you can pick up there with your bags in tow...So, if your on the clock, you do not want to be stuck in traffic. Corona del Mar is a fine choice. South Hills is so so with the unpaved bumpy road - real easy to get in accident or have one of the locals jump in front of your 4x4 to collect on insurance...However, for the wear on your shocks and your nerves the view is very nice. IT Park is like NYC now with one way in and out. The green condo there is looking mighty fine. Just do not like IT for their wall to wall IT smokers on a break at all hours. Cebu city smells bad enough with all the low lying ozone no need to add to my COPD risk, the STD's are bad enough...
  8. Lol - end of days, bad guys roaming the street - Too many guns in town already to prevent the upcoming Chinese invasion ; but one only has to refer to what happened when the Yanks got booted out of Clark / Subic by the numerous lefties in power here. Every single home in all gated communities owned by foreigners. The last home which was so well secured - thieves had to go through the roof before looting it. Same thing will apply here well before end of days. High influx of migrants from neighbouring provinces and now Luzon will not help. Yeah I was referring to the Alta Vista membership 1 million pesos, Vistamar @ 120,000 and their monthly fee sucks. Not Vista Grande. IT is a sweet spot and one I would consider for sure - highly rated. You did well. Good news on fixing the road. I will check it out again.. As to end of days better to stock up on cigs and alcohol makes for better barter.. In the meantime, solar and wind power might assist. Only a 18 foot perimeter fence around the whole compound will assist. Goats and thieves can get in. As to me, I will have to move on to Thailand.
  9. Grande Vista, Alta Vista (membership and fees suck), Maria Luisa overpriced, but good investment if you have an overlooking lot as high priced executives would rent it) , NorthTown Homes (the best in my view), and several other subdivisions on the busy Banilad - Talimban corridor are fine but not worth 15,000 p + per sq. m they all seem to ask for. For certain Grande Vista fits the budget minded 5-8,000p range. One can get a resale at an ok price, In five years or so it will be in a prime position with the new SM SRP. Does the odd goat wander in your backyard? I hear the mayors adopted son is banned from the place? The road up to Grande Vista is a disaster -steep- so one may need to upgrade your car/motor bike to get it up. Monterazzas de Cebu is ideal if you like to stay at home and have your servants do the shopping. Any Sta Lucia subdivision is generally good as they run a tight ship but you will be dealing with traffic either in the south or the north... The vast majority of subdivisions in Talisay are crap. You picked a good one finally. Enjoy the fresh air. I have always had the best - Tancor 1,2 and soon 3 I prefer to rent rather than deal with owning a home in a disaster prone country and in particular in a city that does not know what going on with their water supply (will likely dry up in five year) and will suffer major power shortages after Naga's supply is not enough (2 years) . Having multiple sex partners is still cheap here.