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  1. I'd suggest a search of the LinC archives using "cataracts". Lots of comments from those with experience.
  2. In the past, an LTOPF could be gotten without ever having stepped into a police facility. The entire process could have been faked (the neuro/psycho exam, the gun safety seminar, the drug test). Now, the exams are conducted by the PNP examiners. So, even if a gun shop,or someone in the PNP wanted to "assist" the applicant still had to make a personal visit to be examined. There were some reductions in paperwork such as clearances. In the past it was the barangay, the municipality, the PNP, the courts etc who all had a chop on the process. Much less of that now.
  3. Sorry, I thought it might be useful for members to know something about the process for having a firearm. I'm not trying to create confusion. The PNP does a good job of that. Guns ownership rules have remained the same. It is the processing that has changed as well as the number of guns different permits will allow. Foreigners cannot register firearms by use of an LTOPF.
  4. The only thing that has changed is the process of the permits. As well, the number of guns that can be owned has changed depending upon the status of the applicant. Two steps forward, one (or two) steps back. For instance, the PNP has some sort of online system, but no clear guidance on how it is to be used. They post various boastful videos and such about the system, but fail to explain how it is to be used.
  5. The saga continues. After completing all requirements and having the "package" sent to Camp Crame for final approval, the next step is to pay the fee for the LTOPF. Waited, waited, and finally after ten weeks, contacted the Tacloban PNP. "Didn't you get the text message?" The PNP had sent a text message, but to the incorrect number. Instead of just giving the information over the phone or using email, I was was necessary to return to Tacloban once more to personally sign for the assigned number to be used when paying the fee. Fee got paid today. Supposedly the next step is to be notified the LTOPF is available for pickup. Again, has to be in person. oh, btw, this is only the LTOPF. The permit for the weapon will expire soon and that has to be processed as well. So much fun!
  6. Paul has provided the most useful reference. Keep in mind, SSI also considers income as a basis for the benefit. That is, it is a needs based benefit. I recall a sad tale of a couple who had fell on hard times and old age. They had a house they sold to their children, basically for nothing. The children would have received the property as part of their inheritance. However, to help out the parents, the children bought the house. The elderly couple were eligible for SSI, based upon income etc. however, their children allowed them to live in the house....the one they had owned. Unfortunately, this is a form of "income in kind" meaning the value of the rent free status was considered a form of income. Had they kept the house, not sold it, no problem. The elderly couple would have been eligible for SSI, except for getting a rent free home. Getting money from the sale of property is a form of income. It might affect eligibility, if it was known.
  7. Be sure to check if you're eligible to receive SSI payments while overseas.
  8. http://edition.cnn.com/2017/04/23/opinions/cell-phone-democracy-airlines-opinion-cevallos/index.html i really like this writer's take on the situation described on the American flight. Basically, the writer supports the "second row guy" as doing the right thing (maybe in the wrong way).
  9. The entire episode would have been a non event if the gate person (bald guy) had kept his cool. Worst case for him would have been to decide if the male passenger was interfering with the flight attendants enough to justify calling for security. A bit of thought (and calmer reaction) would have resulted in non event. However, when the angry behavior lead to the "hit me" comment, that's a lot like being told you're resisting arrest by crying out in pain. The bald guy knew full well a punch by the passenger would have resulted in federal charges toward the passenger. The confusion at boarding is often common and especially for passengers with children. By the way, the children seemed to be handling the stress pretty well.
  10. I was able to see the video (Facebook post) and was amazed at the way the gate attendant (the bald AA employee) was immediately reacting to the male passenger who had intervened. What was delightful to watch was the gentle tugging and calmness exhibited by the female flight attendant. She clearly had intentions to de-escalate the situation. I can understand that the big male passenger had no dog in the fight, but I completely understand his attitude. I couldn't make out what he said in the video, but he was indicating the same sort of frustration I felt. Obviously, I don't know what had happened prior, so my judgements are based upon only what I did see in the video. That said, I do believe the big guy did the right thing....even if he might have ended up in a federal court explaining why he should be allowed to post bail. One of my favorite moments of the short video was watching a femal passenger boarding the flight with this lookmon her face of ......Oh shit, did I make a mistake coming on this flight?
  11. There was a recent thread similar to this in a different section, not videos. Might want to check the forum. I use Standard Insurance. Not had a claim made, however. Prices between companies seem to be close for the same coverage. Sometimes the sales staff will suggest an I surwnce company, but this may just be an in house seller.
  12. In our place we have four or five different types of ants. That is, the ones that commonly are observed. Outside it's an entirely different matter with a dozen or more varieties. Inside, housekeeping is most effective in keeping the ant population in check. I use Store bought aerosol sprays, as needed. However, I try to be sure it is me who does the spraying. The kids think the idea with the spray is to drown the ants. I am sparing in the amount used, plus patient. My goal is to watch where the ants carry off their food and then spray the area where they hide. There are a variety of choices, I prefer unscented types of sprays. however, the best control is really good housekeeping.
  13. I can't tell you of a place to get the sweet wine, but if I run across some I'll let you know. The first time I spent a while in Seoul, I did some Tae Keon Do training in a small school. The other students would often ask if they could have some of my water which I brought. Then one day they didn't drink any, and I was puzzled. Turns out, I had bought a 2 liter plastic bottle of what I THOUGHT was water. It was Soju!
  14. No need to have the final word. I do NOT intend to use a personal check. I want to carry cash or a safer equivalent. I want to spend the cash right away. I don't want to spend my time in Cebu waiting for a check to be processed. Please let this go. I have already reserved a box of donuts.