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  1. Sadly, these sort of forced participation events are very common. When my children have any sort of field trip, we have always driven them. The school administration will play the usual game of dodging responsibility. It starts with the "permission slip". I've read these and they are so clearly flawed in a legal sense, it probably has no real meaning in a court. Just the same, the tone and verbiage is clearly indicating.....don't blame us if shit happens. It's actually comical to read these. As far as "failing" or "getting an incomplete" it is a game of words. The NSTP is a mandatory, no grade participation. In fact, a grade is often used just as a sort of nasty way of being critical of the student. But the grade is not made part of the academic standing. If the student fails to complete the mandatory activities, the "make up" becomes a real problem. In fact, it usually consists of some sort of harassing work such as weeding or cleaning some trash for days or longer. Concept is simple. Do what we say or you pay. As you'd expect, the CHED chimes in now with some sort of temporary ban on field trips. This will last about as long as a fart in an elevator.
  2. My 13a visa was obtained from a consulate and there was a visa glued into the passport. When I renewed my ACR recently, I showed the older passport with the visa inside. That was sufficient.
  3. When the ACR card program was first implemented, they were going to be good for one year. This was revised to five years. However, the card, at the ten year anniversary is replaced. In fact, when the card is renewed at the ten year anniversary, an additional fee is collected for replacement. This is the way it is now. Seems odd they would make a card valid for ten years, since it is a revenue stream for the BI.
  4. The chickens didn't think so. Made a nice lunch for the fellows who caught him. He was the cause of a lot of extra laundering of shorts for the ones who would encounter him...SURPRISE!
  5. There was a thread about this topic a few years back. As I recall, it had to do with the rules from the BI regarding downgrading an immigrant visa, in this case a 13a. Even with a new passport, the BI has records showing if an individual is holding a visa. Of course, this assumes the immigration official at the entry point knows to check this. I've had a 13a visa, but now on my third passport. The visa is in my original passport, and of course part of my ACR card. Potentially, there could be a requirement to pay late annual reporting fees.
  6. This was a small one ("retic") we caught near the pig house.
  7. Don't they say the devil is in the details. Good news is the PNP made contact about the LTOPF process by SMS. The bad bad news is they managed to screw up some simple process. After the PNP staff in Tacloban reviewed paperwork, it is assembled and sent to Camp Crame for final processing. So far, so good. Whoops. After making the trip to Tacloban to sign application and such, they made contact a week later, just prior to sending the documents to Camp Crame. "Could you please bring us a copy of your ID? We were supposed to send copies of TWO forms of ID and we only got one from you. Sorry" However, overall, the process for renewal is MUCH easier than the initial,application......aside from errors.
  8. Home construction is not commonly a do it yourself activity in the USA. More commonly, houses are built by contractors. As well, many home owners buy already built homes and "used" homes as well. On the other hand, do it yourself home improvements and repairs is a big business. Lots of retailers and building supply businesses. Some retailers even offer classes and online videos to show how the work is done. You might want to search you tube for cement wall drilling.
  9. Good reminder I experienced Yolanda as well, and we were able to move quickly to get gasoline. In fact, within a day or so, we had accumulated several hundred liters of gasoline. We had a fellow take a boat to another community and load up a bunch of heavy duty containers. We keep about 200 liters on hand as well as topped off tanks. We have a lot more empty heavy duty containers should the need arise again. Some of our fuel is a couple of years old, but it has worked fine.
  10. Photo requirements are listed on the state department website. Not sure there was a mounting temperature requirement. https://travel.state.gov/content/passports/en/passports/photos/photos.html
  11. I am glad to get a report about this type generator. Locally these are available, but pricey at around ₽50,000. However, there have been times when I wanted to run the generator during the night, but found it hard to keep the noise to an acceptable level. Thanks for the info.
  12. I agree with the pricing as a starting point. Of course, for some members this may not be an issue. However, even if you have the resources (money) that doesn't mean you'd be able to find what you want easily. I chose Honda partly because it was well known and repairs and parts are easier to find than other brands. That said, I will add a comment about maintenance and such in Leyte. The larger Honda generator I have (EG5000CX) is used as a backup to the smaller fuel efficient Honda. However, within a year or so, we started to have trouble starting the larger one. It was a hassle to take it for repairs, so we took it to a local Honda dealer who sells the generators, but alongside motorcycles which is his real business. Within a few minutes it was obvious they were not sure of what was wrong. However, they did get it to start. A few weeks later, same problem. This time a local mechanic, TESDA trained and working as a small engine mechanic came for a house call to fix it. Again, got it to start. Fast forward a while longer, same story. This time the mechanic did the proper checks and the first thing he saw was a very bad accumulation of rust in the tank. The tank was apparently made of cheaper metals and corroded easily. We had failed to keep it topped off with fuel. So, it took three mechanics before the simple truth was discovered. BTW......keep your tanks topped off!
  13. Would a small cat work?
  14. I have two Honda gasoline generators. One is 2500 watts and we can use lights etc easily and even use the oven for pizza. The other is 5000 watts and can power more, plus it has two direct outlets for the house. Noisy, but effective. There are smaller gen sets available, and cheaper. I prefer Honda and have had reliable service for many years. No solar power for me.