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  1. This sort of cover is used after surgeries as a way to keep the patient from losing body heat while in the recovery phase. Not sure if this is the same "technology" but the gel would feel cool if it were placed under the patient. In time, the gel would have to become warm from the contact. So, at first it is cool, but eventually will reach some sort of equilibrium. i suspect a savvy entrepreneur realized the coolness of the material will give the user a pleasant cooling experience. But, it would eventually warm while in contact. The same experience is felt with high quality bed sheets which feel cool, but warm after contact. i just use cotton sheets, high thread count and no air conditioning.
  2. I want to make a comment but am confused about the actual issue. You are asking about what is a decent amount to provide to an older couple who are retiring from being caretakers (maids) of property of yours? Or, there is a girlfriend you want to send money to? My only comment relates to the elderly couple. By way of comparison, I have two elderly family members I provide ₽8000 a month for maintenance medications. That is for BP meds, that sort of thing. Without the money, they would likely stop buying once in a while and their health would be affected. This couple owns copra land so they create their own income (meager). I do help sometimes if there is some unexpected costs, but they don't ask. We are close, so I know when there is a need and I'll just help out. They do the same by getting a pig for lechon sometimes for a birthday part etc, letting me cut some trees for lumber. If I were to assist them with a regular allowance, in addition to the ₽8000 I'd probably give another ₽10000 for total of ₽18000. This is way beyond what they'd get from SSS as best I know.
  3. Yeah, it is those rude and disrespectful phones that do this. My iPhone never does this, but the Samsung and Oppo, all the time. 😏
  4. I had nearly the same experience. The male dentist, I think was called "Butch" did the interpretation of the X-ray, but another female, less experienced dentist, did a filling. I was satisfied with the treatment and made the same observations. They told me what they felt needed to be done, but I made the choice. The only odd thing had nothing to do with dentistry. I wear eyeglasses, so during the work, my glasses were removed and set aside. After the work was finished, the eyeglasses were returned. I was amazed there were about three or four other staff members sort of standing around while I was told about the filling etc. Later, after I left the office and was shopping, my eyeglasses fell apart. Whoops. It wa then I realized that they had most likely been damaged when I was being treated, and because the staff was "SHY" they didn't say anything.
  5. Sadly, this is a very revealing detail about the state of education here. Students can spend four years (or more) learning what should qualify them to work in their chosen profession. Passing the "board" should be a matter of routine. It SHOULD be a way to confirm that the graduate does indeed know the material. Instead, the reality is that the students have often just managed to pass courses which were poorly taught, poorly graded, with limited resources for insteuction. Then, on top of that, they end up at a review center to memorize the material to ensure a passing grade. Sadly, there are stories of the exams for the board exams being used as study guides. Hits the news, shame, shame, shame, but continues nonetheless. Just for grins and giggles, check the results of the bar exam. This past year was a banner year with a higher passing rate than many prior years. Might have something to do with the standards being lowered?
  6. Loads of good advice here. Don't forget the multiple copies of 2x2 photos! A few good letters of recommendation are helpful if the graduate has the courage to ask for them.
  7. The review is not a requirement, but when the list of passers is posted, many of the review schools boast of the 100% passing rate of those who attended their review classes. BTW, in some of the professional areas, the people running the review centers are on the boards that create and manage the certification. I agree, it is surprising to have a college graduate not know about job prospects/requirements. Sadly, the so-called college advisors are a pathetic joke at many schools. Just someone filling a position, not really an advisor. I have children approaching this situation and hope that I can give the assistance they need. Importantly is to be sure they can attend any career or job seminar as a way of becoming familiar with the process of job searching.
  8. Board exams are pretty common for graduates. So common that there are schools established to assist in the review process in preparation for the exam. Job hunting seems to be similar to other places. That is, having a resume prepared, transcripts etc and then making the effort to apply for work at prospective employers. I'm basing this upon what I read about job hunting here. There are often job fairs in larger cities where employers and applicants can get matched up. Its been my impression that getting a job is often the result of knowing someone already in the profession. Some graduates end up trying to get a teaching position but that requires more college classes to be qualified. Ive had the impression that a lot of graduates fail to pursue their chosen field because it requires them to seek employment away from their community.
  9. I've had only a few times at the Green Apple clinic but satisfied each time. I had work done as well as for a child. Quite professional staff and reasonable prices. No surprises about costs. I was also impressed they used email as well as phone contact for appointments. I got the impression there were several dentists working there. Some had other clinics and worked only some days.
  10. I read somewhere that this was because when a cabinet member's entourage was passing through airport screening, their luggage would set off the alarms because of the silverware. Kept jamming up the security lines.
  11. A guy gets all his equipment together and flies off to Alaska to hunt black bears. He finds one, takes aim...BANG. Next he feels a TAP TAP TAP on his shoulder. A big brown bear is there and says...."You just shot my brethren. I'm either going to eat you or have sex with you. Your choice." The guy is terrified, but wants to live. So, he chooses the latter. Couple years later, he returns, with a much bigger gun. Finds that brown bear....BANG!! Next he feels a TAP TAP TAP. It's a Grizzly bear. Same deal. So, the guy once again chooses to live. The guy heads home, gets a really, really BIG gun and off to Alaska again. He finds the Grizzly. BANG, BANG!!! TAP TAP TAP. He turns around to see a huge Polar Bear. The Polar bear says........ You don't come here for the huntin do you?
  12. Mercury drugstores. Some may be out of stock. Not sure of pricing.
  13. You're right, Google works testosterone gel for sale philippines
  14. Who ever said "Honesty is the best policy" must never had to do business with the LTO. When you first described the situation, it occurred to me that the LTO had recently begin enforcing the rules about licensing only long term residents. I wondered if the residency had more to do with this than the citizenship. I wish I had some suggestion of how to resolve this. Of course the penalties for failing to comply seem small. I've considered the prospect of not renewing if I couldn't pass a vision test and simply take the risk of being stopped while driving. I've been stopped altogether once in the past decade. Even then I showed a photocopy of the license (before there was a time of no "plastic").
  15. I'm not sure if this would work, but you might want to consider a different way of treating the dogs. I have a similar situation with a home that becomes a potential target . In my case, there are other homes just outside our gate and some open spaces we've made into a basketball court. When we walk out, there are typically stray dogs, sometimes in packs of three or four. I would typically chase them away with a stone throw. I noticed, they didn't seem intimidated, but would wander off to avoid the stone. After a while, I noticed when I approached after dark, the dogs didn't bark. Seemed odd at first. Then I figured out what was happening. A neighbor had been feeding the dogs scraps as well as they would sometimes get snacks from the pig food and such. Also, the dogs had warm cement to sleep on and shelter when it rained. Turns out, the dogs would bark like crazy when any stranger approaches. Not at myself or family. In effect, they considered us as friendly. i stopped throwing stones.