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  1. A friend is arriving from Germany this Sunday in Cebu. What sort of travel time should be allowed to get to the airport from Ayala mall? Afternoon flight arrival.
  2. Just a suggestion as to how to approach this. Perhaps if you are dealing with the "new accounts" clerical staff, you will always have the requirement for the address. A block to be checked. The banks are typically looking forward to having new accounts, not just standard passbook ones etc. In effect, they try to promote their investment packages such as CDs. I'd suggest that you try and speak with a manager or assistant with the intent of opening accounts, to include investment accounts. In effect, get their interest in having you as a customer. No need to actually get a CD account. Before that, you would need to open a standard account, in effect, become a client. The manager may be willing to approve an account sans the specific checklist items. The BSP has more concern about KYC (know your customer) than the actual documents suggested.
  3. I used a container. Cost was more or less $10,000. No particular hassles, save one deception on the part of the in country processor. The shipment was duty free and that only required a single visit to customs to get the necessary release. The shipment was door to door. However, that means the in country guy has to handle some costs when using the original container during the in country portion.....from Manila to Leyte. Typically the ocean going containers are of suitable quality to be allowed on the vessel. In country, no such requirement, so it is common to transfer the load to "local" containers. My shipment did NOT REQUIRE this transload, but I was unaware of this sort of detail. So, the in country guy had the load transferred so he didn't have to pay the extra costs associated with the ocean going container. End result, the load was placed into a rusty container and moved here. However, as it happened, no damage, no losses. Just irritated me that I got manipulated (welcome!). If you do ship 110V items and use transformers, this is expensive with the electric bill no to mention the risks of having items fried by helpful people (plugs look exactly the same).
  4. If you went to a free clinic, I'm pretty sure that is what is pretty common here in some (not all, barangays). These facilities, when available, are intended for the community to get some health counseling, childhood immunizations, screenings of various sorts and if they have bandages or such, they'll help out. Be aware, these are not universal, and "free" is relative. Speaking of which, some of my own relatives were turned away for childhood immunizations for their newborns and told there was a shortage and "you have a wealthy relative, go to a private doctor". In effect, it is hit and miss and not really intended as a medical facility such as a hospital. Be aware, not all public hospitals are equal and you may show up with an injury and have to send someone to buy the thread and needle for stitches. It is a good idea for you to pay a visit to the local hospital so you get a sense of what you can expect in the event of an emergency. We have a public hospital nearby that many in the community avoid as so many go in sick and come out Dead. Not sure how you've figured out the way the distribution of payments is determined between public and private hospitals. From what I've experienced, the discounts and payments apply based upon a schedule, not where the services are provided. Guam is an option, but so is a trip to another city with better facilities. I'm not sure I'd want to spend a lot on the costs of a Guam trip so I can save in my medical care.
  5. I know that Philhealth coverage (having Philhealth) will allow individuals to be admitted. Two family members I have (not foreigners) were admitted to private hospitals for care. One for surgery and one for treatment for dengue. In one instance, we had to run around getting evidence he was covered by Philhealth as he had no card or such as that. Once proof was provided, admission was allowed. I really don't follow your description but assume you are referring to a credit card limit. Maybe a plan would be to increase the limit now, ahead of the possible need? Keep in mind your insurance (Cigna?) may want to know what was covered (paid for) by Philhealth. I know in my own insurance claim forms I am expected to indicate if other insurance was available and used, typically referring to accident insurance such as what is available with automobile insurance. This may result in you having to wait until the Philhealth claim is completely processed and paid before the Cigna claim will be processed. I'm not certain of this, but something to consider when you are looking into insurance coverage.
  6. https://www.philhealth.gov.ph/benefits/ if Philhealth is used as insurance, there are some benefits which will match the cost. Dialysis, blood transfusions etc. of course, the devil is in the details, so to recover the ₽17000 annual cost, someone may have to be pretty sick. One benefit of Philhealth is hosptials will admit patients with Philhealth but may demand cash deposits for others.
  7. This topic holds my interest because of the need to maintain a decent insurance coverage. I am disappointed in the ramblings that are straying from the topic of health insurance. No need to make speeches. Medicare is not usable in the Philippines. Linc membership seems to be made up of such a wide range of nationalities and individual backgrounds, there is no one size fits all when it comes to health care and insurance. Those who have USA based insurance, such as myself, can offer advice about that experience. In my case, no need to worry about pre existing conditions with my insurance. As far as the claims process, it is not onerous. Been doing it for many years. I've had no significant issues with regard to the "codes" used. None were used here, so the description of the care by the attending physician was used as the basis for the claim. in fact, my USA based insurance considers overseas coverage to be at the "preferred" rate which also means I don't need to get prior approval for diagnostic exams such as CT scans. I have the name of a good surgeon who can remove the chip from any LinC member who needs one removed from their shoulder.
  8. That looks nice. That looks nice. I've often thought that I would build a "cover" for an open area we have next to the dirty kitchen. This looks like a material that would make a nice cover.
  9. I have a metal roof installed in 2004. Paint has long ago faded or fallen off. I expect another year or more of use. I dread the replacement cost and where I live there are few real roofing contractors. Plenty of workers willing to install, but limited experience. The metal of my roof is the "tile" design. The source was from Cebu, but I have no recollection of the product name. In the future, I'd use a similar roof, but avoid the "tile" design and get a more straight flow of water.
  10. https://www.philhealth.gov.ph/benefits/ Philhealth has a fair amount of information online explaining their case rates. Some are paid in full. If a LinC member has some particular needs, doing some research on their website will reveal what is to be expected. I included just one page as an example. i had the impression there is no denial of benefits because of pre existing conditions. Even now the country is trying to get more people registered and some of these for free such as senior citizens. This population would almost certainly have pre existing conditions. Poverty has a way of ensuring that. Some of the benefits are so good that there was even a significant amount of corruption related to this a year or so ago. Some eye surgeries were being done on partients with questionable needs for the surgeries. The clinics involved were getting rich doing these cost free (to the patient) surgeries. i recall that among the linC membership, there are a wide range of tales of getting fully reimbursed and others getting little. Same can be said for some of the member experiences with private insurance. The possibility of patent records being shared between insurers from other countries seems slim.
  11. I know this will likely generate a series of posts about self defense. Not my intention. I would offer the suggestion that having a weapon accessible may give you a good feeling you have something to use in the event of a emergency. However, it can also be used against you if not handled correctly. I know women who would carry small tear gas sprays in their purse. I always wondered how this would work if the threat was in a confined space. Still use it? I realize a stun gun is different, but it still needs to be accessible and has some limits on use, such as proximity to skin etc. not to mention low battery charge.
  12. I can't recall the date, but a while back I read of a line workman injured as a result of a gen set supplying power to the lines he was working on. Not at all surprising given the way things get improvised here. I use extension cords and make no effort to connect to house wiring.
  13. I've bought a garden hose reel and use it to store one of my often used extension cords.
  14. I did find some of these plugs at a hardware/building supply in Ormoc city. I think it was called Save More or similar. A large store near the ice plant. I bought several (pricey at around ₽500 or so). I've attached several choices of extension cords. This way I can pick and choose what I want to do. I get high quality cords for my DIY efforts. Not at all hard to do.