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  1. I have no idea what ellenbrooke is talking about. Your IP is assigned by the ISP. Unless you asked for a static IP, your IP will be a dynamic IP. The end user can't select an IP.
  2. Your plan is 'up to' 10mbps, and they deliver more than 10mbps? Sorry, I just don't believe that........at all.........ever. But, I like the mango tree story.
  3. Let's not get hysterical here. The OP is going to immigration to get this sorted out. He will get a fine. It gets much more serious if he gets caught out. Original Poster, go to immigration ASAP. Be very humble. Pay the fine. Don't wait any longer. Edit: And trust me when I tell you NOBODY has ever been blacklisted for being 5 minutes late FFS. Let's keep it real please.
  4. I've had sky internet and cable TV at 3 properties in Cebu. Never had a problem with them. Expensive? Well, judging by the problems many members have had, and are having, with PLDT I guess you have to take a view.
  5. Just a quick heads up. I understand that the paper bills sent out monthly will soon attract a payment of 20 pesos a month. This is to encourage payees to go paperless. 20 pesos a month equals 240 pesos a year, which may be a mitigating amount to some of our Country members!
  6. I googled computerspeak so I sounded like I had a clue what I was spouting about. You know, like that other guy does
  7. Routers supplied by the ISP are usually cheap assed Chinese rubbish built down to a price. However, unless you are a programmer/gamer you are unlikely to notice any big improvement with a 'better' router unless you have multiple users. One of the big problems I found with my ISP in Bangkok, for instance, was the weak security built into their supplied router, which meant I had more than a dozen other users on my wifi (in the locality) because of a generic password access. Once I attached my own router with very secure software, that problem disappeared. My Sky router here isn't too bad, but to make sure I did access the software, renamed the wifi connection (so it doesn't appear on wifi as a Sky router), and inserted my own hexadecimal password.
  8. 2 things. 1. There doesn't, at this stage, appear to be a definitive answer with regards to foreigners being covered. 2. If Philhealth is the only insurance you are using, you might need a mental health check.
  9. Really? Did you hear this in a bar or something? The Express Lane fee has been outlawed. Even in backwater JCentre Mall.
  10. Building work in the UK that is subject to planning permission is always inspected by the local authority inspectors. These works would have been specified by the architects, subject to existing rules and regulations, the contractors fit it, but at all stages the specified materials must be passed for use. If these procedures were not followed then perhaps heads will roll; understand that there is a culture of unaccountability at local authority level these days. Socialism dictates that the community has to accept responsibility in the modern World - or so it so often seems. Apparently there is going to be a public inquiry. That will drag out the blame game for many months.
  11. Placing your valuable files in the 'cloud' is pretty common these days, and is handy if your PC/Laptop/device fails, or is stolen or whatever. I've been doing it for years. In effect my Computer has simply become a terminal to access information remotely. This is nothing new, just a different package. Don't panic. Skynet is coming!
  12. Ah ha, so that is your vested interest. If she wants to sell her private unit, there are plenty of avenues she can explore rather than trying to get free advertising on this site.
  13. That was all well and good when personal computers were still cutting edge. But Apple's insistence on proprietary exclusivity is an obsolete model. They used to be the go to company for techies, but that is no longer the case. Instead of realising this and adapting accordingly, they have developed a siege mentality which may lead to their downfall. Adapt and survive/thrive or become insular. This crazy mentality of no repair, only part exchange, is just plain stupid - imagine if a car manufacturer tried that. Once your car is a certain age, and years out of warranty, would you still take it to an expensive dealership for service and repair. when there are a plethora of good, inexpensive alternatives in the thriving after market sector?
  14. Make a nice Country Estate, but as a business it is obviously failing...........................badly. location location location
  15. I just dropped off my iPad air tablet at the repair place in Ayala Mall. They will replace the dead battery with a generic one (from Hong Kong) for 3,500 pesos inclusive of fitting. Will take a week. Apple offer no such service, they will only offer a part exchange on a new unit. Ridiculous. Which is why I am phasing out Apple and going over to Samsung.