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  1. I often passed Toledo on my hikes. Nice place. Either the bus back to Cebu or the death-defying V-hires over central highway from Balamban. Negros I don't know so much. Would be interesting to see. Kanla-on looks majestic when you see it from Balamban. But on Kanla-on hiking is more like organized climbing, I believe. (Some climbers were killed at an eruption 20 years ago.) I prefer hiking, meeting local people. Thanks for the different opinions and suggestions that have come. Being close to Cebu but not renting a room there would feel awkward, in my situation. I think I would feel comfortable to go back to PI in a couple of more years, maybe starting in another place, but also being able to return to Cebu of I wanted.
  2. Sure there are many nice places. Two places I have only visited shortly, but which seem nice, are Dumaguete and Cagayan. I just happen to know Cebu, city and mountains. I'll probably wait further a while and go back when I feel enough time has passed so I can feel more relaxed, wherever I go in PI, including Cebu.
  3. Thanks for serious comment. I don't know Negros so well. What was nice with Cebu is that people are a little bit used to outsiders in Cebu. Don't they speak Illingo on Negros Occidental including Bacolod? It feels a bit isolated. I once knew a girl from there. She hardly wanted to mix me and her friends in the same Facebook. But hopefully no one would have to carry me out like Magsaysay did with Moises Padilla. (The place where Magsaysay tragically died, while still in office, is an excellent hiking destination, BTW) https://xiaochua.net/tag/moises-padilla/ (First picture)
  4. I would rather hike across Bohol with an American flag, eating lechon baboy, than continue the case in court. But honestly - Thanks for the serious comments that came about returning to this lovely country and it's warm hearted people. Things like I described are not to be taken lightly, IMHO. Even the slightest doubt must be considered when a kano is dealing with authorities.
  5. I completely agree. I will absolutely stay away from any potential drug user. As I see it they could be used to frame me. When it comes to being killed I would guess the risk is higher in Thailand, by traffic, though. (That's where I hike now. But I must admit I have not been in PI during Du30 period.) How close I dare move to my old area is naturally hard to guess. I was trying to find descriptions of the areas connected to Cebu for PNP (region 7, PNP) and Bureau of Corrections, but I haven't found any good info yet. But I will definitely wait some time more before returning. At least I never created conflict. Only asked for certain permissions in writing. I knew I could only work openly and politely.
  6. I don't think you have to be an expert to say that it is a good idea to call in massive army support if 6 armed Muslim potential kidnappers are running loose.
  7. I admit PI is difficult to grasp. The president says "Go kill your neighbor if he is a user, even just part-time. I will give you a medal." This would lead to chaos anywhere with random killings. But not in PI. So now they just shot the addicts dead? (I have not been in PI during Du30 mandate. ) Sorry if my replies are a little irregular sometimes. My phone is old and connection a little slow. The forum software is demanding.
  8. Aren't you picking on words now. There ought to be massive military presence in Bohol and surroundings.
  9. OK. But my post is not about the links. The post is about 6 heavily armed Abus running wild on Bohol. That is extremely serious. It ought to be in all major media. There ought to be martial law and all possible army scrambled. My evaluation is that the picture we get does not fit.
  10. You just quoted part of my post. I just put down a post that is my honest opinion. I don't want to argue right now.
  11. I don't want to push any argument, I just say: 6 heavily armed Abus running wild over Bohol and where else? There ought to be martial law, choppers everywhere, constant radio bulletins, all possible army resources scrambled. People hiding in houses. Check our Facebook for more information! This is just a dream.
  12. Just what you would expect from an Abu-elo and Abu-ela.
  13. Members of the Bantay Bayan Bohol Provincial Force Inc. have been dispatched to help hunt for Melloria. So at least one Abu is still at large on Bohol. It couldn't have done too much good to Chocolate Hills tourism over Easter and onward. Maybe they didn't pay their taxes.
  14. We can just simplify and say it is not my girlfriend. If I returned I would probably not meet that person in private. As for me I don't do drugs.
  15. Thanks guys for friendly advice. I have applied abroad for PI visa before, I know how it works. I still travel and often pass cities with PI Embassy. Visa is good advice, thanks, I did not think so much about it before. But I just "feel" that getting a visa does not take all risk out of the situation. I have not been accused of anything that could motivate denying a visa. Neither do they wish to keep me out of the country. Only if I get into the country I can get problems, have to pay fines etc. My assumption is that I would get a visa. They are not only the masters of the system, they are the system. If I politely asked why a document had not been sent in 9 months (which stalled the process), even after multiple requests from a court, the document was sent the next week. But later I also found information that claimed that "if the document had stalled longer, the accused would have been set free immediately since stallment was court neglect". (They made it look like my actions aggravated the situation for the accused. ) - They didn't even have to tell me not to touch, they knew exactly where I would go to find out, myself. So it is good to come to this forum and read about e.g. license plates being changed to fit testimonials. I don't think anyone would stash drugs in my bag and later find it, though. The system is so much more refined than that. I can't imagine what the worst thing that could happen to me, would be. A large fine and the next flight out? I probably need a couple of more years to think it over. I miss the people of PI, f.ex. when you go hiking. Thailand works, but people are not very interested in contact with foreigner. The islands, Pattaya etc are just kind of foreigner reservations, in some places they arrange festivals among foreigners only, like at Songkran last week. You experience more, hiking into a PI mountain brgy during a fiesta