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  1. I recently bought a Ford EcoSport Titanium as a demonstrator. Only 6 months old and had 5000 kms so the Ford dealer dropped the price by 250,000 pesos. Probably something the OP is looking for. 1.5 engine but is a 5 speed auto so it has some pick up. I've been very impressed with it.
  2. Thanks for the tip. I logged into OrbitRemit and tried them to to see how efficient they are. Received my remittance today - a seamless process. Great service and very impressive. Very good rate and the first remittance is free! Couldn't be happier. And you're on your way to making $100! Cheers
  3. Is that right? Orbitremit only charge $4 per remittance. Didn't they use to charge $8? Same as Forexworld. I'll have to seriously look at Orbitremit again. How do you join? Do you have to be in Australia to join Thanks
  4. Yes I've stayed there too. I thought it was overpriced and somewhat dated. But its interesting to hear you say Parklane was better than Mandarin as I believe Mandarin is one of the best value for money hotels in Cebu. So where is Golden Prince? Near Ayala? I'll have to look it up.
  5. When people, and I include adults and children, say "give me money". I say back to them "No, you give me money" and put out my hand. That confuses them and while their either scratching their heads or laughing I walk off. The gypsies from Mindanao are here again for Christmas. They just grab your arm, grunt and put out their hand.
  6. Yes land around that area of Bohol is very cheap. Depending on the location you could pick up a sizable lot for less than 100 pesos per sqm. However most land around that area is tax declared and is likely to have no access. Not all but that area is very provincial so do your homework. As someone has already said, the Chinese in the know have probably bought the choice lots.
  7. A friend of mine once told me. "The minute you step off the plane in the Philippines, you are automatically: 1. 6 inches taller; 2. Rich beyond belief; and 3. So handsome you need a stick to beat the women off" But he also said "Its not the bulge in the front of your pants that counts with Filipinas, it the bulge in the back pocket that's more effective"
  8. A while back someone recommended this site to me, may well have been here http://dspoverseas.proboards.com/ Please delete link if I've contravened any forum rules
  9. I haven't been following this for quite sometime, but has legislation actually been passed by both houses regarding aged pensioners living overseas. I was under the impression nothing has happened as I have several friends who have recently received conflicting advice. It seems that it depends on who you speak to at Centrelink. If you get favorable advice make sure you get it in writing.
  10. I was made redundant at 57 and was offered either a lump sum payment or a fully indexed pension. I calculated that if took the pension I would have to live to 72 to break even, anything over that age would be a bonus. Being a sometime gambler I decided to take the pension. I then took a 6 week trip to the Philippines to: a. see if I liked it (been for a few short trips before); b. find a suitable place to live; and c. determine if I had enough capital to set myself up. a and b worked out well for me but I realized that I was short on my capital. So I went back to work for another 12 months to build my savings while living off my pension. Sold almost everything and moved permanently here in 2012. Best thing I've ever done and I believe by moving here I may have extended my life another 10 years, all things considered. Yes there comes a time when you say enough is enough, but you need to do proper planning to make it work. The last place in the world you want to be without an income is the Philippines. I've seen many expats come here thinking that they can generate or supplement their income. Some fortunate ones do but many more don't.
  11. Can an ISP increase connectivity to individual users for a certain period? I have a pre-paid WiFi plan with Globe and about 2 - 3 days before my next payment is due connectivity jumps to very reasonable levels. However 2 days after I pay my account it drops down to almost nothing again. I've only become aware of this in the last few months but a definite pattern has started to become noticeable. Has anyone else experienced this? Or am I just being paranoid?
  12. That's pretty good of them to take that risk. Do they have a limit they are willing to risk? You used to able to 'lock-in' a daily rate with Forexworld but they put a limit of $5,000 AUD on locking it.
  13. I have been doing the same for over 5 years now. Same institutions and remittance company as well. But what is BPI trade? The only issue I have with this arrangement is that there is usually a delay in transferring funds between my bank account and the funds sighted in Forexworld's. You may not get that day's rate therefore possibly losing on the amount remitted if the rate drops overnight. These days, if I'm remitting a large amount, I ask Forexworld to 'park' my funds in their account hoping the rate will increase in the next day or so. Its not foolproof but it mitigates some of the risk.
  14. Its called 'jawboning'. Almost all central banks around the world are talking down their currency to make their exports more competitive. The only central bank not doing it is US Fed, which I find very puzzling. If Fed's policy is to continue increasing interest rates then the USD will, in all probability, be 50 PHP or more.