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      Hello. If you are a new member, and feel a bit apprehensive about posting in the "open" forums, or, just wish to get your "sea legs" prior to posting in the open forums, feel free to post anything you wish to talk about, in the Newbies Forum. No one will bother you, or give you any sort of grief. Everyone there is happy to help you get answers to your questions.

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  1. Another one bites the dust.

    Smells like an internet ponzi scheme that dried up.
  2. I just got back from the past and forced his dad to snip his nuts.
  3. Wall to Wall Carpeting

    Pm me, will give you her contact details.
  4. Yet another step in the advancement of extreme stupidity

    He‘s got the Filipino nasal voice. Maybe he also point with his lips.
  5. Traveller's in J Mall

    I had the chicken n fries, not bad price good comfy seats.
  6. Which Diesel SUV Should I buy

    I‘m talking about spare parts, i have a diesel innova made in Indonesia.
  7. Which Diesel SUV Should I buy

    Never Korean.
  8. Which Diesel SUV Should I buy

    It‘s because Toyota Autoparts are readily avaiable. You want original? made in Japan?Taiwan?Thailand? China classA?classB?classC?
  9. Filipino Bashing

    What is the ratio of Foreigners contributing to the community versus the selfish?
  10. Douchebag

    Jim Rohn : "Never mistake courtesy for consent."
  11. My mom before her risky bypass surgery was very sure she‘ll be okay, after waking up from a three week coma she became a very happy positive person and thanked me for everything that sounded like sayonara, days later she died. My dad had his regular radiation treatment for five years then he told me to stop bringing him to the hospital, he felt his time was up. Twenty years ago doctors told me i wont make another twenty years, I‘m still typing now.
  12. Never ever hang out with anyone below 20 years old.
  13. My trip to landers

    My problem with Landers is they downgraded their pizza.
  14. Frog Sashimi

    They play dead when they see you.