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  1. Sorry I meant my monthly Social Security payments for being old lol
  2. I am still in the US but will go to the Philippines within 60 days for a longer stay, maybe permanent. I just sold a piece of property here and am going to get payments of $1000 per month for 10 years or so. This is seperate from my SSI check. I was thinking of starting a Wells Fargo account seperately for just this check where I can withdraw as we go along. I was wondering if any of you use Wells Fargo or could give me advice on this. Thank you again
  3. leaving a good chunk of money here in my credit union BUT if I can save $300 or about I would be willing to buy onward ticket just would like to know the best way and location to do it
  4. I am having trouble with my leave Cebu part of my airline ticket. Going to move to Cebu (been there several times) and dont really want to buy a complete round trip ticket maybe just a ticket from US to Cebu and then on to another country and then throw away the trip out. Any suggestions appreciated.
  5. I am planning on moving soon to Cebu (just sold me house today) and was wondering about my blood pressure medicine and my diabetes medicine. Do I have to bring the actual doctors prescriptions or just the tagged containers they come from the pharmacy in. Thank you
  6. my friend who is a frequent visitor to Taygaytay normally goes for 3 weeks. This next trip he wants to go for 3 months . So if he buys a roundtrip ticket with a 90 day gap what will he have to do to enter the country?? Will they allow him to enter without someother paperwork that says he will be allowed to stay for anytime up to 90 days?? Thanks
  7. the high school coach is now the head football coach at Ole Miss University Sean Touhy (the father) was the starting point guard for 3 years for Ole Miss basketball and is now a multi millionaire from the franchising of fast food restaurants and other businesses. I think he is the color man on Memphis Grizzlies pro basketball broadcasts. Recently Oher said the movie the Blind Side was not good for his life or career.
  8. Saw a show the other day (Booze Traveler) and they visited Vigan in northern Luzon. Has anybody visited this place??? Has anybody lived there?? Any help appreciated
  9. I often stay at Maxwell Hotel and I really like that within a few yards I have a Jolibee and a McDonalds. I often eat breakfast at the McDonalds and my after hours meal at Jolibee.
  10. The reason he is going to Cebu 1st is that he was going to meet a girl in Bohol and that just blew up on him so he is going instead to meet another in Manila area. It was cheaper for him to go to Cebu and then grab a flight to Manila the next day than to change his ticket.
  11. flight arrives in Cebu and then will catch a flight to Manila next morning. I just need something close to Cebu airport that is decent and low priced any of you guys have a suggestion??
  12. I agree with the guy above it really depends somewhat on your neighbors no matter where you live the alternative is a cemetery and even that would be loud maybe
  13. it was and is my belief that only 60% of them are bayots. Now how you determine which are in the 40% category is up to you
  14. we sent ours (3 boxes) from Arkansas in late June and they got to Talisay Cebu yesterday Oh how I love to see the pictures of they kids as they get to open their gifts Lots of shoes, candy, canned hams, toothpaste, toothbrushes, soaps and lotions. It is my Christmas to see how happy her extended family and village gets when those boxes arrive.
  15. The burger may well be overpriced but as long as it is close in pricing the patio they offer makes all the difference. I was there a lot of times and the patio was full of 9s and 10s. I am married but if I was advising someone of a trip to Cebu this is one of the stops I would suggest if he was interested