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  1. Bates Motel....Downloaded all 5 seasons..Somehow I got hooked on it, even though its run its course...Rotten Tomatoes gave it a good rating
  2. I not live in Cebu but I would first try some of the local health clubs(gyms) or something like a GNC type store where they sell individual packets .Im also sure the gym rat weight lifters could also help you..If you find one you like its more than likely double the price for a canister than what you pay in your home country..I take it your looking for Whey protein? I switched over now to a veggy type of protein that I always order from Amazon when going back USA every 4 months..I like putting in banana's oatmeal Chia seeds and Goji berries but im sure you have your own concoction.........
  3. Not hard to see things are not getting any better down here and is making me rethink my plans for staying in Mindanao..I dont like to hear " Hundreds of pro-Islamic State militants "
  4. Man thats a great deal.....I guess I will never see that much data being a prepayer at that price...Thats like well over 250 movies worth of data i think...
  5. Do they operate on the same principal like those mini pillows of whatever that are put into some gel cap vitamins bottles?
  6. I just happened to come across this ...It sounds like a good deal to me...Anyone have one? Im just wondering if you can get 10gbs of data every month for 1999p? https://shop.globe.com.ph/products/broadband/prepaid-home-wifi?utm_source=amobee&utm_medium=banner-standard&utm_content=160x600&utm_campaign=Rockefeller2
  7. Sugar/Carbs/No exercise...That will do it...
  8. I know here in Davao S@R has both green and black pitted olives in the can from california that I buy...The green ones are not the over salted type but rather buttery flavor...
  9. Maybe because they had to burn off the fuel being to heavy to land at Davao ? Or maybe they needed a longer runway....Anyways there safe
  10. How is this conflict going to end or the other question will it end? Whats the next place that they will storm in Mindano? They will just keep coming back there is just to many of them..Who will run out of money first the government here or the radicals?How many innocent and military lives will it take for the people here to say enough is enough and demand that D30 give in? No end in sight.....
  11. How can anyone watch that with dry eyes?
  12. Sounds like they could use the help from some of the Veteran Tunnel Rats from Vietnam....You talk about a courageous bunch of dudes..
  13. I feel very fortunate that I have no need for a bank here..Only one time in all the years I have been I have been inside a bank for that special bank check for my passport renewal..Thank god for those ATM machines which also remind me of those checkin kiosks that I use 90% of the time that spit out your boarding ticket at the airport..
  14. How long has that "Hanging Rice" you see been hanging there?
  15. When I was living there some foreigners I knew there sent there young ones to Bohol Wisdom school in Tagbilaran..You might want to explore that..