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  1. Good point..But im at the stage of my life now where even a livein cramps my style..Im sure if living there you might be able to snag a tourist or even an older local there....I guess it boils down to your priorities in life...
  2. I lived in Cozumel Mexico for a period of time and just lately thinking of going back..Its an easy 3 hour plane ride to Chicago for me.It has Turquoise water,great food,culture and even a frickin Sams Club....But gentleman why are we all here? Its what is lacking there....
  3. I know this probably will not satisfy your current needs but if you happen to be in Cambodia on a visa run you can buy Valium all day at most pharmacies without a prescription.I also take it once in awhile for sleeping purposes without ever a side effect or addiction..I was once addicted to cigs many moons ago..
  4. Just to say I have done this many times in the last couple years and generally have did my travels on a Sunday..This time I arrived today tuesday around 11:15am at Cebu airport from Davao..I jumped in a taxi very fast and started heading towards the new bridge clear sailing yeah right,upon reaching the top of the bridge traffic came to a halt thinking a possible accident..wrong..the driver said its like this all the time..WTF happened? Weather was good and no construction..Finally got to the first light to make the left turn into mandaue..Traffic of course was horrendous and then we hit that light where the timer said 199 mins..Finally got to my destination close to SM mall..It took well over 45mins(maybe thats good) actually longer than my flight..I know traffic is bad here but I did not know it was that bad..I will go to the North bus terminal very early tomorrow morning to go Bantayan Island knowing the first hour going north will be brutal..I learned my lesson,only Sunday arrivals here from now on..........
  5. If they did that here every seat they put in would be occupied so they could sleep in aircon...
  6. I was concerned about a friend living in that area but for some reason this one site i look at does not list it? http://www.phivolcs.dost.gov.ph/html/update_SOEPD/EQLatest.html
  7. Anything certified organic in the Philippines...I dont think so...Especially here with all the little critters roaming around...I always heard here from the locals that they needed money for "medicine" for there crops so they would not get wiped out...
  8. Well...That about wipes out all the public transportation...
  9. I have seen police writing tickets here to smoking violators here in Davao..Hell they even have Anti-Jaywalking police roaming around writing jaywalking tickets here..
  10. How can you have faith in this guy anymore when he made this statement? " According to TIME, the idea for hailing "lechon" came from celebrity TV chef Anthony Bourdain, well-known for his voracious taste for all things pork, who declared the Cebu lechon as "the best pig ever" on his hit travel-food show "No Reservations."Apr 27, 2009"
  11. Im told that in the Korean bars they pay a shiteload of money more than the westerners...Thats why westerners never frequent there places...I guess we are cheap charlies..hahaha
  12. The escort service was provided by a group of three Koreans and their Filipina cohort who operated via the internet the sex tour packages, a human trafficking offense in the Philippines, for a fee of P250,000 per tourist.
  13. I assume there is a contract with postpay?..The owner of my condo has the contract where I stay.Im just not looking for anymore contracts in my life right now..Prepaid without a data cap would be sweet...If they let more competition in that would happen... They had no data cap in the early days of prepaid 4g LTE here...
  14. The condo owner here where I rent in Davao has PLDT DSL ..I must say for 1000p with unlimited data is really a good deal..Its not the fastest but its reliable ..I dread when I move and have to go back to the prepaid, load and data cap bullshite like you guys are going through...
  15. So these guys payed 250,000p a piece to have someone here in the RP hook them up for sexual favors....I guess thats the only way the koreans can meet woman here..A few years back I went into a few korean bars with a friend and noticed that the manager would always bring the girls to them in a group so they could pick which one they wanted like cattle.I guess they have no skills of picking up woman on there own...... " If found guilty, each of the nine Koreans faces a prison term of six to 12 years.".. Holy crap,not a shot in the arm for korean tourism....