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  1. So, going ghay now, are we?
  2. Okay, you give your new g/f 1000 piso to buy a 150 piso item. She returns with the item and gives it to you. She says nothing, but keeps the change. You are okay with this?
  3. There is NOTHING more important in a relationship than trust, ever. Please read my previous post again.
  4. You know fuck all about the world. How old are you, eleven? I don't. Lots of people don't. I resent you saying that.
  5. What do they have to feel insulted about? They have no idea. I wouldn't date a western woman.
  6. It's a trust issue.
  7. You both, take it off this forum.
  8. I imagine you already know this. But, that is only 280 square feet. Less than a 40' container, 320 square feet.
  9. If you look at this financially, it is cheaper to add a few extra panels, than it would be to build a pole mount with actuators, a tracker and brackets to support your solar array. If you are going to go the solar tracking route, buy the stronger actuators. They will last longer and handle heavier loads. The tracker itself, you can buy with an optional anemometer that will "park" the tracker, to help protect it from heavy winds. My
  10. hi Paul .... just trying to post in off topic ....not accepting ...just posted same in cambodia forum ...no problem

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    2. mabutiman


      Yes i just posted it in ....outside the phils  ....no problem there ...but had to remove formatting ...not sure what that was but all ok just not able to post in off topic

    3. Paul


      I has to be a browser issue. I just looked at your account and you should be able to post in all the forums just fine. 

      I checked for new topic and replies to existing topics, too.

    4. mabutiman


      ok thanks paul ....cheers !!

  11. Don't want to sound like a smart ass. But, I am under the impression the rings are for commercial passenger jets? I mean, there is a huge difference between a Cessna and military fighter, and everything else in the sky. @miles-high
  12. Anyone have an idea of the actual flight time from the Philippines (and which airport they depart from), to the Philippines? A guy here is wanting to know, but I have no idea what to tell him.