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  1. It's a trust issue. I'm exhausted. And, I temporarily forgot that if you share a link to the post, it changes the URL into a post, unless you add it to text.
  2. But, like @HeyMike said, not nearly as hot as ol' Norm's ma.
  3. Hey man. I'm sorry about that. Personally, 7 pages is a bit much for me at the moment. Maybe one of the other moderators will see this and split the topic for you. What I can do for you, is this: From this post forward, stick STRICTLY to the topic people. ANY off-topic posts will be removed, and the author banned from the topic.
  4. They faked the shipwreck, just like they did the lunar landing. It's all fake, even the news is fake. Everything. All of it.
  5. That's the highest - or, depending on your view, the lowest, it's ever been. It didn't stay long at 56, but it sure was nice.That was the most money I ever changed in my entire life, at one time.
  6. I guess we are fortunate, here. They are far from nutters, in Cambodia. Like I posted in another thread, the one Muslim I know here, is a bartender, smokes, drinks, and is openly gay. He works at a local guesthouse. Good luck finding him, ISIS. There are like 4.8 million guesthouses in Battambang. You would die from old age, before finding a person you were looking for who works in one of them.
  7. Definitely not. She happens to be much better looking, as well.
  8. Wonder what their percentage was?
  9. Brother, if that is all it takes for you to give up being with the single most beautiful women in the world, you might wanna rethink your retirement plan. These are nothing like American women, nothing like European women. They are truly special.
  10. A shit ton, which is a hell of a lot. Maybe not as much as OFW's, but we spend a hell of a lot of money in country, every year.
  11. This isn't true and hasn't been for some time. Hospitals may require patients to sign a promissory note, prior to being released. I know this from knowing others who have done it, and I have done this myself. I was waiting on money to be deposited into an account, during the time I had an accident. It wasn't me who was hospitalized, but I assumed responsibility for all payments, because the accident was clearly, my fault. Anyway, I spoke with hospital personnel, who wrote up the note and I signed it. We were released. I paid the note as soon as the money cleared my account.
  12. Understand completely. I was just using that as an example, as I stated, due to the angle of the majority of solar arrays in the Northern Hemisphere. What about for the rest of the year?
  13. Compared to when I began going there? It sure as hell is a scam.
  14. Ya know, both water falls have but a small part of their charm remaining. Unfortunately, the Filipinos have all but ruined me going to either Kawasan Falls (Badian) or Mantayupan Falls (Barili). When I first began going to Kawasan Falls, there was NOTHING there, but an old building an a room costing under Php 400 / night. None of the tables and such you see by the water. None of the commercialization. Php 20 entrance was it. The last time I stayed, we had a dorm / family room, at a cost of over 2,000 piso / night. Now, I would surprised if they didn't charge you for the air you breathe. At Mantayupan Falls, they have since built a small restaurant and store, and it is getting just as bad as Kawasan, unfortunately. Of the two, I too would choose Mantayupan Falls, though.