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Mega Cebu! A wake up call for Cebuanos!
48 Peter C 1169
By Skywalker
In:Living In Cebu
Today, 03:00 PM
Wanted: Exorcists
6 BlueFin 110
By spydoo
Today, 02:52 PM
British Dive Shop Owner Shot Dead in Malapascua
4 Greggy 50
By mikewright
In:News, Headlines & World Events
Today, 02:52 PM
kevin taylor
107 becbec2012 5152
By mikewright
In:News, Headlines & World Events
Today, 02:39 PM
Are you a Racist? I am!
29 Mikala 366
By smokey
Today, 02:38 PM
Brownout Solution?
19 hyaku 243
By easy44
In:Energy: Mains, Solar, Hydro & Wind Power
Today, 02:29 PM
What if Everything You Were ever Taught was a Lie.
13 Hy H 173
By spydoo
Today, 02:24 PM
World Internet Speeds
12 Knowdafish 156
By smokey
In:Computers, Software & Electronics
Today, 02:11 PM
Tigerair offers piso fare
4 Oasis Monarch 105
By platonic
In:Trip Information: Airports, Airlines, Transportation & Ticketing
Today, 02:08 PM
How secure is your fence/wall?
10 SkyMan 226
By Skywalker
In:Videos To Share
Today, 02:06 PM
Happy Birthday Your Majesty.
6 Skywalker 57
By ILoveCyrus
In:News, Headlines & World Events
Today, 02:01 PM
SSA outreach at the U.S. Consulate in Cebu
1 Jason S 23
By Headshot
In:Income: Retirement Checks, Social Security, Etc.
Today, 01:43 PM
Albertos Pizza
40 mrlondon 1097
By Headshot
In:Food, Grocery Shopping, & Restaurants
Today, 01:38 PM
Flying Etiquette - What Gives
72 Salty Dog 2936
By sugbu777
In:Filipino Mannerisms & Logic
Today, 01:16 PM
Gun control in your countries, how is it working out?
47 Lee 768
By Lee
In:Australia / New Zealand Politics
Today, 01:15 PM
Where to sell produce/ Livestock ? Is farming worth it ?
11 I <3 Cebu 209
By Gus
In:Farming & Gardening In The Philippines
Today, 12:58 PM
'Heartbleed Bug' puts Web security at risk
12 Aerosick 494
By Cipro
In:Computers, Software & Electronics
Today, 12:18 PM
NRA, are you a member or have you been then you are trash
10 Lee 168
In:United States Politics
Today, 12:18 PM
Risk of electrocution?
17 miles-high 308
By samatm
In:Computers, Software & Electronics
Today, 12:08 PM
"China's Warren Buffett" Has Just Sold Off His China Assets
1 easy44 66
By smokey
Today, 11:50 AM
Pick em up truck?
14 SkyMan 447
By smokey
In:Vehicles, Driving & Licensing Information
Today, 11:48 AM
Is having a bar girl a date?
54 Fred M 1549
By Mactan Mark
In:Romance, Dating, Marriage & Family
Today, 11:42 AM
Contact information, websites & complaints of taxi drivers in Cebu
13 Paul 4617
By Thalcoozyo
In:Vehicles, Driving & Licensing Information
Today, 11:14 AM
Happy Easter !
8 Headshot 105
By Skywalker
In:Children Adjusting To Life In The Philippines
Today, 10:57 AM
Visa to visit USA/UK
0 Skywalker 50
By Skywalker
In:Passports, Visas, Permits & Immigration Information
Today, 10:41 AM
Google ramps up Android security, now scans all apps
3 Oasis Monarch 47
By Salty Dog
In:Computers, Software & Electronics
Today, 10:39 AM


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