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BREAKING NEWS - Say goodbye to the UK marriage visa
6 Bonjon 107
By Bonjon
In:Passports, Visas, Permits & Immigration Information
Today, 7:14 PM
Home for sale or possibly for rent in Argao.
15 Lee 1007
By cebubird
In:Cebu Classified Advertisements
Today, 7:08 PM
30 Day Visa extension?
29 Kreole 1676
By Hy H
In:IMPORTANT THREADS: Passports, Visas, Permits & Immigration
Today, 6:55 PM
Police officials as foster parents to street children
0 HTM 21
Today, 6:39 PM
The stupid things we did as kids..... We KNOW better now
18 ILoveCyrus 304
By Humboldt
Today, 6:33 PM
Putting Kids on a Diet
13 rainymike 149
By davidn
In:Health: Medical, Dental, Fitness & Diet
Today, 6:33 PM
lapulapu Pizza ?Hi,
0 batman2525 27
By batman2525
In:Food, Grocery Shopping, & Restaurants
Today, 6:26 PM
The Beautiful filipina thief strikes again!
51 mistaeric 2145
By Davaoeno
In:News, Headlines & World Events
Today, 6:20 PM
Santiago says prison system should be modled after U.S. System; Inmates pay for better facilities
8 ROVER 78
By contraman
In:Philippines Politics
Today, 6:01 PM
Its true, Contaminated Dog meat downs 21 people.
16 mistaeric 237
By Art
In:News, Headlines & World Events
Today, 6:01 PM
Cellulitis Update
3 Paul 57
By thebob
In:Paul's Forum
Today, 5:46 PM
Does Fracking effect ground water supplies? Probably not!
112 Bill H 1292
By colemanlee
In:News, Headlines & World Events
Today, 5:34 PM
Dog Problems 2
24 billy 726
By hyaku
In:General Advice
Today, 5:11 PM
Retirement job- Advisor
0 Semper paratus 22
By Semper paratus
In:Jokes & Humor
Today, 5:03 PM
Be careful where you park
7 contraman 267
By Headshot
In:Jokes & Humor
Today, 4:53 PM
Moving to CEBU
34 Soarking 1411
By SkyMan
In:General Advice
Today, 4:09 PM
Just Saw The Movie "Metro Manila" And Recommend It
14 Chris24 375
By Mikala
In:Filipino Culture
Today, 3:42 PM
Coming to the Philippines for the first time. Advice?
263 calasiaobound 9477
By Mikala
In:General Advice
Today, 2:44 PM
If You Like Christmas Music-CBN Has It
6 cebubird 62
By cebubird
Today, 2:28 PM
Pediatric tuberculosis
12 Monsoon 230
By LastManStanding
In:Health: Medical, Dental, Fitness & Diet
Today, 1:20 PM
Businesses Selling & Delivering Food Goods using PayPal
16 Slayer 321
By Buko Beach
In:General Advice
Today, 12:22 PM
Help I Need A good physiotherapist!
1 remodesu 55
By Woolf
In:Insurance: Health / Medical, Life, Home, Auto, Etc.
Today, 12:01 PM
Marine killed in Manila ( old news )
4 battleborn 149
By Bill H
In:General Philippines Information
Today, 10:32 AM
Being obese can cause you to die 8 years earlier, with the last 20 years in miserable health Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/047978_obesity_ea
29 hookedtothenet 408
By Humboldt
In:Health: Medical, Dental, Fitness & Diet
Today, 9:53 AM

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