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    A friend of mine, cool guy; https://www.dumagueteinfo.com/board/threads/expat-hero-of-the-year-valencias-aussie-marty-drury.24904/
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    Day 1: We started off this morning at 6 AM to catch a direct 840 AM Philippine Airlines flight to Coron (Busuanga). I like to give myself some extra time in case the inevitable delays pop up between home and the airport. We got to the airport at 615 AM (no delays). We got checked in at Philippine Airlines and went to have a bite to eat before we went to the gate (one of those downstairs that is served by bus). 840 AM came and went with no flight. At 1000 AM, they told us the flight was canceled and herded all of the passengers to the transfer desk (in another part of the airport. Of course, by then it was too late to find an alternate route to Coron today. I stood in an unmoving line (a broad use of the term, since Filipino idea of lining up is to cut to the front regardless of how many people thy have to crowd past). At 1130 AM, I finally arrived at the front of the line (I still had two people try to cut around me who I told the line was behind me). Anyway, I was unusual because we live in Mandaue and didn't really require lodging for the night. I got new boarding passes for me, my wife and my daughter and then they gave me 7,500 pesos in lieu of a hotel voucher (I wasn't going t turn down money). We caught a taxi home and went to a local restaurant to grab a bite of lunch. When we got home again, my wife said she would like to stay at a hotel on Mactan, so we wouldn't have to deal with traffic and taxis tomorrow morning, so I checked around. My first choices (Days Hotel and Waterfront Airport) were already fully booked, so I got us a room (actually a suite) at the Crown Regency Suites Mactan and we are now at the hotel. If nothing else, we can at least go to the pool and go swimming this afternoon before dinner. It has a free breakfast and a free shuttle to the airport, so it will reduce the stress tomorrow morning. Now, we just have to hope that the plane flies tomorrow. It turns out the flight has been canceled two days in a row (two guys were actually booked yesterday, got bumped to today and then bumped to tomorrow (what a great way to spend your vacation). The plane is a Bombardier Q400, which seems to break down way too often (or maybe it is just Philippines Airlines great maintenance program shining through). Anyway, provided the flight doesn't get canceled again tomorrow, we will be in Coron tomorrow sitting on a beach or by a pool. I'll add more to this as the adventure continues.
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    So I know I am about to say something that the people who " I would never back down" will take very strong exception to . So - call me a p*ssy if you want . But- if i had a life here, with a wife i loved and kids that I loved, before i would let them deport me I would eat all the crow that i could. I would contact the dentist, and even the tv guys, and tell them that I was a total idiot, that i have anger management problems and have arranged for therapy to deal with it , that what i did as a guest of the wonderful filipino people was totally unacceptable, and that if I am given another chance i guarantee that i will be a wonderful considerate citizen etc etc etc As much bullshit as I could possibly shovel . He created the problem, so its up to him to be proactive and solve the problem. Dont slip out and run like a coward. Be a man . Give the crowd their pound of flesh. After all is done and finished who really cares if a bunch of filipinos think that they made you back down and appologise ? i certainly wouldnt
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    what sad sacks of shit to hold children hostage. time to eradicate!
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    I stand by what I have always stated. Once you let terrorism cause you to NOT do something you wanted, or were going to do, they have already won.
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    Lol.... my wife's family live in a house in front of my house and they use wifi from my modem in my house. Sometimes everyone and their sister is using up the bandwidth (or whatever it is) and my internet slows to a crawl. That's when I plug in the ethernet cable into my computer and switch off the wifi from the modem. When they ask what happened to the wifi, I quote MasterBlaster from Beyond Thunderdome.... I say "embargo on". It reminds them who run Bartertown and not to have all their friends and family over using my wifi with their cell phones and tablets.
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    Palompon is a very nice town in Western Leyte, situated about an hour and a half from Ormoc. We took a van from the bus terminal to Isabel and we negotiated 1200 pesos for the van. (my MIL and BIL were the negotiators so I would be happy to get it for 1500 on my own. We also have relatives we were stopping to see in Isabel so I don't know if there is a van that goes all the way to Palompon but I suspect you need to get another van from Isabel to Palompon. As it's only a half hour you could take a tryke. Cockalion shipping has a RoRo in and out of Palompon from Cebu if you prefer but the schedule is not daily. Check their website for day and time. The town of Palompon has very strict laws that they apparently enforce as you will find it very clean and quiet. Put-puts, (bicycles with a sidecar), are the main form of transport in the city at 5 pesos a ride. There are trykes but I don't know their rate as I always ride put-puts. (they let me stand on the back and lean over the sidecar roof. I'm only 5'10" and don't fit well inside put-put or tryke) Usually we stay at Whispering Beach hotel, (1500 PHP for a family room with AC and hot water). There are a few reviews of this on TripAdvisor. I do like this hotel and the older gal who owns it is very sweet. She is a retired teacher and will chat until the cows come home. The hotel is right on the water with a sea wall though I doubt its good swimming there. There is also parking there if you bring your own vehicle and it will be safe. 5 minute ride to the center of town on put-put or walk. This trip we stayed at Asayas Pension house. 1700PHP for AC that barely cooled the room and no hot water. The stairs were incredible as we were on the 3rd floor so if stairs are a problem...do not stay there. They did have a descent breakfast included, 3 eggs, 1 hot dog, lots of pandesal, fruit and 3in1. It's also walking distance to the main street and the pier. This hotel was also exceptionally clean...you could eat off the floor! It is also behind the big church and you can catch some moving sunsets if conditions are right. The Pacci is the big hotel that the locals will recommend though I don't know anyone who has stayed there. The reviews online are not great but next time we'll try it and I'll let you know. While the hotels feel like they are gouging a little for what you get, eating in Palompon is the opposite... In the main center of town there is a bus station. After 5 PM, when the buses are gone, vendors set up a BBQ...Filipino style. I have had some very good meals here and I recommend it if you are up to this kind of dining. The bus station is surrounded by a market and directly behind it you will find the Franz Cafe. I will also recommend this for breakfast lunch and dinner. There is a good variety on the menu and you should find something to satisfy you. They also brew very good coffee. On Friday night we went to Mr.Ds way out on the West side of town. This place was simply amazing!!! We had family that met us and we fed about 17 adults, (with free flowing beer), and a half a dozen kids for 3600 pesos. Every dish I tried was unique and delicious! The owner was trying to get me to try the sigsig and I told him I didn't like anybody's but mine. In the end, I tried the "red" sigsig and the "cheesy" sigsig. After apologizing to him I successfully begged the recipes! They also have a couple of KTV rooms and a disco with a full bar at Mr. Ds. Unfortunately I don't remember much of the rest of that night....but I highly recommend a Friday or Saturday night there.
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    No but it hurts me to see how little the people in the Philippines are often paid and how poorly many are treated by their employers, with those 6 month contracts in order to not have to pay them the 13th month bonus. I cannot understand how in a country like the Philippines where wages are very low per day, no benefits, no nothing, why items cost so much when compared to the USA or other places, it just does not make sense to me that the few rich families are that greedy that they cannot at least share part of their wealth with those who work for them.
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    I have an inexpensive house listed right here on the forums. Best advice I ever took when I first came here was about not getting in too deep. Thanks to you guys I went cheap. I think I am seeking the lower element of humanity at this point! Asking me to let them lie about the sale price so they could victimize the buyer and pocket the extra money. Wanting me to say appliances where not included so they could pocket them. People posing as buyers then adding 300K to the sale price and trying to sell it- I guess we the owners don't get a say in that?! Dirt poor locals demanding 5% if they want me have them as a "broker". The local hot dog monger that got dressed up, including makeup, and pretended to be a buyer. She asked for a P200K discount for cash, then admitted, it was so she could proceed to try and sell it at the non-discounted price. <<<<hot gog lady wants P200K>>>> Somebody heard the house was for sale and dropped by requesting a P14k "loan". A woman that had just gone door to door with her kitchen table on her back trying to pawn it (not joking) refused P20K commission, offer. Why not she was going door to door anyway? She refused. P20K too low. We don't have to sell it so treating the sale as a Felini movie.
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    I'm back like a bad movie sequel... day 2 and more rain than my entire first visit. The first leg of the flight I enjoyed a screaming child I'd say was 3... horrible behavior, even worse parents who thought it was cute, including throwing food and flipping the food tray over. This went on for 75% of that flight. I also learned that the exit row seats suck, so narrow with those side walls limit any movement to get comfy on a 13+hr flight. Not built for a wide body like me. I also learned about proper hydration. Wicked leg cramps (both hammys) making sleep awful. I realized not sweating while GF was... that was a big clue. Legs still hurt as of now but are much better. This trip will be a lay low affair... GF'S job moved to Manila and she started training for her new job within same workplace. So no time off for her and my time has shifted to her crap schedule of getting off training at 3am! Making it work... gives an idea of what real life might be like. Will go to the province this weekend, the spend Sat night in Moal Boal. Maybe snorkeling Sunday depending on weather. Food at the Ayala Mall...Casa Verda not as good as IT Park location IMO... Abaca Bakery... sooooooooooo good! Had the skillet and GF had the chorizo and Spanish fried rice... no like! Took home the macaroons for later, really good stuff! This evening before her training went to Kuya J.... had the calamari, chop suey, platter of rice, she had a honey doo type of drink and I had the banana milk shake and 2 bottles of water. Really liked the meal... all for about 680P including 50P tip. Really won't have much too report... I did bail out of taxi on the way back from dropping her off deep within IT Park...traffic was absolute crap and I watched the cost tick away as we just sat there. I paid up and got out in traffic and walked the rest of the way back to the Quest. Felt right at home playing flogger. Pic attached of my tiny Pinay... she knows it will be posted here and is fine with it. Now to drink more water and do some stretches.
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    A shift to federalism would be beneficial to defeating terrorism. In a country that is made up of literally thousands of islands and contains dozens of individual nations within its borders, it's the only way to insure that each region can be fairly represented and achieve a better quality of life for its citizens. Federalism would also lead to better leadership, accountability, and efficiency, and it will allow each region to better manage their own economic development. Manila is too far away and too far removed from many regions and its leadership is not in touch with the realities and the practical needs of the people who live outside of the NCR. I also believe that Federalism is the only solution that can bring a lasting peace to the country, especially in Mindanao. The Philippines is too diverse culturally to be a unitary state. There also needs to be better educational and job opportunities in the ARMM where much of the Islamic terrorism originates. For example, during the Zamboanga siege participants were offered just P10,000 to fight against government troops. That doesn't sound like much, but to someone who is only earning P2-3,000 a month, it sounds like a good opportunity. A recent Maute member that was captured near Marawi claimed that foot soldiers are getting paid P14,000 a month to join their ranks. That is well above what the average Filipino earns each month; even those having four year degrees. So it's easy to see how an individual with less than a high school education earning a couple thousand pesos a month would be tempted by such an offer. I have traveled to many areas in the ARMM and the situation is pretty dire in some communities. There is poverty everywhere in the Philippines, but it is more widespread in the ARMM than anywhere else. Most of the people in the ARMM provinces earn less than a couple thousand pesos a month if they are lucky and they see joining groups like the Maute and the Abu Sayyaf as an opportunity to earn a lot of money in a short amount of time. In other words, they are doing this out of desperation and opportunity for themselves rather than supporting the actual cause of the these groups. So in addition to federalism, another way to help defeat these groups is to make joining them less attractive to potential recruits. This can be done by improving the lives of those who live in the provinces where these groups are recruiting. Improving infrastructure as well as providing educational and livelihood opportunities to people would go a long way in changing the attitude and mindset of those who live in these impoverished areas. If the government can show that they care more about the people than the terrorist groups, then the terrorist groups will loose their primary recruiting tool. It will take a concerted effort by not only the national government, but also local government organizations, NGO's, as well as the people themselves to make this happen. There also needs to be a way to stop the influx of outside funding. Most of the money funding terrorism in the Philippines is coming from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Money is also coming from the illegal drug trade within the country, and the government is already addressing that issue. The route the government has taken is up for debate on how effective it has been or will be in the long run, but at least they are trying to solve the problem. The terrorism problem in the Philippines didn't appear overnight and it will take a long time to solve. There are a lot of disgruntled individuals and groups in Mindanao and the roots of the problem go back more than a century which makes the pool of possible recruits unlimited. There's a lot of frustration among the Moro groups, and the failure to pass the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) during the last administration only added to these frustrations. Passage of that, or a similar law would probably go a long way in alleviating some of the problem as well. Unfortunately it may be too late for Mindanao. I hope that is not the case, but recent trends are disturbing. The Marawi conflict has revealed that these groups are well trained, have sophisticated weapons, are getting fighters from outside the country, and a willingness to fight to the death. There are also new groups forming well outside the normal breeding grounds for terrorism in Mindanao. The Jama’at al-Muhajirin wa al-Ansar bi al-Filibin (JMAF) for example is the latest. It's claimed territory stretches from Cotabato to Davao and has been receiving training in urban warfare from a Saudi national. They have already sworn their allegiance to the IS, and will be needing to prove their worthiness very soon. I have mentioned this before on this forum, but what we are seeing now is unlike anything the Philippines has faced in the past. I hope this part of the world does not go the same way as the Middle East, but there is at least a slight chance that it could. On a positive note, here in the Philippines, the Bangsamoro traditions and customs are far more compassionate than Wahhabism which is what most of these terrorist groups follow and are currently trying to spread in Mindanao. I can see most of the Moro people opposing this and fighting hand in hand with the government in preventing this type of extremism from taking hold here. The government has been taking the right approach so far in not "bombing the shit" out of the communities where large pockets of these terrorist find refuge. A continuation of trying to reduce collateral damage and civilian deaths while focusing on taking out the individual terrorist and the leadership will go a long way in showing the Muslim community that the government is concerned for their well being and preservation of their communities. After the conflict in Marawi is settled, a quick response from the government in addressing the damage and returning the city to some type of normalcy will also be crucial. So in summery, federalism, passage of the BBL, better opportunity, stronger ties with the Muslim community, and taking out the leadership, foreign fighters, and financing of these terrorist groups will solve most of the problems. The next 6 to 12 months should be enough time tell us which direction things are likely to go.
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    The food is so bad that they don't even give u a knife for fear that u might stab the cook.
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    Just like so many Middle Eastern 'refugees' arriving by the boatload in Europe. See the pattern? Diluting Muslims doesn't reduce the problem, it simply spreads it over a larger area. Or am I too cynical? The needs (and safety) of the many are being usurped by the needs of the few. Snowflakes delight.
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    If I was living in Duma, I'd start making plans for an alternative venue. If I was living on Mactan, I'd probably just consider suicide.
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    Might be a good time to test the exit strategy.
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    as the man of the family i feel it is my place to sacrifice my wants and needs for the good of the family when it's called for .. as the woman of the family my wife feels it's her place to sacrifice her wants and needs for the good of the family when it's called for .. our first thoughts are what is best for the other and our son rather than for ourselves. we work as a team, and always seek each others advice and opinions. all i can say for those looking for a mate.. find someone who is looking for the same thing.. don't try and force your wishes on someone they don't suit..and take your time to be sure you do suit each other.
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    @Celestial Being, It doesn't work that way. Well, it can. But, you would end up running over in costs, or possibly worse, under - what you need to purchase to power your home. Firstly, you start by killing loads you don't need - conserving. Secondly, you determine which loads are necessary, and which are not, for being off-grid. Thirdly, you calculate the watts each appliance / load draws and how many hours you want (need) to run each load, on a daily basis. This is called the watt hours. Watts X Hours Run = Watt Hours. From there, you calculate the battery bank (storage) you need, and the solar array size necessary to charge said battery bank.
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    Beheadings are way down since we declared martial law. Bring the kids ! And we got that bullet thing under control now, don't worry about it.
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    When you have radical clerics in your country preaching and recruiting in mosques, being allowed to do that as it is free speech. When you have people visiting or running jihadist websites in your country and you allow it because to interfere would be a violation of their rights. When individuals come to your country and refuse to assimilate, but that is their right protected by law. As a society you are doomed you are too stupid to exist for very long.
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    I just posted this on his page: It could get me blacklisted from the Philippines. But, ask me if I care. This is fucking ridiculous.
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    Anyone who has been around the country for any length of time can see there has been a noticeable influx of middle eastern Muslim men. There are entire rows of Muslim oriented businesses where once stood businesses targeting westerners. I shook my head then and I shake my head now. The Philippines isn't bound by all sorts of silly political correctness. So why let them in? Reap what you sow and all of that. Same with Nigerians. Why even let them in? Nobody ever said, "Wow, the Nigerians have done so many positive things for our country." Ever. Same same for Muslim men. Yes, I just said that - middle eastern Muslim men. They are the crux of the problem. Eliminate them and you eliminate 90% of the world's terrorism problems. Let's get back to fighting over climate control instead of ruck sacks filled with home made explosives and nails. Rocket surgery it is not.
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    The guy was a dick I must admit im jealous that we dont have the power in Australia to have meanie foreigners deported for insulting us in our own territory
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    Indeed it is, and it is not just isolated to what is taking place in Marawi. What the Philippines is facing today is a lot different than in the past and a lot different than what it was facing just a few years ago. Unlike before when the Islamic militant groups like the MNLF and the MILF directed their hostilities towards the government, civilians were for the most part collateral damage. This new generation of militants is specifically targeting civilians and are attempting to replicate the atrocities that the IS has been carrying out in the Middle East. Groups like the Abu Sayyaf have always been doing this, but they were small and working independently. What is happening now is all these small terrorist groups have joined together and formed a single organization and are working together to carry out their agenda. The events of the past week in Marawi and over the past few months in Butig show that they are a force to be reckoned with. Being able to go toe to toe with the Philippine military and hold ground for a week plus is impressive. In the past, fire fights with the Abu Sayyaf or the Maute Group would be hit and run offensives for the most part. They now have better training, better weapons, and have managed to get a lot of foreigners into the country to assist them in both training and fighting on the battlefield. Even if the siege in Marawi ends tomorrow, it does not mean the threat from these groups is over. In fact, the worst is probably yet to come. There will be more attacks in other provincial cities and perhaps some of the major cities in Mindanao. These groups have made it clear that all Christians, westerners, and even Muslims who do not accept their agenda are targets, so everyone fitting into one or more of those categories needs to take this threat seriously. . Based on the current security situation, I would advise westerners against traveling anywhere south and west of a line from CDO to Davao City for the time being. I added a red line to the map below to show this. Westerners already living or staying in that area should seriously consider relocating until the terrorist threat has been neutralized. I know there are people who have traveled and lived in these areas for many years who will probably disagree with my advice, but they shouldn't be too complacent. These groups are out to prove a point and to gain further recognition from the IS, and killing westerners would go a long way in satisfying that goal. While CDO and Davao are relatively safe compared to the provinces to the south and west, these groups already have members in these cities and people living there should be more cautious than they have been in the past. Once again do not to be too complacent. Things may seem normal and as if nothing has changed, but all is not well in paradise. While the government is doing a good job in protecting westerners and others visiting the Philippines, it's just a matter of time before one of these groups tries to abduct or target westerners again. As for here in Mindanao, if I had to choose between CDO and Davao as to which would be most at risk for some sort of attack or attempted abduction of westerners in the near future, it would have to be Davao since this is the home of the President. I wouldn't suggest anyone cancel plans to visit Davao or CDO, but you are going to want to avoid getting of the beaten path if you're going to be traveling around the area, especially if it's your first time visiting. If you are planning to travel south or west of these areas, even to places that were once considered to be safe like Iligan, Dapitan, Digos or Gen San, you need to take extra precautions and travel with someone you trust and who knows the area well. Even those outside of Mindanao should remain alert to what's is going on. These groups will probably try to carry out smaller scale acts of terrorism in other parts of the Philippines to try and divert some of the attention away from what they are doing in the south. The Marawi siege has given these groups a lot of attention and credibility among those who fund terrorism, and if it appears that they have even the slightest chance of establishing a caliphate in Mindanao, they will start getting more money and more fighters from outside the Philippines coming to join them in trying to establish one. Unfortunately this will not end once the military has cleared Marawi, it's going to take some time. But I am confident that the government will contain this problem and hopefully it will be sooner rather than later. President Duterte loves his country and has the will power to do what is necessary to put and end to those who intend to do harm to its citizens. While these groups have high expectations to establish a caliphate here, they will fail. That's a given.
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    Lord help all and sundry ... if joking about the rape of innocent women is a way for a President to relate to his troops...while Martial Law is being enforced... It does not get much more unprofessional than that , and I am was a Duterte supporter .... The one about the Australian woman that was raped and murdered in a Philippine jail was bad enough the first time round. Surely you jest ? This is the President of a nation of 100 million people , "concentrate on your work and not all of the pretty woman" may have been a bit more universally accepted, We are certainly on different thought levels in relation to denigrating women , that's for sure.............
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    I have done 8 countryside tours of Bohol and never wanted to go on a Loboc river lunch cruise until I saw this video. If you will not already be visiting Bohol, the main sights/sites can be done as a day tour from Cebu City. Catch the first fast ferry of the day from Pier 1 in Cebu City to Tagbilaran Bohol and catch the last fast ferry of the day from Tagbilaran back to Cebu City. Start and end your tour of Bohol at the pier in tagbilaran. It will give you about 10 hours of touring. You don't have to go on a set tour, you can tell them where to take you. There is way more things to do on Bohol than on this list but for things that can be accomplished in a day tour, Some places you might be interested in are - mini rice terraces - the Chocolate Hills - ATV tours - tarsier sanctuaries. Tarsiers are the smallest primate in the world. They have our eyes in a tiny body the size of a fist. - butterfly sanctuaries - wild life sanctuaries including sanctuaries with pythons you can sit with or on and have your photo taken - historical sites dating back to 1565 including church ruins from the 2012 earthquake. - some of the waterfalls - the man made forrest - swimming underground in the Hinagdanan cave on Panglao Island - lunch tours on the Loboc river - kayaking on the Loboc river - hanging bamboo bridges over the Loboc river - the Bohol Bee Farm on Panglao island where you can see raffia cloth made using a traditional loom. They are also making clothes and knick knacks. You can eat a meal with edible flowers and honey. They also have home made ice cream with flavours such as jack fruit ice cream and dragon fruit ice cream - rice paddies which means there is a high chance of seeing a Carabao in action
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    Bomb jokes have carried severe penalties in most countries for decades. Only a total idiot (or a hermit who has been out of touch with the world most of his life) would do it today.
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    here is a suggestion for all when globe finally shows up, it will probably be a contractor. Talk him up and tip him well and get his cell #. Tell him next time you will just call him directly to immediately fix the issue. Our contractor in Liloan comes by with 1 hour of our call, switches out routers and runs extra lines. He get a meager p500 tip every visit, no matter how minor. Headshot was stuck in USA and had globe problems at home. My guy fixed him up much quicker than globe. This applies to just about any trade.
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    Whatever way you look at it , be the first time the Filipino's were early to something...
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    I prefer a woman that is submissive because she loves and trusts me, not because she fears me. Many people react strongly to the word "submissive" because they think it implies abuse. But, in a relationship there is typically one partner that follows the other. As long as you complement each other there is nothing wrong with that. Complement, not compliment
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    about 5 years ago we were in Alona. I needed batteries for camera. went in a shop and bought cheap China batteries. after leaving she said "dear, those batteries are China, they won't work". after getting back to hotel and inserting the batteries they were dead. I said why didn't you say something before I bought them, she said it's not her place to correct me. I said is it your place to allow me to throw money away? after some discussion we decided it's better to speak up than make a bad decision. 5 years later i apparently still make a lot of bad decisions
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    I'm da boss and I got her permission to say so!
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    To me when someone says submissive I tend to think they are saying inferior and not a equal. I like a woman with some "grit" in her. I want someone that is willing to please but not necessarily be submissive. I want a partner in life and not someone who I tell when she can eat, where she can go, who her friends are and how she needs to serve me. My mom would have never put up with that and I guess that's what I want in a wife too. My dad was a hard-assed old school guy and I see having a partner in life worked out well for him so I treat my wife the same. My wife makes her own money (which really helps) and she can spend it how she wants just like me. If I want something I can buy it, if I want to go somewhere I go and she can do the same. Normally we respect the others wishes but if not oh well and life goes on. I want someone intelligent enough to argue with a bit and be able to hold her own. There are days when I cook, clean and do laundry and there are days when she does, we both work full time and then some. I want someone who is able to take control if needed a I am secure enough in myself to not be intimidated by a partner who has some ambition for herself.
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    Would they use those in the open ocean though? I think probably the Filipino ship had its lights off to save fuel.
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    My hose reel in the Philippines. No worry about broken parts No worry about customer service. No worry about someone stealing hose.
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    Finally made the move, Left China in May a little forced due to a health issue got treatment in the UK and then moved to Cebu to rest and recuperate, nice apartment and getting settled in.
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    It will be interesting to see what the Maute's response will be to this development.
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    Similar to kosher and halal laws, authentic Filipino food has its own set of complex rules. For example, it must be served room temperature, and sit out on the counter for a specified period of time before consumption.
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    I just read this comment elsewhere.. I will not post the source and I have deleted all the names.. If that`s deemed against rules,please delete this post as I will not add names or sources.
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    A great way to disperse Islamic fighters throughout the country. Hasn't anybody learned anything from the situation with the Syrian and Iraqi refugees scattering in Europe and the US and later attacking the places that took them in?
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    Indigenous war refugees mixing with foreign economic refugees!!
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    All this "misinterpretation , you took it the wrong way etc etc " doesn't wash with me , whether it was said in jest (which no doubt it was) there is nothing funny about army troops raping the female citizens of the country they have sworn to protect , he could of joked about scalping the enemy ..bring back 3 scalps and get a months pay ...but the rape of innocent women should be left out of the "heightened bravado talk" {as his spokesman put it..} We are entitled to our opinion here , but some of you guy's amaze me with something as black and white as this.........
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    Well I have lived here for seven years so I guess that qualify s me to answer.. 1. Pretty much if your downtown, most can at least understand you, some can actually respond back, I do not have much trouble being understood..You should not have much trouble with or in businesses but remember, trike drivers and the like are not the most educated people you will meet... 2. Its not, if you plan on just stepping off the plane and immediately finding somewhere to live you will be sorely disappointed. I highly suggest if you know somebody here and have a date you will be arriving get them to find you a place, at least temporarily ...you can always stay in a pension house until you find a place..I have moved twice in seven years, in process of moving the third time...there is no organized housing market here..you drive around and look for signs...If you have FB search "Buy and sell, Tacloban" sometimes you can find stuff there. When I decided to move to the place we are moving to, I had the entire family looking for signs for places to rent, My wife accidentally saw one on a trip to an adjacent town and stopped and asked...just got lucky.. You can also ask at the different hotels if they have long term discounts..ie. for a month or so...most do here but the prices differ so ask around... 3. There are a few American or imported items in the local SM and at the Robinson's mall...but they are not consistent...my policy is if you see it buy it as it will not be there again for months...I have been known to buy thirty cans of baked beans lol.....Ive been her long enough to have a car, we make monthly/bi monthly trips to Cebu to just go to the S&R there...load the car up and come home... Its about two hours to Ormoc, you can take a van there (p120) and then take the super cat to Cebu, buy your stuff and reverse the procedure as bring stuff home on the plane would be too expensive..or for that matter fly there, 40 minutes, and take the boat back...There are a few cabs here, its a new thing since Yolanda, you will see some when you get off the plane, mostly vans, get the drivers cp number..its handy to know somebody you can call...you will not just walk out to the street and hail a cab....I would suggest after you get boots on the ground get a small bike...you will need something or you will be limited to jeepneys, trikes and pedicabs..your choice. You do not have enough post to PM me but you might ask Paul to wave that for you, PM me if you care to, Ill do my best to help....
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    Yes, it is password protected. I want the family to have access to the wifi (they have the password), just not abuse it by having all their family and friends coming over to use it. Thus.... "embargo on"..... or "embargo lifted". Then I make them answer this question... who run wifi internet? And they say.... HeyMike runs wifi internet. And I say louder.... and they shout... HEYMIKE RUNS WIFI INTERNET..... that's when I lift the embargo. (ok, the last situation above is not exactly true.... ok, it's not true at all).
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    It's relatively rare that you can see even one of the three northern Negros volcanoes from Cebu, as they are most often shrouded in mist or clouds.. and very rare to be able to see all three, as I did today. I was just a few hundred meters from Adventure Café about 1000 meters up on Transcentral highway at around 7.30 this morning. The air was cool and dry.. and there they were. The three volcanoes in northern Negros as seen Transcentral Highway in Cebu. From left to right they are Mount Canla-on (71 km away), Mount Mandalagan (65 km away), and smaller Mount Silay (75 km away). Just Canla-on and Mandalagan Just Canla-on, 71 km away across the Tanon Straits from 1000 meters up Cebu.
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    1. A pilot who was a little too honest. On a Continental Flight with a very “senior” Flight Attendant crew, the Pilot said, “Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve reached cruising altitude and will be turning down the cabin lights. This is for your comfort and to enhance the appearance of your Flight Attendants. 2. A flight attendant’s friendly reminder. On landing, the Stewardess said, “Please be sure to take all of your belongings. If you’re going to leave anything, please make sure it’s something we’d like to have” 3. This flight attendant who had a pretty good point. There may be 50 ways to leave your lover, but there are only 4 ways out of this airplane” 4. This airline that was keeping it real. “Thank you for flying Delta Business Express. We hope you enjoyed giving us the business as much as we enjoyed taking you for a ride.” 5. This pilot who was keeping it even realer. After a particularly rough landing during thunderstorms in Memphis, a Flight Attendant on a Northwest flight announced, “Please take care when opening the overhead compartments because, after a landing like that, sure as hell everything has shifted.” 8. Perfect. Weather at our destination is 50 degrees with some broken clouds, but we’ll try to have them fixed before we arrive. Thank you, and remember, nobody loves you, or your money, more than Southwest Airlines.” 9.Who doesn’t love freebies? “Your seat cushions can be used for flotation; and, in the event of an emergency water landing, please paddle to shore and take them with our compliments.” 10. Amen. “As you exit the plane, make sure to gather all of your belongings. Anything left behind will be distributed evenly among the flight attendants. Please do not leave children or spouses.” And from the Pilot during his welcome message: “Delta Airlines is pleased to have some of the best Flight Attendants in the industry. Unfortunately, none of them are on this flight!” 12. Can’t argue with this one. Heard on Southwest Airlines just after a very hard landing in Salt lake City: The Flight Attendant came on the intercom and said, “That was quite a bump, and I know what y’all are thinking. I’m here to tell you it wasn’t the Airline’s fault, it wasn’t the Pilot’s fault, it wasn’t the Flight Attendant’s fault. It was the asphalt.” 15. Little old ladies are the best. An Airline Pilot wrote that on this particular flight he had hammered his ship into the runway really hard. The Airline had a policy which required the First Officer to stand at the door while the Passengers exited, smile, and give them a “Thanks for flying our Airline.” He said that, in light of his bad landing, he had a hard time looking the passengers in the eye, thinking that someone would have a smart comment. Finally everyone had gotten off except for a little old lady walking with a cane. She said,”Sir, do you mind if I ask you a question?”"Why, no, Ma’am,” said the Pilot. “What is it?”The little old lady said, “Did we land, or were we shot down?” 16. I may have been on this flight. After a real crusher of a landing in Phoenix, the Attendant came on with, “Ladies and Gentlemen, please remain in your seats until Capt. Crash and the Crew have brought the aircraft to a screeching halt against the gate. And, once the tire smoke has cleared and the warning bells are silenced, we’ll open the door and you can pick your way through the wreckage to the terminal” 17. Always. Part of a Flight Attendant’s arrival announcement: “We’d like to thank you folks for flying with us today. And, the next time you get the insane urge to go blasting through the skies in a pressurized metal tube, we hope you’ll think of US Airways.”
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    Avoid them? I look forward to encountering a lone wolf every time I go to the grocery store. I've got a welcome gift for them.
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