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    I knew him VERY well. He was in that land dispute for at least 5 years and always telling us other foreigners that he was "winning" his legal battle. He was a great guy. Stood up for what is right. I am shocked and dismayed to hear of his passing. He bought land here from a disreputable individual and used all legal and proper methods to get proper title. He spent a large sum of money improving his property and taking care of his family members. A real gentleman and the second such person to die in Biliran from hired guns in the past year of so (Colin will surely read this and know that I refer to Hank.) It is a miserable fact of life here that you so often cannot win legal battles against filipinos because even if your are in the right you will often be "dead right". Yes I am jumping to conclusions as to who is responsible here but I think the true culprit will be obvious to those who knew him well. He will surely be missed in the community and was most well known with the expats who used Chamorita as their watering hole. R.I.P. Gene
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    Mrs and I have been cohabiting for nigh on 8 years and that time together has taught me so much about love. I've been married and divorced three times and had many failed live in relationships. I had got to the point where I really suspected that "true love everlasting" didn't exist outside fairy tales. I thought maybe what is normal is that after a few years when the early romantic and sexual love faded, couples just got bored with each other and yearned for the intense feelings of the beginning. The result too often being breaking up and falling in love again with someone new. That kind of made sense from an evolutionary perspective and seemed to match my prior experiences. Rinse and repeat. If Mrs had been a candidate in a computer matching algorithm, she wouldn't have made the first cut as we have very little in common on many levels. She's certainly not stupid but nowhere near my level of intelligence and her favorite movies too often revolve around serial killers, lacking interest in the more subtle elements of a well made film - especially if it lacked violence. She has zero interest in reading, which I thought so sad as she is missing out on some amazing books. And so on. And yet here we are 8 years later and I'm genuinely surprised to say our bond has never been stronger. It's like concrete that grows in strength with every passing year. I can literally say that each year together is better than the previous. Yeah we get bored with life sometimes but we always feel better bored together than bored apart. Being an introspective, thoughtful analytical type, I have often pondered on how we can be so close emotionally and yet so different in our interests. There is no question, our relationship works, but why does it works so well? My tentative conclusions are that sex gets in the way of love to a large degree. You can't really know if you love someone until you've spent enough years together for the whole sex thing to dry up and fade away. When sex rears it's ugly head, it totally messes with the mind and can create false feelings of love that can only be made real over large amounts of time together. Or not. Time together also increases the level of trust and security which is the bedrock of everlasting love. Really knowing deep inside that she will always have my back and will never leave me gives me a profound sense of comfort. Also, over time, I believe people can change in small ways that fit them together better. Sharp edges are worn down and they become more alike. But given our many differences, why does it work so incredibly well? I suspect it's because we are very compatible on an emotional level. We both need to show our loving feelings on a daily basis - even 8 years later. Our true compatibility lies in having the same desire to love and be loved by each other. And of course she laughs at my silly jokes - always a plus. I've never had a relationship last this long or feel so strong. I can't imagine life without her. Which worries me sometimes as I'm only 20 years older and I might live well into my 90's. I need her to live at least as long as I do. I don't want to think about a world without her by my side. We are so much part of each other. She might not be my natural soulmate, but with her by my side I feel richer than Bill Gates. I frequently remind myself to appreciate every day we have together as you never know when the sand will run out. All of our days are numbered and it's important to know how much you have and how lucky you are to have a life so sweet. I try not to take for granted that which I know is limited in supply. Life is precious but infinitely more so with her by my side.
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    Equality is something that they feel is reserved for them only , quite a pitiful insight really...but matching to the thin skin that makes someone elses life worth so little in their eyes , just because of a dispute ...it is all so very common here. A British national was gunned down in front of his family at or near a resort he owned just south of where this murder occurred some years earlier , A big common denominator in all of these incidences is a "dispute with a local" , not robbery or burglary , all new people here should take note , One of the most dangerous things in the PI is to have a "dispute" with a local ...their thin skin and fragile ego's just cannot tolerate such an engagement... RIP to a 70+ year old man , killed by an immature gutless little thug.......
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    Oslob and the Gentle Giants My wife and I finally had a chance to go to Oslob and swim with the Whale Sharks. All in all it was a very nice experience. We left about 6AM from South Bus Terminal Cebu City. Ceres bus lines had decent vehicles both ways and were relatively comfortable. I say relatively as it was 4 hours and 20 minutes going and 3 hours and 50 minutes return. Our destination was right at the Whale Watching location and the fare was 177 pesos each. Choosing to go on a Thursday and return the next day was a good plan as the area was not overly crowded. Our lodging was MB's Sunrise View resort and we were well taken care of. Room was 1500 PHP and had a queen bed, a single bed, private bath (no hot water) and an AirCon. No WiFi. There is a nice pool and beach access also. The restaurant was very nice and had a nice selection with an average of 200 PHP per plate. They also serve beer and have brewed coffee for breakfast. The restaurant is open air overlooking the ocean and since the hotel is a short walk to the Whale Shark watching you can easily see the boats at the attraction. We arrived shortly after 10 AM and enjoyed an early lunch while waiting for our room to be serviced which only took an hour. Dropping our gear in the room we donned our bathing suits and water shoes and hired a Motor, (motorcycle), to drive us to Tumalog Falls. (120 PHP each RT) I'm about 200 lbs and wife is barely 100 and we made it to the top of the hill, mostly in 1st gear. If you're more than 200 you may want to split up and take 2 Motors. Once there a new set of Motors takes you individually to the falls. 5 minutes on a very steep road. 50 PHP RT each. It is well worth the ride as the falls are beautiful!!! Our original driver drove to the base of the falls and stayed with us the entire time. He took lots of photos of us with the falls as the backdrop and pointed out many interesting spots. Choosing not to swim we wandered the area ant took a lot of nature photos. Upon leaving our driver had us sit and dangle our feet in the waters exiting the falls where hundreds of tiny minnows cleaned our feet!!! Friday morning we woke early and jumped back in our swimsuits. Gathering near the front desk area of the lodge we were escorted/walked up the street to the Whale Shark watching attraction. Upon arrival our guide from the lodge made sure we were taken care of with a briefing on what to do and what not to do while swimming with the sharks. After about a 20 minute wait for our turn we put on the supplied life jackets and boarded our banca boat. We joined the other boats and tied up to a buoyed line and were given the go ahead to slide into the water where we hung close to our boat. Smaller banca boats would row up and down the line feeding the Whale Sharks so they would pass by our boat very slowly. You have about 30 minutes in the water and can take photo/video but no flash as it can spook the fish. The fee for the attraction is 500PHP for a local and 1000 for a foreigner. Honestly, this was one of the best organized operations I've seen in the Philippines and we had a great experience. I would suggest you go during the week as the weekends are overly crowded, so I'm told. The only downside we found was the long bus ride. I wish there was a ferry!
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    Well put Larry Back on topic ... I had one saleslady say to me after the transaction... "Nice doing pleasure with you..." I figured she had been watching TV and really meant to say pleasure doing business with you. ... so I just replied "I must have lapsed into a coma because I dont remember that part of the transaction...."
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    My attitude with you stems from the attitude you have displayed on the forum. You come across as though you are the only and undisputed authority on any number of subjects. For instance, in the Globe LTE thread, you wrote; Yet you were corrected and proven wrong a number of times in that thread. In another thread you claimed to have 20 years experience as a mechanic, but according to your profile you are only 30 years old. You act a lot like my son did, when he was 17. Been everywhere, done everything. Knows everything. Could not possible be wrong about anything. I had been working on Toyota 4K engines for 10 years before you were born! I also supported myself here in the Philippines for 10 years, doing welding and working on people's Jalopies. Yet you know much more than I will ever know about the subject. You need to realize that you are one of the youngest and least experienced members on this forum, on most any subject. This same attitude is a big factor in why you have so many problems here with the locals. This is not Oz, things are different here. A little humility will go a long ways in how everyone reacts to and treats you. This you will find true anywhere you go in life. In summation, if you insist on acting like a know-it-all teenager, expect to get treated like one, both with the locals and on this forum. Carry on. Cheers!
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    It's a good start. As an ex-smoker myself I know the increasing costs and ban on smoking is so many places contributed to my finally giving it up some +25 years ago. Looking back i only wish I would have quite years earlier or better yet,never started.
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    Regardless of what you think of President Trump, he, like other US Presidents before him, is a significant world leader. It is a fact that goes with the territory! And the world today saw a performance that was surprising and impressive as it included aspects that had been missing previously. Today the president espoused a genuine demeanour, compassion and empathy, and that has bought calm and confidence around the globe. Here in Oz the reporting commentary has been extremely positive and many doubts have been allayed.
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    Two Irishmen walking down a street in Manchester, when they see a shop with signs in the window that say: Suits, From £10, Jackets, £7.50 Trousers and Dresses, From £5.00. One says to the other,"Look at those low prices. We could buy a boatload, take it back to Ireland, sell it and double or even treble our money" The other says "Dat's a great Idea, but will they let us buy all that if we're Irish"? The first says "Don't worry, watch this" and goes into the shop and says in his best English accent. "I would like twenty suits, thirty jackets, fifty pairs of trousers and twenty five dresses please". The shop assistant says "You're Irish aren't you"? He replies "Damn,how did you know"? The assistant says, "This is a dry cleaners"
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    I know that I certainly have targets on my back and that perhaps one day there will be such a thread written about me. Doing what is right may be hazardous to your health, but not doing what is right is even more hazardous to your soul. I am sadden by the senseless death of a fellow Marine by the hands of cowardly men with the morals of dogs, and yet I am proud of this man for daring to stand up for what is right. R.I.P. brother R.I.P. and may God watch over your family and keep them safe.
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    Prove your allegations, as I did concerning that truly piece of shit you voted for. I want you to show me evidence of this, or take back your words. They are not true. This is a blatant lie about our currently seated President. We aren't talking about Obama here, people.
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    Last time I checked he actually is the democratically elected president of the US, the largest economy in the world in terms of nominal GDP. There is nothing pretend about that. I find Trump annoying and he acts like a rich douche most of the time; however, he is now my new hero only because almost everyone in the establishment and “in-crowd” (whether it be politics, journalism, entertainment, education, banking, finance, you name it) really hates him - and I’m Punk Rock like that.
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    I think Owen's wife would know better than his estranged father. As far as the raid, it was planned six months ago under the Obama administration.
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    young journalism student was assigned to write a human interest story. He went into the mountains to do some research. There, he found an old farmer sitting on his porch, introduced himself, and explained his mission. The young man asked, "Has anything ever happened around here that made you really happy?" After a moment, the farmer said, "Yeah, one time my neighbour's daughter, a fine looking gal, got lost. We formed a posse and found her. After we all screwed her, we took her back home." "I can't print that!" the young man exclaimed. "Can't you think of anything else that happened that made you happy?" The farmer thought for a minute and smiled, "Yep! One time a neighbour's sheep got lost. We formed a posse and found it. Then we all screwed it, and then took it back home." Again, the young man said, "I can't print that, either. Let's try another approach. Has anything ever happened around here that made you really sad?" The old farmer dropped his head as if he were ashamed, and after a few seconds he looked up timidly at the young man and said, "This one time, I got lost."
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    and because of that there is a real probability that someone from the past administration leaked the info which caused the raid to not go as planned, I would bet money on that, so time will tell who is responsible and I hope the person responsible ends up in jail and then executed for treason.
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    if you don't want other people to stab you you should shoot them
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    I don't understand what your words of advice in this situation mean. I do appreciate that if I don't want other people to stab me then I shouldn't stab them .
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    Expat and the wise filipino An expat wanting to use the internet in philippines As we all know internet in philippines is slow like a snail So the expat looked around at the mall for a free wifi connections He sat down at the table and try to connect to their wifi Needs a pass word so he asked the waiter May i ask whats the pass word of your free wifi Eat first sir Uh ok let me have a sandwich and a coke When he was done with his sandwich Now can you tell me the pass word Eat first sir He looked at the menu and order again When he was done Now can you give me the pass word Eat first sir I am full i cant eat anymore What is the pass word Eat first sir is the pass word
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    Finishing dinner at a restaurant and the waitress asks, "Are you penis?" "What?" "Are you penis?" "Ohh! Yes, you can take my plate. I'm penis."
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    He would have to be nuts to put his fate in the hands of the Philippine justice system.
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    We recently stopped in at Bleacher's for lunch. This is a new restaurant and as close to American BBQ as I have found in Cebu City. It is located across the street from SM City, north side and is at the entrance to Nice Day Car wash where you can park if you are driving. The place became popular very fast and they had to acquire the room next door for the overflow...they're still working on making that pretty. They have Brisquette, pulled pork and ribs along with several other items. While the prices are what I would call moderate, it's well worth it for a taste of the real deal. We shared Brisquette and pork but next time I'll try the ribs. They have the usual Cebu beer but also offer a local craft brew...250 pesos!!! don't know if that's a pint or what, but I'll try it next time and report. Owner claims it's very good but if you were raised on San Miguel, PBR is probably a premium beer!
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    It's never too late to quit smoking...I quit hundreds of times for other people but when I quit cuz I wanted to, it stuck! I was surprised how much better sex was after I quit!!! I hate seeing young kids smoking as it does so much damage to a child still growing. I hope this helps deter some of the youth from starting in the first place.
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    I will tell ya what's wrong with America. Too many worthless Millennials, and other liberal minded people, who think the government owes them a fucking living. Too many people who have been sucking on the tit of the US taxpayer, for free housing, free cell phones, and free food at the market. It's well past time to trade in their sneakers - or whatever these worthless shits call them, for a pair of good work boots. It's time for them to get off their lazy asses and get a J-O-B. The main reason those under-developed children didn't end up as they should is, Ma and Pa didn't put a hickory switch on their asses when they should have. They have led such given and sheltered lives, they actually believe it is how it should be. It's time to wake these fuckers up, kick them out of bed, and make them go to work. If you don't get a job, you can get the fuck out of my house. No one rides for free, not in my home. It's well past time for us to continue giving money away to foreign countries, who just have their worthless hands out wanting the American dollar. It's time to tell them to piss off - and start putting that money into hands of those who really need it, in America. We can start with the homeless and disabled Military men and women, who put their very lives on the line for those other lazy fucks who are collecting free everything. It's well past time we start firing those fuckers in Congress, who don't want to work to get this country moving forward. They weren't difficult to spot in President Trumps recent speech with all of them sitting on their asses too. Vote those fuckers out and put people in office who are sick and tired of the way our country has been run under the previous ILA (Islamic Loving Administration). I think you folks get the idea as to my view on this.
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    The old guys (with the white legs) I see in Ayala with their yummy pretty young things are hardly outstanding versions. Pretty much all are overweight, badly dressed and I strongly suspect not flush with cash, thought certainly flush with promises and expectation. It's hard to see who the victim is, right? Doesn't everyone get what they want? Of course, if they take their PYT back to the West, it's hardly surprising if she picks a better model. Isn't that what the guy was here for initially. How quickly they forget.
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    Good God .... Hard to believe some of this sheet when you read it . As usual , the newspaper reporting anti-foreigner and poor local thing continues to catch headlines . If you aint a white man (or any foreigner) thats visited the philippines you would read this stuff from your home country and believe it . Only place ive ever seen where the "victims" are standing in line on the internet , malls , and everywhere else waiting to be taken advantage of .... "victims set free" "enticed to have sex" What a friggin quote machine this article is . As usual , the koreans probably attracted too much attention or pissed off the wrong locals and it led to their demise ....Thank God all the women were rescued and all the big bad foreigners locked up
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    Executive summary: A loan with collateral is a loan. A loan without collateral is a gift.
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    This is not just in the US, it's rife in all quasi socialist counties. Bludgers are everywhere justifying their parasitic existence. My country has become parasites paradise. (If a person can build houses and things, or ride motor bikes, sit at a computer all day etc., then they can get a bloody job, no one should be on any benefit or pension until retirement age unless genuinely ill, injured or handicapped, period) The problem with state welfare is that while correctly being a temporary safety net for the less fortunate, it is self perpetuating.. The better the welfare benefit the greater number of people that find a way to get on that gravy train. Welfare needs to have an end game in each individual case and should be policed, but it isn't. Perhaps a bounty system!!
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    When people recieve something for nothing and rewarded for failure you get a result we are seeing. You are not special just because you breathe. You need to accomplish something and be a part of a productive society.
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    Today during his first Congress speech, a President was born. President Trump emerged today. During the speech, President Trump's handling of the loss of Navy Special Operator, Senior Chief William "Ryan" Owens and his interaction with Ryan's wife, sent shivers up the spine of every viewer with a pulse. He displayed a compassion that should calm the world. Quote from the speech: The challenges we face as a Nation are great. But our people are even greater. And none are greater or braver than those who fight for America in uniform. We are blessed to be joined tonight by Carryn Owens, the widow of a U.S. Navy Special Operator, Senior Chief William "Ryan" Owens. Ryan died as he lived: a warrior, and a hero –- battling against terrorism and securing our Nation. I just spoke to General Mattis, who reconfirmed that, and I quote, "Ryan was a part of a highly successful raid that generated large amounts of vital intelligence that will lead to many more victories in the future against our enemies." Ryan's legacy is etched into eternity. For as the Bible teaches us, there is no greater act of love than to lay down one's life for one's friends. Ryan laid down his life for his friends, for his country, and for our freedom –- we will never forget him.
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    SHE showed up...SHE wanted to be there... she was shown a ton of respect for her loss... and Trump showed up when her husbands body arrived at Dover (where the estranged dad refused to meet with Trump). That is a hell of lot more respect than Obumshit showed our soldiers and law enforcement, yet found time to interject into a killing of a hooded thug... <---there's your political racist stunt
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    That is a basic survival budget, that doesn't take into account flights, medical and many other costs, including immigration fees and travel costs. Don't imagine, for a second, that food, rent and utilities are all you have to think about. Clothing, shoes, school fees, books, phones etc all add to the expenses. It's amazing how selective people are about costs. A decent large screen TV will exceed 50k for instance. Aggregate the expenses of a vehicle, it also adds to the outgoings, with insurance, servicing and parts. Entertainment and holidays are also too often ignored. I've said that I get by on a budget of about 60-70k a month, but that doesn't take into account the expenses of buying property, my car and my motorbike, outings for the family, school fees etc etc.
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    I just returned from buying one of two Honda EU20i Inverter Generators. (This is the equivalent of an EU2000i Inverter Generator commonly sold in the US.) EU20i Leaflet in ENG.pdf This generator will run most of my current apartment, with the exception of anything "hot'', or the air-con. That is, no hot water heater in the bathroom (3,500 watts), no hot water kettle (1,800 watts), no counter ovens of any kind (1,100 watts). However, it will run a large inverter refrigerator, a deep freezer, lights and fans, my entire LAN, and the air and water pumps, as well as the lighting in our greenhouse for the aquaponics system. Ironically, we had a 2.5 hour power cut yesterday, which gave me the perfect chance to break in this generator. I connected it to the house and ran all fans, lights and greenhouse loads, and refrigerator / freezer, without fail. I barely noticed it come off idle, in fact. (It has an Eco-Throttle option to save petrol, where it increases engine speed according to the load on the generator. It is also very quiet while running on this setting.) What you should do, is to follow similar advice you may have read, that is given to people who want to go with solar. Buy yourself a power meter (or, alternatively, read the wattage rating on each appliance) and check the draw of each appliance you wish to run, simultaneously. Add those loads up, and multiply times 3 for any motors, like old style refrigerator compressors, that you may wish to run. Personally, 2,000 watts to 3,000 watts is plenty, if all you wish to do is make it through a storm, or through a scheduled power cut. There are other models of generators out there, like Chinese made units. But, they will be very loud, vibrate continuously, and will not have the lifespan of a Honda Inverter Generator.
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    Not everyone is on Fb, Twitter, etc. Please quote stories in the future.
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    I dont want to be the spelling police but surely you meant hymens ?
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    The proper driving rules in the Philippines is you always give way to busses and big trucks. Because they have the loudest horns. Then comes the taxies and jeepneys because they aren't going to stop anyway. Along with the taxies and jeepneys are the motorcycles with car horns. The big, (either black or white 4 wheel drive vehicles with all windows tinted limo black) have the right of way over all others because they are rich Filipinos and their shit doesn't stink. motor-scooters and tricycles have the right to do what ever they damn please because they have about the same number of brain cells as a rooster 🐔. And those of us in multi cabs just follow behind everyone else.
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    A bunch of us arrive at Coco Amigos for New Year's dinner and drinks. Waitress gives us the menus and hovers about with her ordering pad at the ready. We look things over and start to order. Waitress says, "Sorry, sir. The kitchen is closed." Waitress takes up the menus and walks off. We sit there stunned and then start to giggle uncontrollably.
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    In a country where one can get killed for looking at a local the wrong way ... That was maybe pushing it. R.I.P.
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    A few months ago I watched a couple videos on Air Fryers, it looked interesting so I picked one up. More than impressed with the speed, simplicity and diversity of this cooking method. It functions using little to no oil for cooking so you get the added benefit of a more health meal with a low energy footprint. Generally most things cook in about half the time of a conventional oven and it doesn't heat up the whole house, weather permitting you can just take it outside on a nice day. There is an easy learning curve and from my experience you just use the recommended cooking temp of the recipe or whats marked on the box of frozen food, if applicable turn half way in the cooking cycle. To date I have successfully cooked, steak, roast beef, roast pork, fish, calamari rings frozen and fresh french fries, cherry pie, bread, buttermilk biscuits, egg rolls, spring rolls. What impresses me most is the way it cooks meat, well browned on the outside and juicy inside. Roasted potatoes and veggies are a close second. You will be amazed at what you can actually cook in an Air Fryer and there are thousands of recipes on the net. If you decide you might like to try an air fryer take into consideration that a larger one will be more versatile. The one I purchased is 3.5 qt and it will hols a 3 lb. roast or a 1.5 or 2 lb. chicken. In retrospect if I were to bye one now I would look for a 5 qt. machine. Air Fryer at Lazada similar to mine http://www.lazada.com.ph/gourmet-gadget-gg-588-1500w-air-fryer-black-5680144.html https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJ4nGi9zMnI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2aR5Sm_X2U
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    Hell they should have been there three years ago....and entire warehouse full of US AID and other stuff...at least they are getting some of the guys..
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    It has nothing to do with religion. It has to do with the old patron/peasant system that has been in place here for hundreds of years. Peasants here have traditionally gone to the patron (rich guy) in the area when they are in need and can't see any other way out of their predicament. The patron would give them money, and in turn, the peasant is bound to be eternally grateful and respectful. No repayment is offered or expected, but the "debt" never goes away. The phrase they use is "utang na loob" for the debt that never goes away. It is the traditional way of doing things here. It is just that foreigners have no idea how to react to that system, having never experienced anything like it. It is a system where the wealthy help out the poor a little bit, but the poor are always expected to follow the directions of the wealthy. It was a system instituted by the Spanish, and it is very deeply ingrained in the psyche here. So, you can see that they are confused when a patron expects repayment, just as you are confused by people who borrow who have no plans to repay a debt with money. Because of this, you need to be very cautious about "loaning money, especially to family members and friends or neighbors who might see you as some sort of patron. In truth, they will never see you as a patron (simply because you probably have no idea how to act like a patron) for giving your advice and taking your direction, but they will still see you as a patron for money needs. Even when Filipinos drag themselves out of the peasant class here, they will still keep some of that patron/peasant mentality, so don't think that they will repay because they make enough money to be able to repay. If you actually think you are loaning money, and not just giving it, then you had better get used to the harsh world of money-lending here, including contracts and tough-guy collectors ... because that is likely the only way you will collect. However, the real money lenders here seldom lend without some form of collateral ... even if that collateral is a pound of flesh.
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    This is a reality TV show. They pick the most dysfunctional rejects they can for ratings. (They also guarantee a payout to both parties win or lose. The trailer trash get their 15 minutes of fame at no cost to them and the show gets their ratings to make their advertisers happy.) The vast majority of Americans are not like the people on these shows.
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    This is like yelling FIRE in a movie theater... incite a mob mentality... and it's sh!t comments like this that warrant a visit from the Secret Service and other law enforcement... you sound like so many other snowflakes wearing masks and burning buildings. I disliked obaumass immensely, but I would never suggest his assassination as you have of Trump! In recognition of Clinton's cum stains on Monica's dress while in office
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