Archives - Filipino Culture


  1. Archives - Philippines Romance 101

    Everything you want to know about dealing with relationships with Filipinos. Please keep all topics in this forum PG-13. If topics are questionable, then off to the Nightlife Forum they will go.

  2. Archives - Food, Mannerisms & Logic

    Here, you can discuss the differences between your culture, and that of Filipinos. There are many things we may find different here, living in the Philippines. Also, you can talk about your favorite meals, restaurants, dishes and recipes that you enjoy preparing. As a westerner, do you want to understand more about Filipinos and what they like to eat? If so, post here.

  3. Archives - Philippines Languages

    Are you trying to learn Pilipino, Cebuano, Waray, or other languages or dialects which are spoken in the Philippines? Which language(s) do you speak? Do you have comments, suggestions or information you wish to share, concerning the languages and dialects of the Philippines? If so, this is the forum for that information.

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