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  1. Archives - News Section

    Put your Newspaper Articles, Links and Comments here.

  2. Archives - For Sale & Wanted

    Do you have something to sell? Or, are you looking for something to buy? Post your for sale & want ads here. (Please limit this to personal Items only. NO services, products or commercial posts are allowed here.) Additionally, you must have posted 10 helpful replies to members questions on these forums, in order to be granted permission to post for sale or wanted items.

  3. Archives - Off-Topic Forum

    This is for any topic not covered in any other forum. From lizards to widgets, you can post on just about any topic here, as long as it's kept clean.

  4. Archives - Pointman Cebu Comments

    Here is where you may make comments on the cases, which we post throughout the internet. Please limit this forum to comments on cases, and nothing more.

  5. Archives - Links & Polls Only

    Any and all polls and general links go here. DO NOT POST p*orn SITE LINKS HERE.

  6. Archives - Jokes & Humor

    Keep the humor at least relatively clean. If they are questionable, please put them in the Nightlife forum. The resident joker (Mike) is the master moderator here.

  7. Archives - Weather

    Typhoons, floods, earthquakes, or other natural disasters that may strike the Philippines. Where this forum is located depends entirely on the weather. During times of severe weather, it will be moved to the top of these forums.

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