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Announcement: Advertisements - Updated: 16-June-2013

Posted by Paul


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I'm tired of being used by others, primarily for their benefit. I have tried to be nice to others over the years only to be run over by them. So, that will now come to an end on the Living In Cebu Forums. So,

Effective Immediately:

There will be no more FREE ads (of any kind) placed on this site without my expressed permission. This includes ads in profiles, signatures, avatars, the Classified Ads Forum (now all new threads and replies are moderated), or anywhere else on this site. The Classified Ads Forum is the only forum you may post an ad in, unless otherwise agreed upon by me. Upon posting your approved ad, it will be hidden until I approve it. (I am the only staff member who will approve ads. Please do not ask other staff to do it for you.)

The user groups exempt from this rule are the following: Administrators, Global Moderators, Moderators, and VIP members.

ALL other user groups will have to be approved by me, prior to ads being placed here by them. When, not if you are caught advertising on this site without my expressed permission, you will be banned from this site.

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