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  2. Been to J-Centre dozens of times in the last 18 months or so: unless there is a parking space somewhere obvious in front of me, I normally just head for the lower parking area where there are, in my experience, always plenty of free spaces, even though there might be cars queueing to park in the upper parking area. No idea why they would do that, and am not saying that the whole parking area has never not being full; I don't know; but I find it to be one of the better malls to park in.
  3. A recent article that further justifies the need for Martial Law in Mindanao. One of the “other possible threat groups” mentioned in the article is the recently formed Jama'at al-Muhajirin wa al-Ansar bi al-Filibin (JMAF). Unfortunately we will probably be hearing a lot more about this group in the future.
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  5. Seriously? Two years ago I was on vacation in the US and picked up an almost 1TB (like 960GB or whatever) SSD for my wife's laptop. I think it was PNY or maybe Sandisk. Anyway, it was like $230. I decided I wanted another for my desk about a year ago and their price was then and is now $290+. What's up with that? 2 years now and the price has climbed? That doesn't happen does it? Then yesterday I'm considering a new phone again. Seems every now and then I think about getting a new phone so I research it a bit and then decide to just see if the old one will limp along for a while more. Anyway, I search BestBuy for "unlocked Samsung" and see the S8+ is out now and about $725 new, and they have an "open-box" price of $635 (~p31,750). Considering the local price of p46K this doesn't seem too bad. Don't go looking for that price though. Today it's now listed at $825 and open box at $742. What's the deal? Since when does the price of stuff like this go up?
  6. 1 round trip a week. There's also a Super Shuttle RORO with 3 r/ts a day to Bogo. http://www.cpa.gov.ph/external/sailing_schedules_cebu-leyte.pdf
  7. Okay found the Projekt in Banilad town centre today, besides the Oppein which sells expensive particleboards with dreadful Chinese labels. Modern, not traditional. No fancy shapes in showroom but quality is consistent and the makers are not color blind like most contractors here. Price is more than fair. Will try custom order my first items next month.
  8. We had the same 1299 plan in Argao, and it was pretty good most of the time. As for the sa remark by the one guy, I'm sure that you, like me, don't really care what he might believe or not believe.
  9. My experience was in the old boat, so looks like things have improved quite a bit.
  10. They tell you cars are made in the UK or Germany ... what they really mean is the parts are assembled there... probably the same with Reynobonds panels - "Sandwich" made in France with "bread" and "flammable filling" from China...
  11. Well, at least we know you weren't the source.
  12. He said/she said? No, not hardly. It would be "arrogant rude RICH foreigner said/poor innocent abused filipina said." Guess how that goes.
  13. Not me please , who ever is the one i will bring coffee, if jolliebee has coffee ,as all there stores are out now have been to four different ones for the last few days sorry sir no coffee at each one , i say why that, they say sir no delivery !! As you know they cant buy at a store that against reg i guess.
  14. Had a visit, by a young Baguio guy, Red Russell, who are traveling the 81 provinces in The Philippines and making a Vlog about his adventures. Here is a short video, he made while staying in CdO City. Videos from other provinces can be found on Youtube
  15. Closer view of the fruit...is it edible?
  16. Found that I have a shop in just walking distance here in Lahug - https://web.facebook.com/wisechoicecebu/ Googles that "Rule 1" that they have and this should be one of the best you can get. So I will drop in there mondey early afternoon and have a look/buy
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  18. No way a US submarine will find and track the stealth freighter pride of the Philippines black ops fleet,
  19. I do not know what your problems are, and I do not know your setup there but one thing I know for sure is that when I have 2 routers with the same ip range it will not work
  20. So, Duterte bad mouths westerners for years, and then when he needs help we help him ? Not sure how to feel about this. Why is China not helping him ? .
  21. That's what I was doing with dry black beans and it went from 6 months to 5 years before I could find them carried again, I checked major grocery chains in Manila and dry black beans not sold, I used to find them at the MOA, Twin Mall in Paranaque and PureGold Grocery in Calamba but now finally I am getting them from South Supermarket in Los Banos Laguna.
  22. Dr Singh also worked for Catan Dental in Mandaue, maybe she is f/t now.
  23. I got the S8+ yesterday. They gave me a good trade in on my old Note 4 of $250. I was a pretty easy decision to go with the 8+ over the 8, because they gave me $50 more trade in towards the 8+. So far so good. The battery life is fantastic compared to my old Note 4 which was lucky to make it 3-4 hours of use these days. I had even bought a new battery about a year ago and still it seemed to be getting worse by the month. My old 64 GB Micro SD card wouldn't work with the newer phone. It couldn't read it or even format it. I plugged it into my PC and read it no problem. Turned out all the media files had already been backed up previously on my PC so no big lose. Besides, the speed on the old card was about 1/5th of the new high speed cards. Wth double the RAM on the newer phone, I don't think I will need the extra memory too soon anyway. It was nice to see less bloatware than in the past and also that most can be deleted, unlike in the past....
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